Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Democrat nominee, whom from this point on shall be referred to simply as Hitlery, has now vowed to tax not only the one percent, but the ten percent of wage earners in America as well in order to cover the rapidly escalating costs for her dozens of newly proposed government programs.  It was during a speech in Tampa that Hitlery said, “We are going where the money is, we are going to the people who have made the money in the last 15 years.”  And she went on to say, “We are going to the top one, ten percent, the millionaires, the billionaires, they are the ones that are going to have to start paying.” 

Hitlery has done what Democrats ALWAYS DO and that is to propose massive increases in new government spending for such things as free college education, free child care, mental health, drug addiction, green energy, solar panels, national infrastructure, and on and on.  And it’s according to the Tax Foundation that the top ten percent of earners already paid nearly 70 percent of the country’s income taxes in 2015.  So just how much more is it that she seems to think she can steal from these folks.  Are they not allowed to keep any of the money that they work so hard to earn?  Apparently not. 

And something that we need to keep in mind here is the fact that we have now reached that point where roughly half of the American people are made to pay absolutely nothing in the form of income tax.  So I’m guessing that somewhere along the line it was somehow determined that paying nothing was to be their fair share.   Now please excuse me if I’m seen as being uncaring, but it has always been my opinion, that since we are all in this together, everyone needs to have a little skin in the game. But I’m thinking that there’s little chance of Hitlery, or even Trump, being in favor of that.  

While I am certainly not advocating for anyone being made to pay more in taxes, I do think it’s only fair that there should be no one who is able to escape the rather long reach of the ‘Tax Man’.   Also it should be fairly obvious to most people that we haven’t managed to become $20 Trillion in debt simply because the government doesn't tax enough.  The problem, which I would think is one fairly easy to recognize, is that we spend entirely too much.  And maybe if everyone was made to pay something, each of us might be able to maybe pay just a little bit less.

And I think it should also be rather obvious that for the most part we have massive amounts of taxpayer money simply being wasted on programs that I like to refer to as being, ‘garbage programs’.  That is, programs the specific purpose of which is really nothing more than to promote government dependency and that are, more often than not, duplicated across several different agencies as well.  So another reason for having everyone paying something would be to at least attempt to increase taxpayer outrage when those whom we elect to higher office become so reckless in their spending habits.

Too many programs simply create bureaucratic fiefdoms and do little more than generate misery and amass regulations.  So instead of creating more bureaucracy, as Hitlery intends to do, we need to start killing off all the ‘garbage programs’.  And we also need to do the equivalent of fumigating our educational leviathan in an effort to return education to being something useful.  And we need to work on eliminating lifetime job guarantees that only guarantee complacency.  A lot has to be done to return America to greatness.  We need to start rewarding excellence, instead of color, gender or sexual orientation.

And rather than work to expand the economy in an effort to raise revenue, Hitlery would rather do that which Democrats have ALWAYS done.  And that is to increase taxes on the job creators of our economy, with the net result being the creation of fewer jobs and increasing the amount the amount of income available to be redistributed to the non-producers amongst us who possess quite the sense of entitlement.  And all in an effort to accomplish that all important goal of getting even more people totally dependent upon the government therefore increasing the odds that they will be voting for Democrats. 

The sad fact is the federal government, this year, will collect more than 3 times the net profits of the entire Fortune 500 in taxes, will borrow more, and then tell the producers they’re not doing enough.  This top 10% that Hitlery intends to go after, are the people who sign paychecks, and she is the one who will be taking a good portion of your paycheck at gunpoint.  It is really a simple choice unless you just want to sit around drawing a government check and waiting until we are like Venezuela, and we are having to cross into Canada and Mexico to steal food. If she is elected Mexico will build the wall, but to keep us out.

A married couple each earning about $60,000 puts them in the top 10%.  After all taxes they get to keep about $80,000.  After mandatory health insurance for a family of around $15,000, they are left with about $65,000 to meet their expenses and save for retirement.  Hitlery claims to be looking out for the middle class.  Unfortunately, her 10% will turn into the middle-class.  Hitlery is a congenital LIAR!  If one knows how to interpret liberal speak her target is really the middle class. She sure isn't going to tax her friends or her big donors.  So who does that leave for her to go after to fill the government’s coffers?

Hitlery has already stated, and very clearly so, that she intends to raise taxes on the middle class.  And her 10% actually includes the upper middle class as the top 10% of American wage earners starts at around $113,000.  And there isn't enough income in the really wealthy class to do all that she and her fellow socialists want to do.  Most of the wealth is in the middle class, because there are so many more of us, although a lot fewer than there were seven and a half years ago.  Hitlery will hit the middle class hard on income taxes and on lowering the threshold for estate taxes, as well as raising the rate on estate taxation.

With her record of corruption, if she is still able to get elected then there become little point in sticking around.  The left will have finally succeeded in turning what was once a vibrant and prosperous nation into what will eventually become another Venezuela, albeit on a much grander scale. Then I too will be leaving this dystopia formerly known as the United States and becoming an ex-pat somewhere where ex-pats are sought and appreciated.  Let the younger generations that championed welfare and open borders support the system they so badly wanted.  And let’s see how good they are at keeping it going. And for how long!

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