Thursday, November 10, 2016


After yet again having her ass handed to her in her quest to become president, although coming much closer in this her second attempt than she did in her last, some in the Democrat Party are now questioning if this was simply not her time.  One of those is Ed Rendell, a long time Hitlery supporter as well as former Pennsylvania governor and DNC chairman.  It was Rendell who said just this past Wednesday that "this was not the time" that Hitlery should have run for the White House.  He said "probably" in 2008, when she lost the primaries to Barry, and that Bernie Sanders might have proven to be more formidable against Donald Trump.

It was during a recent interview on some radio station that Rendell said, "Hillary Clinton, this was not the time she should've run for president."  And he then went on to say, "Probably 2008 would've been a better time for her to run for president.”  He added, "But it's just right time, right place."  And he said, "And again, you've got to give Donald Trump a ton of credit."  Rendell said that the party lined up to back Hitlery because "she was someone who had friends that were longtime friends and associates of the party — and there's a great feeling.”  A rather odd rationale to pick a candidate, even for Democrats.

Rendell said, "There's an emotional tie between a lot of Democrats around the country and Hillary Clinton."  He went on to say, "But that doesn't mean that she was the right candidate for a general election."  Rendell also said that "it would be interesting to think of how Bernie Sanders would've done."  He went on to say, "Bernie Sanders would've lost a few Republicans who voted for Hillary because of some of his economic views — but he would've fought Donald pretty hard for those disaffected, angry, and frustrated workers."  But why is it that those workers are disaffected, angry and frustrated in the first place?  Because of economic views just like Bernie’s!

So is Ed really saying that Sanders would have been the best alternative to Hitlery?  I’ve often wondered just how many other potential Democrats candidates were kicking themselves in the ass about halfway through the campaign for not running.  Especially after all the news about her emails and the family foundation came out.  Wouldn’t you think that there would be any number of other viable candidates out there that the Democrats could have put up against Trump and given him a much better fight and who might have even beat him.  Instead they tied their fortunes to Hitlery and will now watch as Trump dismantles much of what Barry brought about.   

I have a difficult time believing that Rendell is actually serious about wishing Sanders had been the Democrat candidate instead of Hitlery.  I mean who in their right mind would want a crazy old fossil like Bernie to be the face that represents America?  Who but some leftwing kook would think that that’s a good idea?  And I’ll give old Ed a clue here, what happened to Hitlery would have happened to Bernie as well if he had been the Democrat running against Trump.  Bernie is a devoted socialist and if the last eight years have made anything abundantly clear to Americans it’s the fact that Socialism doesn’t work in here America any better than it works anywhere else. 

And let’s face it, is there ever a "right time" when your candidate is a pathological liar, a rape enabler, a sociopathic personality, an intentionally careless handler of top secret information, a wobbly brain-injured googly-eyed erratic, a deceiver and Nixonian secretive paranoid, and, oh let’s not forget, an extremist Marxist/Leninist hater of our Constitution.  I may have left out a few, but I think you get where I’m going here.  And you know, would it be great if we have finally rid ourselves of the Clintons?  With luck maybe we’ve finally been successful in flushing this turds down into the sewer where they belong and obviously feel so much at home. 

And look, despite the fact that it was way past time to have put her in jail, she was the one person her party wanted as their candidate, going so far as to rig the primary process to ensure she came out on top.  And in so doing they accomplished little more than to make a complete mockery out of the entire process.  Now that she has once again gone down in electoral flames, I'm hoping our new president will not turn his head from all the corruption that would have put any average person away for a very long time. There is no more "important thing" to do right now than restoring confidence in the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law!

And in doing my own little analysis of the last year and a half, it was at the beginning of this very long and somewhat painful process that the media first worked to pump Trump up in an effort to take out any real challengers to Hitlery, like a Ted Cruz, a Scott Walker, of even a Marco Rubio because the state-controlled media knew they had some potent ammo that could be used against Trump at just the right moment.  And at the critical time after the official Republican nomination process they would wait until the last possible second to use it on Trump in the hopes of propelling Hitlery, their seriously flawed candidate, right into the Presidency.

But something happened on the way to the White House.  Between Hitlery's emails, her constant lying, various FBI investigations, her pay to play as secretary of state and (thank you) Wikileaks, everything they threw at Trump failed to accomplish that which they hoped that it would.  That being, to take down Trump and to guarantee Hitlery essentially an unobstructed path to the White House.  Despite most media focus in this election was on hiding Hitlery’s health issues and downplaying her email fiasco and her foundation woes, America still said no to Hitlery.  Even as the media exposed Trump, warts and all, Americans still saw him as the better candidate.

When the choice came down to the proven dishonest, untrustworthy, lying wicked witch of the east who actually did things or the sometime foul mouthed, brash Trump, America selected Trump over the lying witch. The state-controlled media's plan to take him out blew up in their face, and thus now we have President-elect Trump.  A man who will shake Washington to its core and return America to Americans and restore government to one of the people, by the people and for the people. The election was a revolution and the Democrats lost. Let's implement the Trump agenda and let freedom ring from sea to shining sea.  Let’s take our country back!

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