Friday, September 9, 2016


I’m quite sure that if you’re over the age of at least 18, or maybe a bit younger, you’ll know who I’m talking about when I say, “Meathead.”  What some may not know is that the actor who played the part, Rob Reiner, was essentially doing nothing more than to play himself.  Reiner is, as was the character he played, pretty much of a hardcore lefty.  So it should come as a surprise to no one that he’s not a big supporter of Donald Trump nor, apparently, of those who support Trump.

Reiner says that it’s impossible to level with the Republican presidential nominee’s bigoted supporters, who are “mostly white males who don’t have college degrees.”   And so it was in a recent interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ (THR), that Reiner said there’s “a very serious strain of racism” that runs through those supporting the Republican presidential nominee.  How often can you call someone a racist such a label becomes completely meaningless?

Anyway, Reiner went on to say, “And that’s a kind of disturbing thing, and I don’t think you ever reach those people. I think that they’re impossible to turn around. It’s very disturbing because a lot of these racist ideas have kind of been dormant for a while, and he’s given voice to them — he’s kind of unearthed it. And the thing that’s most disturbing is to discover that there’s so many people that still hold those views.”  And what views might those be exactly? 

Reiner then goes on to suggest that Trump supporters feel “threatened” by America’s racial diversity.  He said, “If it isn’t overt racism, it’s this kind of a desperate attempt at holding on to some version of America that they think was there once. They’re really threatened by our diversity, and what’s so great about the experiment of democracy is that it celebrates diversity and diversity is what makes it strong.”  What I personally feel threatened by, is our out of control government!

But this line of attack from Reiner is really nothing new for this hapless clown. The Hollywood buffoon has been bashing Trump supporters for quite some time now.  It was just last month that Reiner appeared on CNN Tonight and said the real danger in Trump’s words are that his followers “have a violent nature, and a violent streak.”  The former ‘All in the Family’ star’s disdain for Trump supporters is, however, rivaled only by his outright hatred for the White House hopeful himself.

You see, it was in an appearance on MSNBC back in July that Reiner dared to call Trump “the single most unqualified person ever to run for president in my lifetime.”  Reiner, who also told THR that the iconic character Archie Bunker would be a Trump supporter, is an enthusiastic supporter of Trump’s Democrat rival in the 2016 race.  But the actual truth of the matter is that it’s the guy now occupying the Oval Office who is the single most unqualified person to ever run for, and to win, the presidency.

Reiner went on to say, “I’ve known Hillary Clinton almost 25 years, and she’s incredibly dedicated and passionate about wanting to make things better and wanting to move thing forward.”  And he added, “She’s a real policy wonk. She can work across the aisle. She’s good at it. Once she has a job, Republicans like her because she does listen and figures out ways to forge consensus.”  No, reason any Republicans may ‘like’ her is because she supports the status quo, and so do they.

Reiner said it’s his “dream that she wins the White House,” and also admitted that “it may just be pie-in-the sky, but that’s my hope.”  I would argue that if that’s the case then it would seem to me his dream is little more than a nightmare scenario to those of us little people who still love our freedom, or what freedom we still have.  God forbid that Hitlery is ever elected, because there is every reason to believe that our country simply would never survive her.   

And when asked if there’s anything that could keep Hitlery from winning in November, Reiner said, “The only thing I could think of is some Julian Assange thing,” referencing the WikiLeaks founder, whose infamous non-profit publisher of corporate and secret government documents recently released scores of emails that embarrassed the Democratic National Committee and resulted in the resignation of former DNC Chair Debbie Wizzerman-Schultz.

The real hypocrisy here is how the ‘Left’ chides us all for being pissed off when, instead, it was the ‘Left’ who introduced us to the Communists and the Union Organizers who turned out to be KGB Agents.  It was the Left who introduced Fabian Socialism, gave us the never properly ratified 16th Amendment, took us off the Gold standard and allowed the IRS to conduct business in the Continental US.  Prior to 1933 the IRS was barred by law from conducting it's unseemly business in the USA.

Let’s face it, Reiner is really nothing more than another poor-little-rich-boy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  And he, like the vast majority of those on the left, hasn't got a clue about the real world.  He'll always have a wall around his home to keep out the criminals and the illegals. Reiner is just as stupid and moronic as was the character he played on television back in the 70s.  He shed the bad wig from back in those days and has now become what is a real life 'Meathead' communist.

And I’d like to ask ‘Meathead’, since he’s so smart and all, what’s the minimum wage in Mexico?  It’s 65.1 Pesos Zone B or 70.1 Pesos Zone A, or roughly 4 bucks a day.  So I’m kind of curious when it might have been that either he or his dream candidate, Hitlery, or any other of his so-called educated friends, have ever complained to the hard leftist corrupt presidents of Mexico about raising THEIR minimum wage?   Or when have his friends in LA Rasa ever even attempted to do so?

I’m pretty sure that that would be, Never!  So he wants uneducated Americans to make $15 an hour, or 30 times the $4 they make a day in Mexico, while he lectures people in America on racism?   He might want to tend to that log in his eye, then he might more clearly see the speck in Trump’s.  The irony is Trump wants FAIR trade.  So Trump in closing the border and stopping Mexico will end the slave labor in Mexico whose corrupt leftist government will have to look to its own poor!

Part of the problem today is that the term "higher education" has, unfortunately, now been reduced to being little more than an oxymoron.  Because no longer is anything actually taught that even remotely approaches constitutional history, citizenship, literature, or any other subject, without not only a hardcore leftist slant, but a total devotion to the left.  The end result is a generation who ends up thinking just like this boob, Reiner.  And it doesn’t bode well for our country’s future.

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