Thursday, January 5, 2017


So, it would appear, at least as far as things go in the U.S. Senate, with the departure of ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid, and the selection of Chuckie Schumer as the ‘new’ minority leaders for the Democrats, what we have is a scenario that amounts to nothing more than out with the bad and in with the just as bad, if not worse.  And the reason that I say that is because of Chuckie’s recent, and rather bold, declaration that the Democrats will ONLY work with President-elect Donald Trump if he “moves completely in our direction and abandons his Republican colleagues.” 

It was while appearing on the Communist News Network, aka CNN, that Chuckie made his demand and it was also where he would go on to say, “90-95 percent of the time we’ll be holding his feet to the fire and holding him accountable.”  And the hilarious punchline came when Chuckie said, “But we’re Democrats. We’re not just going to oppose things to oppose them.”  Really?  So I guess we’re supposed to suddenly believe that Democrats are somehow going to break with their longstanding tradition and do more than to simply stonewall?  Is there really a political advantage to that?

Now of course, Chuckie’s statements stand in pretty stark contrast to his recent Senate floor speech when he said the Democrats would work with Trump “if the president-elect proposes legislation on issues like infrastructure and trade and closing the carried interest loophole, for instance, we’ll work in good faith to perfect and potentially enact it.”  Chuckie seems to have had a change of heart.  Which begs the question, was Chuckie not paying any attention on November 8th, or is he another Democrat who thinks that the popular vote ‘trumps’ the Electoral College?   

Chuckie either fails to understand, or chooses to ignore completely, the fact that not only did his team lose the most recent presidential election, but over the course of the last eight years they have also lost over 1000 state legislative seats, more than a few governorships, lost control of the U.S. House as well as the Senate and now they have lost the White House.  All of which, you would think, would make Chuckie at least appear to be just a bit more cautious about making comments about how the Democrats plan is to be little more than a speedbump for the next two years.  

And then, it was on MSNBC that old Chuckie was heard telling Rachel Maddow, on Tuesday, that he will fight “tooth and nail” to make sure the vacancy on the Supreme Court stays open until a Democrat president takes office.  Chuckie said, “We are not going to settle on a Supreme Court nominee.”   And he went on to say, “If they don’t nominate someone good, we’ll oppose them tooth and nail.”  And he added, “We are not going to make it easy for them to pick a Supreme Court justice.”  How arrogant?  Democrats still think they’re in control despite the fact that they…are not.

Maddow pressed Chuckie, asking, “Is there an argument to be made, that that was basically a stolen seat, so it isn’t theirs to fill. In that case, no nominee would be legitimate because that seat should have been filled by President Obama.”  Chuckie responded, “It’s hard for me to imagine a nominee that Donald Trump would choose that would get Republican support that we could support.”   And added, “So you’re right.”  Maddow, seeking clarification, asked, “So you will do your best to hold the seat open?”  Which prompted Chuckie to simply smile and say “absolutely.” 

Such comments differ greatly from what he said shortly after Justice Scalia’s passing.  Then Chuckie demanded Senate Republicans “do their job and give Judge [Merrick] Garland the hearing and vote he deserves because the American people deserve a fully functioning court.”  He said, “Having a deadlocked, 4-4 court could lead to judicial chaos surrounding environmental protections, voting rights, and so many other issues that are important to everyday Americans.”  He said, “This delay has gone on long enough. It’s time for the Senate to do the job we were elected to do.”

In 2009 when Barry won and the Democrats controlled Congress, Barry basically said, "Screw the Republicans and screw the American People, I won so get over it!  Either you join us or you're out and if you DO join us you will sit in the back of the bus and keep your mouth shut."  And now in 2017 when the Republicans won, the Democrats are still saying, "Screw the Republicans and screw the American People. You may have won but you have to get OUR permission to do anything.  Either you join us or you're out and if you DO join us you sit in the back of the bus and keep your mouth shut." 

This is the perfect example of the modern day, blatantly tyrannical, and more than a little twisted, progressive mentality. Our soon to be ex-president, Barry ‘O’, engages in the same tactic.  He talks about negotiation, compromise and comity but in reality he demands nothing less that than total and complete capitulation from the opposition. Chuckie is but the latest leftist sociopath loser making all manner of demands.  There is no reaching out, no give and take, and especially NO compromise. One cannot debate and negotiate with these leftist lunatics.

In 2018 the Democrats will have 23 senate seats up for re-election along with 2 independents who caucus with them. The Republicans have just 8.  Democrats whined for 8 years about how the right has opposed the classless, U.S. hating Barry!  The low information voter bought every lie, not knowing that every president has opposition, that's how the system works.  Barry’s legacy is holding the record for losing the most congressional seats of any president.  The corrupt Clintons and the divisive Obamas have decimated the left at every level and most clueless liberals don't even know.

And regarding the Supreme Court, clearly, the Democrats record on judicial nominees, at best, has been rather checkered. "Borking" became a verb after the disgraceful treatment Judge Bork received. Biden supported Clarence Thomas in private and then voted against him in public. Republicans unfortunately take the position that a president should be able to put his nominees on the court.  The nominations of Kagan & Sotomayer were based more on the gender of the nominee than on whether they were actually qualified for the position.

Neither were vetted courtesy of the same lens had their political opposites come up against Democrat opposition.  Republican senators, as is usually the case, lacked sufficient spine fearing media spotlight and shaming.  With the Barry “Almighty” trainwreck, the media has lost considerable leverage.  Trump must punch back hard, often and without hesitation in an effort to humiliate the Democrats every chance he gets.  As Barry himself once said, "elections have consequences, and I won."  So if Chuckie wants to obstruct, then maybe Trump needs to simply run over him. 

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