Friday, December 2, 2016


As I have pointed out on a number of previous occasions, it was just a short time ago, politically speaking, we were told, by more than a few Democrats, that with the 2008 election of one Barack Hussein Obama a new era in American politics was being ushered in.   And it was to be an era of solid Democrat rule that we were told would last no less than 40 years.  And now just a mere seven short years later we’re hearing from one of the more reliably liberal voices in our state-controlled media, Chuck Todd of MSNBC's MTP Daily, about how it that the party of Kennedy has become sick with a bad case of "can't win."

Chuck went on to say, "The party that was predicting a permanent lock on the Electoral College has suddenly discovered, they can’t win anything."  And then he went on to express how, in his opinion, the Democrats have learned nothing from one of their worst defeats in almost a century.  But wait, how can this be?  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  At least not for another 30 years, or so.  So how could things have gone so horribly wrong?  At least for the Democrat Party?  I mean they were all so confident back in 2009.  I still remember how they all looking so cocky as Barry stood there and took the oath of office.

Chuck said, “Doesn’t get much lower than this for Democrats. A few weeks ago, Democrats were measuring the drapes, not just in the White House, they thought that was in the bag. They were talking about the Senate, that was in reach. Even the House, at one point. They at least thought they would narrow it in a big way, or shall we see, bigly.”

Chuck went on to say, “But now, Democrats are facing a unified Republican government after arguably misjudging the electorate and bungling the delivery of their own message, or frankly, coming up with one. After years of trumpeting their party’s strength with young voters and minorities, Democrats now find themselves out of touch with working-class white voters in the Midwest.”

Rather than bask in a torrent of uncomfortable self-reflection and vow a change, it seemed to be Todd’s opinion that the Democrats are intent upon nothing more than repeating the same old mistakes of the past.  Chuck said, "Democrats were supposed to begin picking up the pieces from this month’s election, and it looks like they are arranging them in the exact same order."  On their failure to pick up the pieces, Todd highlighted the re-election, albeit with more dissenters than in years past, of Nancy Pelosi as the Democrat House Minority Leader, along with other House leaders returning to their designated chairs.

And a brief glance over in the Senate tells us much the same story.  Sure old ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid is finally gone, but only because he retired.  Had he chosen to stick around even longer there is very little doubt that he too would have again been reelected minority leader.  But even with that said, I would argue that there are very few differences between ‘Dingy Harry’ and the newly elected Senate Minority Leader, Chuckie Schumer.  And being that these two rabid leftwing ideologues have been pretty much joined at the hip for decades, Schumer should be seen as being no improvement whatsoever over ‘Dingy Harry’.

But while Todd refers to only white voters in the Midwest, I would argue it’s the Midwest, or that which is so often referred to as “fly over country”, in its entirety that is a problem for Democrats.  But it was fun seeing the Democrats losing the election, especially after they were so sure they had it won.  I’ve heard so many smug Democrats over the last eight years telling Republicans that we are a dead party of "white old guys", nearly extinct and how the multiculturalism of the left now rules the day.  Democrats saw America as being some sort of Mecca for the leftist utopia they thought they had built.

The resurgence of middle America with its morality and values in the face of continual ridiculing by those in state-controlled media, like Chuck Todd, combined with our ruling class demonstrating a willingness to win at all costs resulted in a Democrat loss and should give us all renewed hope that our country has not been lost!  The 2018 Senate races will have 8 Republican seats, 23 Democrat seats, and 2 Independent seats up for reelection.  Since both of the Independents caucus with Democrats, there will be the potential for Democrats to drop under 40.  So please, all you Democrats, keep up with your current ways.

As I have taken great pleasure in pointing out before, and take even more pleasure in doing again, since Barry was elected in 2008 the Democrats have: LOST over 900 State legislative seats, LOST 63 House seats, LOST 14 Governors, LOST 11 Senate seats, and now they just LOST the White House.  But they won the "Stuck on Stupid" award when they elected Pelosi again in the House and a ‘Dingy Harry’ clone in the Senate.  The Democrats are the personification of "insanity", doing of the same thing over and over and yet expecting a different outcome.  They act as if they’ve experienced none of the political losses they have suffered.

And apparently it would appear as if the party has very little interest in devising any sort of a plan, or strategy, that can be put into action that might serve to alter what has become the continuing downward spiral that the party has been experiencing over the last six years.  I’m guessing they must think that if they spend the next two years doing nothing more than to badmouth President Trump and to accuse the Republicans of conducting a war on women and seniors that just might be enough to get things turned around for them.  But just between you and me that don’t sound like much of a plan.  But then, they are Democrats after all.

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