Friday, June 9, 2017


You know, Democrats just kill me.  I can only assume that they must think that none of us are paying any attention to what it is that they’re trying to do here.  Granted, those who routinely vote for this scum likely pay little attention to their never ending shenanigans, what’s most important to them is the continuing of their gravy train.  Meanwhile, the rest of us most certainly do pay attention.  Now I’m quite sure we’re all aware of how the Democrats continue to feel that their less than stellar candidate for president was somehow robbed of her richly deserved election victory that was supposed to nothing less than a cakewalk.  And when it didn’t happen it was almost immediately that a search was begun to identify how things could have gone so horribly wrong.  And they came up with only one possible explanation, RUSSIA! 

So now, as Congress and our state-controlled media, both left and the right, continue to chase all manner of Russia-Trump conspiracy theories, no matter how outrageous, the people’s business is left to languish.  And then we have ‘Little Dick’ Durbin who during an appearance earlier this week on MS’LSD’s’ ‘Morning Shmoe’ actually complained about the fact that very little has been accomplished by the Senate in the first 5 months of this year.  ‘Little Dick’ said, “Just take a look, if you will, at the record of the United States Senate the first five months of this year.” And he went on to say, “With the exception of filling the Supreme Court vacancy and reaching a bipartisan agreement to fill out the budget for this year, we’ve done virtually nothing.”  And, sadly, he’s right!  But there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Then ‘Little Dick’ proceeded to complain about the slow pace of nominations coming to the Senate, which has dragged its feet on most of Trump’s nominees to this point.  He said, “The Trump administration is dramatically behind previous presidents in even sending up the names of nominees to fill positions in their departments.”  He added, “We’ve not tackled a single major issue in the United States Senate.  One of my Republican Senate colleagues said the other day of his own party -- we’re wasting a majority. We’re not doing anything.”  Now if that was something that was actually said, I can certainly agree.  And I place a certain amount of blame for that on our piss-poor Republican leadership, however the Democrats, including ‘Little Dick’ himself, also deserve a fair amount of the blame for nothing getting done.

Asked about the then imminent Comey hearing, ‘Little Dick’ described the former FBI director’s written statement, released Wednesday, as “basic.”  He said, “You don’t need to be a legal scholar to realize that no one, absolutely no one, including the president, should either try to stop a criminal investigation or influence the outcome of that investigation. That is what Comey says in his opening statement.” And then he went on to say, “The questions to be asked of him obviously get into detail. What did this president say?  What was the state of mind?  What were the circumstances, and can you, Comey, prove that what you said in this statement is something that would hold up in court?”  And he added, “It’s really very fundamental.” 

‘Little Dick’ Durbin is just another one of Chuckie Schumer's clowns.  And it is they who represent the bigger problem in trying to move forward from here.  Because not doing anything is exactly what he and his fellow Democrats want.  In what other job could you declare on live television that you have not done anything for months, and yet still expect to be paid.  I, for one, am glad they are not passing new laws every couple of hours as was done during Obummer.  But this cat and mouse game needs to stop and they need to let Trump get back to doing what Trump is good at. He has shown, in the limited amount of time that he's been in office, that he can get things done.  They clearly knew there was going to nothing to find in the way of Russian collusion, and now look at all the taxpayer money that has been wasted over this. 

And, that would be the fault of the Democrats!  Not to worry Durbin, the American people know full well that it’s your party that’s at fault!  Your party, is in essence, holding the country and our citizens’ hostage with your actions and threatening to burn it to the ground lest we cede control to you.  When you spend all of your time trying to bring down the president you don't have much time left to tackle the actual important issues.  Democrats seem not to realize that the American people are aware of this and that they are essentially destroying their own party.  Pretty amazing isn't it, and the people who support the party of Schumer, Pelosi and ‘Little Dick’ are just a bunch of low information, whinny and detached individuals who care little for the country, our kids futures, and making progress on the truly important issues.

Instead they thrive on drama, retaining their power, status and wealth.  To their constituents they promise handouts, government intrusion into their lives and basically someone to make decisions for them. They are a party of losers.  Meanwhile on the other side of the aisle we have the ‘Establishment Republicans’ either purposely trying to deny Trump any accomplishments or we have McConnell and Ryan as nothing more than totally incompetent boobs.  Either way we are facing some tough issues in the coming months, first we have the debt ceiling and then the budget not to mention Obamacare, tax cuts, and Trumps Trillion dollar infrastructure bill.  We are rapidly running out of time and yet I see no sense of urgency coming from our leadership, only speedbumps. 

The fact is, Trump has gotten more done even with the Democrats blocking his every move then the traitor who took up space there for the last eight years. With eight years of Trump America will become great again.  Most Americans have now seen the true colors of the Democrat Party and the so-called polls and biased media can't cover for them anymore.  But that said, we ‘knew’ the ‘Establishment Republicans’ would drag their feet in an effort to deny President Trump his agenda, while working behind the scenes with the Democrats to derail and if possible, terminate his administration, and resurrect their ‘uni-party government’.  Frankly, I’m somewhat surprised to see a prominent Democrat bringing it up. It’s the kind of thing they normally try to keep quiet.  Makes one wonder how Durbin got off the reservation on this one?

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