Thursday, September 22, 2016


There they go again.  But then it’s some we’ve seen too much of, 24/7 ‘news’ coverage of rampaging Negroes as they go about destroying their own city, and because of what?   Well, that would be because another black male couldn’t bring himself to do something as basic as what he was told to do by the police.  And you have to wonder, what is it about blacks that makes them so adverse to authority?  And then others have the nerve to claim racism when something tragic happens that is entirely the fault of the individual who left police officers with no other alternative than to defend themselves.  It simply makes no sense to me.  

So I can only assume that the end game here if we’re using places like Ferguson, Missouri as well as Baltimore, Milwaukee, Baton Rouge and now Charlotte, North Carolina as our examples, it’s that blacks are now to be allowed to do whatever it is that they wish to do and that police should now focus all of their attention only on us white folks.  I mean, what other conclusion can anyone possibly come to?  Charlotte is but the most recent examples where rampaging blacks have essentially been permitted to run free, allowed to loot and destroy personal property at will with very few, if any, ever being arrested.

These new riots in Charlotte, which some have actually chosen to describe using the much more benign nomenclature of ‘protests’, resulted following Tuesday afternoon's fatal shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott by a black police officer.  The city has a population of roughly 830,000 people and blacks make up about 35 percent of that population.  Now some folks may remember that the city managed to pull itself through a racially charged shooting three years ago without the unrest that had erupted in recent years in places such as Baltimore, Milwaukee and Ferguson, Missouri.

In 2013, Charlotte police charged one of their own, Randall Kerrick with voluntary manslaughter within days, after the white officer shot an unarmed black man who had been in a wreck and was looking for help.  And while the jury deadlocked and the charge was dropped last summer, the city saw only a few protests but no violence.   Sadly this time around it’s a much different story with many blacks simply being unable to control their inner thug.  Or perhaps they simply saw it as an opportunity to go on a ‘shopping’ spree, of sorts, to see just how much ‘free stuff’ they could ‘acquire’ for themselves with no fear of being arrested.

On Wednesday hundreds of rioters who were shouting "black lives matter" and "hands up, don't shoot". Authorities said three people and four police officers were injured, but those figures had not been updated early Thursday morning. The violence happened amid questions about what happened when Scott was shot and killed in the parking lot of his condominium complex.  Police did not release dashboard or body camera footage, but said Scott had a gun and refused several orders to drop his weapon.  And as is usually the case in such situations, Scott's family and neighbors said he had only been holding a book.

And in describing one version of the incident Taheshia Williams (obviously a black female), whose balcony overlooks the shady parking spot where Scott was Tuesday afternoon, said, "He got out of his car, he walked back to comply, and all his compliance did was get him murdered."  She said he often waited there for his son because a bicycle accident several years ago left him stuttering and susceptible to seizures if he stayed out in the hot sun too long.  So once again we’re to believe that some poor innocent black man, just minding his own bidness was simply gunned down by some trigger happy cop.  A black cop.

Distrust of the police continued after Wednesday's shooting of a protester.  Many demonstrators did not believe city officials' assertion that officers had not shot the protester.  "We protesting. Why the hell would we target each other?" Dino Davis said. "They say it was the tear gas, and it looked like one the tear gas exploded. But I think it was a rubber bullet because some of those rubber bullets can penetrate."  “We protesting?”  I guess that’s how these morons describe throwing bricks and rocks at police and looting and destroying the private property of those who played absolutely no part in the death of this black man, Mr. Scott. 

Police said the plainsclothes officer who shot Scott, identified as Brently Vinson, has been placed on leave, standard procedure in such cases. Three uniformed officers at the shooting scene had body cameras, but police said Vinson did not.  Calls for police to release the video have increased. North Carolina has a law that takes effect October 1 which requires a judge to approve releasing police video.  But the police department don't release videos when criminal investigations are ongoing.  But according to John Barnett, that video may be the only thing that calms Charlotte. Barnett runs a ‘civil rights’ group called ‘True Healing Under God’, or THUG.

And it was this guy, Barnett, who went on say, "Just telling us this is still under investigation is not good enough for the windows of the Wal-Mart."  Now how ignorant of a statement is that?  Such a statement makes pretty clear what this guy’s motive is for being on the scene.  I think we can all assume why he’s there and it sure isn’t to try to infuse any reason into this crowd of hate filled losers.  It’s people like this guy who are really nothing more than Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton wannabes.  Let’s face it, the fact that the name of his organization is ‘THUG’ pretty much tells me all I need to know about him. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Kerr Putney confirmed that investigators discovered a handgun at the scene, but not a book, according to the property sheet of items recovered at the scene.  It was during a press conference about the shooting on Wednesday morning that he said, “I can tell you a weapon was seized, a handgun. I can also tell you that we did not find a book.”  And according to Putney, Scott was spotted by law enforcement in a vehicle with a handgun. Officers ordered Scott to drop the weapon and exit the vehicle but he refused, exiting the vehicle armed with his handgun and ignoring orders to disarm.

Officer Vinson, a black police officer, shot Scott in response to the perceived threat and officers immediately gave him medical attention before medical teams arrived.  Putney urged the people of Charlotte to stand up for the facts of the investigation, and fight the alternative narrative that was being spread on social media after the shooting.  He said, “It’s time for the voiceless majority to stand up and be heard. It’s time to change the narrative.”  And added, “Because I can tell you from the facts that the story is a little bit different as to how it’s been portrayed so far, especially through social media.”  Few appeared to have been listening.

So what we’re really seeing in Charlotte is rioting, looting, vandalism, and assault and all for fun and profit with no real justification required.  Look at some of the video and you’ll see few who are genuinely angry, many are laughing and whooping it up, having a grand old time trashing their own neighborhood and committing felonies with impunity.  Need some new sneakers or a new flat screen?  Here’s your perfect opportunity.  These protesters are not protesting racial injustice by racist cops. They don't care if the man who shot him was Black or White.  And I doubt whether they even care if he had a book or a gun.

And "hands up don't shoot" didn't happen either, but the media isn't making amends for promoting that narrative and falsely accusing the police.  They promote these rioters by giving them press coverage and a voice without calling them out about the false narrative.  I watched some of the goings on last night on Fox News as their man on the street was giving these people entirely too much airtime to spew their nonsense.  I have to wonder just how long such idiocy would continue if those in the media would forgo, for the good of the country, their need for ratings and simply refuse to televise the antics of these animals.    

And I can’t help but wonder just how many young, innocent blacks were killed by other blacks in the city of Chicago during the same span of time that these malcontents have been allowed to rampage for the very simple reason that we have yet another black male who is now dead for no other reason than because he couldn’t bring himself to follow the orders of the police.  All this man had to do was to do what he was told to do.  Let’s face it, the most dangerous thing to a black man in America is another black man.  Police shootings of blacks is down, not up. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and trying to look for a different end result. How many times will it take before blacks in this country come to understand that when a law enforcer asks you to put your hands up and stand still that for your wellbeing as well as the officer, you DO IT!  It's the same scenario every single time. We all have choices to make in our life, and we alone are responsible to the outcomes, not anyone else. Police are trained to protect and serve. We are not!  That means even though we may not see what they see, it doesn't mean we are right and they are wrong.

All I see it, what we have here are the same people who insist upon being stupid enough to keep trying to take on the police and losing and then attempting to blame everyone but themselves. And I’m getting so tired of this crap. There have been great people come out of these very same cities because they were raised to be respectful and appreciative individuals who knew your actions and words determine where it is that you will end up in life.  As I watch coverage of these riots I don't see that, all I see are a bunch of whiny brats with their hands out or wanting to take from others without putting any effort to help themselves or others.

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