Monday, January 23, 2017


There were more than a few times over the course of the last years when it was difficult to determine, at least for me, just who it was that represented the greater danger to this country.  Whether it was our leftist ideologue of a president, Barry “Almighty”, and his socialist policies or our congressional Republicans who frequently seemed to be afflicted with some malady that caused their spines to have all the consistency of jello preventing them from putting up any significant road blocks in an effort to at least slow Barry’s progressivism.  Hell, it was more often than not that they seemed to be only too happy to hand over to Barry everything he wanted.

So it wasn’t really all that surprising to hear, on this past Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” on the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS) and during a discussion on President Donald Trump’s inaugural address calling for his policy to be informed by putting “America first,” Sen. Lindsey Graham say, “I don’t know what America first means.”  Graham said, “To the president, if America first is a throwback to the 20’sand 30’s isolationism when it was first used as a phrase, the world would deteriorate even quicker, if it is a new way of Ronald Reagan’s peace through strength I would like to work with him. I don’t know what America first means.”  And he’s a U.S. Senator?

While I guess I can at least can appreciate his honesty, I’m not sure what it might be that confuses him.  Let me spell it out for him since he seems to be a little slow on the up-take.  Any and all decisions, whether made by the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, or by Judicial Branch of our government, should be made for the benefit of the American people and result in the strengthening of America.  That starts with getting back to our basic Constitutional fundamentals.  You remember what the Constitution is, don’tcha Lindsey?  I was just wondering because you were not much more than a spectator as Barry did his best to shred it, for eight years.  

As for trade deals, it means if it doesn't benefit the American economy and the American worker, then it's to be dropped in the toilet and flushed.  Which is what also needs to be done to pathetic RINOs such as yourself.  Sadly, I’ve never been able to figure out why it is that the people of South Carolina continue to send this boob back to the Senate?   The man is so absolutely CLUELESS, to the point where if you were to look ‘clueless’ up in the dictionary you’d likely see his picture.  And while we’re stuck with this moron until 2020 I hope it’s then that folks in South Carolina will see the wisdom in perhaps giving someone else a chance.  Preferably a real conservative.

So in an effort to enlighten Senator Graham as well as his many RINO colleagues, what follows here is a bit of a tutorial regarding an understanding of what America First means:

Step 1 --

a. Begin by looking at a map of the world.

b. Next, locate the country where you were born and raised or adopted via a legal immigration process.

c. Note internally that since this is your country, you always put its interests first and foremost, particularly if you are elected to represent your fellow citizens in a legislative body or are elected as the leader of their country.

Step 2 --

a. Read your country's Founding documents, and commit yourself to honor those principles, and not the ideals of those lands thousands of miles away.

b. Remember: no matter how much money you, personally, may come to acquire, when the citizens of a state/country elect you, they expect you to advocate for policies that benefit their economic and security interests, not the interests of global elites or the workers/citizens of other countries, whether they reside in dictatorships or democracies, as they have their own leaders to stand up for their interests.

c. Learn by understanding the opposite of an America First approach: an America-last politician who represents the interests of other countries, at the expense of the citizens of their own country.

So I guess what I’m hoping for here is that this may help, just a little, those who, like the good senator from South Carolina, seem more than a little confused about what ‘putting America first’ actually means.  And does Graham really not understand what it means to put America first?  Because if that’s true I find it more than just a little scary.  And the fact that he’s admitting such a thing should make painfully clear that there seems to be very little difference between people like Graham and most, if not all, of the Democrats in Congress.  Democrats never seek to put America first, America is always painted as the villain.  Graham needs to decide whose side he’s on.

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