Thursday, September 8, 2016


God willing, perhaps one day, in the not too distant future, we in American will come to have as our President a ‘man’ who doesn't take every available opportunity, especially while abroad, to either apologize for America or to denigrate Americans before some foreign audience.  We've have now been made to endure nearly eight long years now of Barry “Almighty” doing just that, virtually every time he travels overseas.  Never in our history have we had a president who seemed to be so ashamed of the country that he was duly elected to lead.  How sad. How very, very sad.

This time around we find our ‘Dear Beloved Leader’ in Luang Prabang, Laos, where he essentially lied to a group of young Asians at Souphanouvong University by telling them that when Americans are economically stressed, they tend to "turn on others who don’t look like them” in order to cope with their struggles.  And it was after Barry highlighted the positive aspects of America’s multicultural society such as our variety of cuisines and music and athletes for every Olympic sport, that he blamed a faltering economy for generating and exacerbating white racism against minorities.

Barry said, “That especially becomes a problem when the economy is not doing well, and so people feel stressed. Typically, when people feel stressed, they turn on others who don’t look like them.”  And he then went on to say, "When suddenly things are harder, people start saying, ‘Ah, you know what, this is the fault of the Chinese,’ or ‘This is the fault of Jews,’ or ‘This is the fault of the Houthi,’ or whatever."  Now wait a minute.  So is this an admission on the part of Barry that maybe our economy isn’t doing so hot?  But I thought our economy was humming along just fine. 

And I seem to recall how it is that Trump gets continually pummeled by just about every Democrat stooge in the state-controlled media, whenever he tells those gathered at one of his rallies that our economy is doing “horribly”.  But yet Barry’s comment about our economy not doing so well would seem to indicate that maybe Trump might just be onto something.  And it begs the question: Why is it that this hateful, anti-American racist can’t just stay on the golf course and quit embarrassing our country every time he goes overseas?  Is he like, compelled to embarrass America?

Personally, in my opinion Barry exemplifies is the quintessential “Ugly American”.  To this day, he strolls about the world misrepresenting Americans and lying to anyone who will welcome him into their country.  And what do we hear, day in and day out?  "It's all the fault of White people!"  Because somehow it’s this ‘economic stress’ that gets twisted into some silly side effect of white privilege.  Anyone who can’t see that Barry is a racist, and has been inciting racism for years, is either blind or quite stupid.  It seems he will continue to dishonor his office until the last day of his reign.

For a guy raised in the boondocks I never saw myself as being racist, and I still don’t.  Although growing up I came into contact with very few blacks.  In my high school there was only one back student in a student body of roughly 1000 students.  But I don’t recall him ever being made to experience any racial prejudice.  It wasn’t until I enlisted in the Navy that I came into contact with what I would call a significant number of blacks.  But when you’re in the military you learn, in pretty short order, that you have to rely on one another, so skin color becomes pretty much irrelevant.

As an adult, I’ve worked with many blacks and have had them as neighbors.  The interactions have always been cordial, everyday encounters.  And even when the policies of America's "first Black president", ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton upset and worried me, I didn't blame race.  Now, with Barry “Almighty”, even knowing his background, it’s still his policies I detest and the damage he inflicts that causes me to reject him.  It is not because he is half Black, it’s the fact that he’s evil that I cannot and will not overlook.  Barry's skin color is not the problem, it's his lack of character.

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