Monday, February 6, 2017


As long as the black community continues to be so accepting of the traitors right there in their midst, any chance they may have, as a community, to move off the plantation where the Democrat Party has placed them, will never come to fruition.  And as has been said so many times before, until blacks stop believing all of the garbage about how they are nothing more than victims of a racist society, they will never, as a group, make any significant forward progress.  And once again it was one of those who remains so determined in his efforts to re-enforce the myth of black victimization who did so yet again, just this past Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” during a ‘discussion’ about our new president.  It was talk show host and Democrat stooge Tavis Smiley who said that he was troubled by “the rush to normalize” President Donald Trump’s “racist, sexist, classist campaign” and now the attempt at normalization of the Moslem ban.

Smiley said that what troubles him is that “we, too many of us, that is, rushed to normalize a racist, sexist, classist campaign that he ran to win this office. And now we seem to be rushing to normalize a Supreme Court process that trampled on the Constitution just a year ago. But now it’s just — so now we’re into this conversation about how should Democrats handle this. We’re normalizing this too fast. We’re normalizing a Muslim ban. We’re normalizing a religious test.”  He said, “And it troubles me, what this ultimately means for the future of this democracy if we continue in this town and beyond to normalize this kind of unrepentant behavior.”  Smiley continued by saying, “What I do want to say is that racism, sexism, classism, by any other definition is the consternation of someone’s humanity. And there are a whole lot of Americans who felt that during that campaign and are feeling it right now with the way we’re normalizing this kind of nonsensical behavior.”

If we can be honest here, Smiley is really nothing more than another one of those black "leaders" who do little more than whine incessantly about Trump, while at the same time saying, or doing, very little, if anything, about the black on black murder and crime in places like Chicago that takes place on a daily basis.  Smiley is as much a leader as is Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton, Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson, Van Jones, and any number of other babbling race baiters bilking the black community for everything they can get.  Smiley would rather legitimize Negro gangs, out of wedlock births, Negroes dropping out of school. Negro athletes assaulting their girlfriends than to seriously address any of the actual problems being faced by today’s black community. Blacks are twelve percent of the population and are responsible for most of the violent crimes committed in the inner city and most of the ignorance and stupidity that prevails in America.

I think most anyone who is even the least bit aware of the history of our political parties in this country is very much aware that it’s the Democrat Party that has a history of victimizing minorities, treating them as if they are less than human and lack sufficient intelligence to compete in life unassisted by government.  They are automatically labeled as victims at birth as if being stamped on their foreheads and repeatedly reminded of it throughout their lives by the left/Democrats as if that is all that life and the future holds for them.  Armed with the requisite "victim" and "racism" cards while at the same time being repeatedly told that "white privilege" is to blame for all of their troubles, they seek to move them to Democrat poverty plantations of welfare, food stamps, and disability where they will remain trapped in misery as part of the loyal Democrat base of voters.  And yet where’s the outrage from those like Mr. Smiley? 

And dare I say that most people in this country have become sick and tired of a Democrat Party that consists of politicians, some of which, who have gone on to become the worst presidents we’ve ever been forced to contend with in this country.   Politicians who don't know how to send an email and who don't know when something is CLASSIFIED even when it's marked classified and politicians who have gotten away with rape or even worse.  Politicians who have the habit of sympathizing with terrorists, letting criminals out of prison on a whim, and who are supported by a rather impressive propaganda machine comprised of CNN, the New York Times and a thousand other leftist media outlets, their smarmy TV comedians, washed-up has been Hollywood hags, ugly mobs of protesting demonstrators and their FAKE NEWS flooding the Internet. The Democrats have made themselves so nauseatingly obnoxious that they're never going to win another election.

And its black individuals like Smiley who seek nothing more than to perpetuate, under President Trump, the setting back of race relations that was begun by Barry “Almighty”.  Far from caring about those blacks who are really in trouble, in places like the ghetto neighborhoods in Chicago, Smiley seems to go out of his way to exploit them for his own personal gain.  He's a Neo-N-word, while President Trump has already reached out to fix black on black slaughter in Chicago.  The Smiley's of the world, for hundreds of years, have been in the business of selling their own into slavery and misery, that's simply who they are.  And no one knows that better than decent black people.  White people put Barry into office by voting for him in battle ground states, now those same people put Trump in office but all of a sudden they are being called racists and white supremacists?  The more the elites call them racists and uneducated, the more they abandon the Democratic Party.

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