Tuesday, April 11, 2017


It would seem that the further we get into the Trump administration, the further unhinged and further off the tracks those in the Democrat Party become.  And now, in sounding eerily reminiscent of those who once accused ‘BJ’ Clinton of bombing a Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan as a way of distracting attention away from his then sexcapades with a young lady who was young enough to be his daughter, we now have Democrats putting forth a similar theory regarding the supposed rational for Trump’s sending missiles into Syria.  Case in point Seth Moulton, Democrat from the ‘Socialist Republic of Massachusetts’, who floated this conspiracy theory on national television Monday night.  He seemed to imply that President Trump had missiles launched to Syria as a way to distract from his supposed “Russian connection.”

Appearing on Fox News’ "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Mr. Moulton said the U.S. bombing attack on Syria “could very well be an attempt by the administration to get out from under the claim that they are colluding with Russia.”  Pressed repeatedly by Carlson, Moulton declined to provide any actual evidence supporting his idiotic claim, saying instead that “there are people who think that.”  Throughout the interview, Moulton could not name a single person who ascribes to his theory.  Carlson went on to ask, “Are you saying, that this was part of an elaborate ruse, that in fact he was working with the Russians to divert attention from this diabolical conspiracy you’ve been alleging, that this was a Potemkin bombing, a fake bombing designed to fool the rest of this into thinking they’re not really in league with each other?”

Moulton said, “No, look, I didn’t say — confirm that as an explanation. I said that that is a believable, viable explanation, which is no different than what you’re saying.”  And when it was that he was asked a third time to provide evidence for his conspiracy theory, he said, “I’m just saying there are people who think that, there are Americans who think that, and that is as logical an explanation as any as you’ve given for Trump not colluding with the Russians.”   Pressed a final time, Moulton said, “Tucker, I threw that out as an alternative hypothesis. I didn’t say they were actually colluding with Russia. I’m just saying that maybe this is a way for them to say we are willing to stand up to the Russian regime.”  So it was then that at no point during the entire interview did Moulton provide any evidence to support his nutty conspiracy theory.

This guy, Moulton, is beyond embarrassing, and so it should come as no surprise at all that he calls the ‘Socialist Republic of Massachusetts’ home.  After all, this is the same bunch of morons who keep sending Teddy ‘The Pervert’ Kennedy back to the Senate for nearly 5 decades as well as that moron John Kerry-Heinz, who spent a brief, yet personally rewarding, time in Vietnam, and not to mention Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren to the Senate as well.  So it’s obvious that they don't care how much of an embarrassment he is.  I actually watched this interview and thought to myself that as politicians go most are bit more articulate than this guy.  But then I remembered where it is that he’s from and how he was doing nothing more than to regurgitate what has become the most insane talking points yet conceived.

Democrats are like cockroaches that go scurrying for cover every time the light is switched on.  They now realize (as do more than a few Republicans) that if the Trump presidency is allowed to continue it will only be a matter of time before their corrupt ways will be uncovered and revealed to all.  Whether it’s their kickbacks from lobbyists, large corporations or insider trading opportunities that they may have access to, to name only three.  Those in Congress, on both sides of the aisle, have long been content to use the American citizen taxpayer as their own personal little ATM to fund all of their little pet projects over the many years and therefore are now in no particular hurry to see their golden goose cooked.  A long time ago, a very long time ago, politicians were respected, sadly that’s no longer the case.

Look, it's not like we haven't gone down this same road before.  The Democrats ALWAYS throw the most wild accusations and innuendo out there knowing that a certain percentage of the population, that percentage that reliably votes for liars and criminals like themselves, will believe every word of it.  Have we forgotten that a full 30 percent of Americans actually believed that Bush spent his first eight months of his presidency packing the Trade Tower support columns with high explosives, in the middle of the day in the most populated city in the world with no one seeing him, all so that they would come down when he pushed a button?  Have we forgotten how Bush ran all over the city of New Orleans after Katrina with dynamite in one hand and a Bic lighter in the other to blow up levees just so he could drown blacks in that city?

And why bother with living in the real world when you have the Democrats making one up for you?  After all, that’s really what they're all about.  Essentially forcing you to live in their version of what they think the world should be.  Liberals like this boob, Moulton, have been busy pushing their phony Trump-colluding-with-Russia story yet they work to cover up how Barry changed NSA rules allowing classified intercepted information to be, unmasked and distributed to lackeys who then leaked it to the left wing media who printed it all to undermine Trump.  While at the same time it was Hitlery who was busy colluding with the White House, the DNC and the media.  And then there’s John Podesta who likely violated federal law when he failed to disclose his stock holdings in a Kremlin-funded company.  But where’s the outrage there?

The Democrats were really devastated by Hitlery's loss and even now, five months later, they still haven’t even begun to get over it.  They can’t admit how it was that their policies and their horrible candidate were so soundly rejected.  Hitlery has been talking for a week about why she lost.  Her number one reason is that America has millions of bigots who simply can’t accept successful women.  A distant second reason is FBI Director Comey.  In all of her speeches this last week she hasn't even mentioned the Russians.  The Democrats know they can’t run with Hitlery's logic though, because then they would be calling the voters they need, bigots. They have to have an outside source.  Logic would say, just admit the defeat and attempt to change what the voters didn't like, but that would be most of the Democrat Platform.

When all is said and done, had Hitlery actually managed to get herself elected the Democrats would have then been able to virtually guarantee that most, if not all, of the damage done by Barry over the course of his eight years in office would have become irreversible, likely never able to be undone.  And while I would like to be able to say that this election was the final nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party, I fear such is not the case as there are already rumors of a Democrat resurgence come 2018.  Which may likely be what’s behind the media’s continuing daily attempts at character assassination of Trump.  That said, thank God for Trump.  Trump is the only Republican willing to wipe 90 percent of Barry’s legacy off the table.  He has a tough fight with the Establishment, and Trump will need to stick to his guns.

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