Saturday, August 13, 2016


In what I can only assume was some bizarre attempt to justify, or to perhaps explain away, what has become today the lowest labor force participation rate since the Jimmy Carter era, we heard from the head of the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics, on Thursday, the idiotic claim that students and retirees are "an important part of what's going on" regarding our labor force participation rate.  Erica Groshen also said the nation's taxpayer-funded social safety net is yet another factor that helps explains the 94 million Americans who are no longer in the labor force.  She went on to say, "In older, tougher times, we didn't have as much of a safety net, so some of the people who are not participating are people who we, as a society, have decided we are going to support in some other way."

First of all, I’m not some stupid Democrat who’s going to take what this putz says and be only too happy to believe it.  Because it’s all bullshit!  Look, during the recession that took hold in Barry “Almighty's” first term, the number of people on food stamps went from an average of 33,490,00 in fiscal 2009 to an average 47,636,000 in fiscal 2013. It has drifted down a little since then, to an estimated 43,478,196 in May 2016, the latest month for which numbers are available.  At the same time, the Social Security disability rolls have swelled, from around 9,296,490 when Barry first took office to 10,664,290 in July 2016.  In July 2016, 94,333,000 Americans were not in the labor force. The labor force participation rate was 62.8 percent in July.  July's 62.8 percent rate remains near what would be a 39-year low.

Then this airhead proceeded to ask, rhetorically of course, the question: "So what are the people who are out of the labor force doing?"  And she then proceeded to answer her own question saying, "Many of them...are in school but not working," she said. She called it "an important part of what's going on."  And then she went on to say, "And we're seeing actually that fewer students are working than used to in previous years, so that's some part of the decline in participation, is that our young people are staying in school longer and less likely to work while they're...more focused on their school work.”  But this is the kind of idiotic pabulum we get from these people and have been getting since Barry first came into office.  And it’s what we can expect to continue should Hitlery, God forbid, get elected. But I digress.

So anyway, it was then that this hapless reject from some loony leftwing commune went on to say, "The other trends that we have are...the baby boomers who are a huge demographic bulge, are now retiring, and as we reach retirement age....that means that a larger share of our population is going to be retired. So that's a very important part of the demographic story that underlies the decrease in labor force participation."   There are roughly 75 million Baby Boomers who were born between 1946 and 1964. They began turning 65, retirement age, in 2011.  Myself, I was born in 1952, and I’ll tell you right now I REFUSE to be called a "Baby-Boomer" for the very simple fact that I have NOTHING in common with what is essentially nothing more than hoard of Liberal, mindless, destroyers of our once proud nation.

How much of a mind-numbed imbecile does one really need to be to say something like, “we, as a society, have decided we are going to support in some other way," Sorry, you brain-damaged bimbo, but "We" decided nothing of the sort.  It was the   Liberal/Progressive politicians who figured out that they could get themselves elected by purchasing the votes of would-be freeloaders with the taxes which the rest of us are quite literally forced to pay.  Students are not skipping out of the work force to focus more on their studies.  Instead they're borrowing increasing amounts of money in the form of "student loans" which pay for everything from tuition to clothes to kegger money.  And, now, Hitlery wants to give away their debt payment.  Let's just go for $30 trillion in debt.  After all, it’s "for the children".

I don’t suppose all Boomers are Liberal, but I think most are.  But that being said, you have to admit, that starting with the anti-establishment days; the drugs, free sex, etc, the (our) group has been PRIMARILY identified as the ones who have 'changed' things in society.... even if those things DIDN'T NEED CHANGING.  What is our world standing in education, today, compared to our standing in 1960?  Eighty percent of eighth grade students in the US can’t read or do math at their grade level. Is this "Better"?  How about the sexual revolution?  Trans sexual bathrooms?  Gay middle school students? AIDS? Single Moms. Fatherless children..... The war on Christianity... Godless people killing each other for 'fun'. No respect for life. Better? Responsible Government? Truthful Government? Transparency?  Nope, sorry.

I think what a great many of the 'Boomers' did, was to see the benefits of selling out and in the process they essentially became worse than what they had opposed in their youth.  It's like the book, 1984 was an instruction manual, of sorts.  I HATE pretty much everything the Boomers have championed over the last 40 years, because look how things have so badly deteriorated in this country.  We’ve been made to morph into an American that has become populated by the equivalent of limp-wristed Europeans.  People have forgotten what it once meant to be ‘American.’  Things like work ethic, avoiding at all costs the act of becoming dependent upon the government, true patriotism and love of country.  It’s like none of it ever existed.  There are so many reasons why Hitlery should never be president.   

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