Thursday, May 25, 2017


In the days before he chose to become, rather obviously, a ‘NeverTrumper’ I often found myself agreeing with Dr. Charles Krauthammer more so than I do today.  It would almost appear as if his ‘celebrity’ status may have now gone to his head.  Maybe he should see a good shrink.  Oh, wait a minute…  Anyway it was very recently that Dr. Krauthammer chose to lavish rather glowing praise upon President Trump regarding his trip to the Middle East, actually going so far as to refer to it as an indicator that “America is back.”  While he does come around, every now and again, it’s usually in short order that the good doctor reverts to what has become his rather pessimistic outlook regarding our president.  While I would like nothing more than to be able to agree with him, doing so has now turned into a rather slippery slope.  Rest assured, he'll be back to his negative comments the moment Trump touches down in the good old U. S. of A.  He's ‘Fair and Balanced’, don’tcha know.

The Fox News contributor joined in “Special Report” panel to opine about President Trump’s trip abroad, and said while he appreciated the stops in Israel and Vatican City, the shining moment of the trip was the time Trump spent in Saudi Arabia.  Krauthammer started out by saying, “Look, I understand the theme of the three great religions, trying to tie them all together to make it look somewhat nonpolitical, but the real story is not the Vatican, it’s not even the Israeli trip.”  And then he went on to say, “Getting these 50 Sunni nations lined up with Saudi Arabia behind us…this is a new day in the Middle East and it’s gonna have reverberations.”  And it was then that he that, “It’s a new Middle East right now, America is back, that’s the story and the consequences are gonna be immense.”  While I very much agree with everything he said, I question is, how long will it be before he begins painting the entire trip as somehow being nothing more than another opportunity lost.

Look, I’ve been listening to Dr. Krauthammer for some time, and in the past have found myself, more often than not, agreeing him.  However, it’s been more recently that I’ve found myself disagreeing him more often than I agree with him, especially on the subject of President Trump.  And I very much disagreed with what I view as being nothing more than his continuing anti-Trump agenda.  Again, while I agree with what he says in this particular instance, the question becomes is it now too late to bother paying him any attention.  Is he any longer worthy of being listened to?  I’m pleased that he at least appears to be supporting President Trump in his foreign foray which has been presidential, something we have not seen in the past eight years.  And from the outside looking in it’s in my opinion that what we are witnessing is the best foreign policy since Reagan.  But how long before he again joins in the choir of those who can only find fault with our president?

Dr. Krauthammer spent the majority of the last two years doing little more than to continually smear first candidate Trump and now, since January, President Trump.  I would label what he has been doing as, nitpicking.  And as near as I can tell his primary rationale for doing so was for no other reason than because he apparently views the president as not being as 'polished,' or as 'sophisticated' as he, Krauthammer, thinks he should be.  Dr. Krauthammer has done little more than to spew the same baseless crap that we continue to hear from most of those in the leftist state-controlled media complex, and that has apparently clouded his judgment when it comes to being able to make any sort of objective call on Trump.  While it's nice that he finally woke up a bit on this one, as I said, might it now be too late to continue to pay serious attention to much of what he says.  I have little respect for talking heads who claim to be objective, but are anything but.

The Democrats, as well as the NeverTrumper crowd, are now absolutely terrified of the fact that President Trump may actually achieve some level of success.  Perhaps maybe more now than before his trip.  So we what we’re seeing is the Democrats and the RINOs essentially joining forces in an effort to make sure that that does not happen.  And so it is then, that WE the American people may need to work on doing a little swamp draining ourselves in the next mid-terms.  We need to remind ourselves that the president’s campaign promises that have thus far gone unkept has more to do with those we have in Congress than with the president.  Therefore, we need to focus our attention on getting rid of as many Democrats as we can and the RINOs who simply can’t bring themselves to get onboard and support this president.  We need to get started now finding contenders for primary contests!  We have to let the president know we have his back all the way as long as he keeps his promises.

And as a little side note here I would like to offer up to Dr. Krauthammer a little advice.  Perhaps he may want to keep his foot in the door, so to speak, if he’s going to continue with heaping any amount of praise on President Trump.  He needs to be ready to make another sudden reversal regarding just how far he’s willing to go in supporting President Trump, or his policies.  He should tread lightly since it has now become rather risky as any positive comments made about President Trump just might end up getting you fired.  There is now there at FOX News a need to tread lightly by those who tend to be more conservative especially now that the organization is being run by Rupert's politically Left-leaning sons who, from what I’ve read, do pretty much whatever their wives tell them to do.  In fact one of them is married to a woman working for the Clinton Foundation's Climate Initiative.  So it would appear that FOX News has now joined the media's Fifth Column. 

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