Monday, August 15, 2016


You know, these damn RINOs who we have in Congress really piss me off.  Frankly, I’m not sure whose worse, the corrupt piece of shit Democrats, or the lying piece of shit RINOs.  And when I recently heard McConnell imply that it’s all because of Trump that there is now doubt that the Republicans will be able to maintain their control of the Senate, calling the situation dicey, I thought it was more than a little ballsy.  Because the real reason that the Republicans are likely to lose control of the Senate is because they so blatantly lied to the American people in their effort to gain that control in the first place.  

And then, just this past Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” we heard one of McConnell’s fellow RINO’s, if which there are many, who in this instance was Susan Collins.  Ms. Collins said that she has now gotten to the point where she cannot support Donald Trump in the general election because of how he treats people and for questions about his judgment.  Is she kidding?  So can I assume then that she has no problem whatsoever allowing someone who has sold access to our State Department and revealed a yet to be determined number of state secrets to our enemies, to become president?

Collins said, “The tipping point for me was when he attacked the parents of the fallen soldier. It was inexplicable to me that anyone, much less presidential candidate, would not honor the sacrifice and empathize with a family who lost a son in war. Instead, he attacked them and attacked their religion. It was so difficult a decision for me, because I’m a lifelong Republican, and I wanted to and expected to be able to support party’s nominee. But the barrage of comments and the attacks on people who are vulnerable and unable to fight back really troubled me.”  Give me a break! Have you ever anything so lame?

About Mr. Khizr Khan, to whom it was that she referred, much has come out about this man since the little show that put on at the DNC which makes very clear that what Mr. Khan did was much worse than anything Mr. Trump may have said.  Because besides using his dead son in an effort to do nothing more than to smear a political candidate, we now know that Mr. Khan not only has some significant ties to the Saudi government but is also on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation which paid him over $300,000 for his DNC appearance.  And while not an expert on the Constitution, he is a very vocal supporter of Sharia Law.   

Anyway, Ms. Collins went on to say, “When you look at the challenges that we’re facing at home and abroad, we need a president who has the judgment, the temperament, the knowledge, and the self-control to lead our country and to be the symbol of our country. I know that it is appeal to people that Donald Trump has jettisoned the politically correct, stilted campaign speeches that frustrate voters. But the problem is that there’s a big difference between that and treating people with respect and common decency, and there’s where, in my judgment, Donald Trump has failed.”

And you may also recall that Ms. Collins penned a recent op-ed in the Washington Post in which she stated that she cannot vote for Mr. Trump because his controversial remarks mean, by some weird stretch of the imagination, that he cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes.  It is a version of the argument Democrats have made for several weeks, and that hardcore “NeverTrump” narcissists have continued to plaster all over social media: that what Trump has said is somehow far worse than what Hitlery actually did while a senator and as a member of  Barry “Almighty’s” administration.

One would think that launching a war against Libya without congressional approval, cheering the unauthorized assassination of its leader, and letting the region slide into terrorism and chaos all argue against letting Hitlery have control of anything more powerful than your basic water pistol.  But nope, such is not the case, Trump cannot be trusted with life-or-death decisions because he made fun of a disabled reporter, was rude to Megyn Kelly, unfairly suggested a Mexican-American judge was biased, and responded to a political attack by ‘Gold Star’ parents who chose politics over their dead son.

Collins makes does not even bother to apply an equal standard to Hitlery, who accused the Benghazi parents of lying, joked about “colored people’s time,” blamed “white privilege” for police shootings, and circulated articles by an antisemite.  Instead, Collins says she will not vote for either nominee, as if she can evade responsibility by going third-party.  The very simple truth here is that not voting for Trump means helping Hitlery because each non-vote is one less vote Hitlery must worry about, in a state that splits its electoral votes.  Obviously, Collins is hoping for a Hitlery win.

But this would not be the first time Collins has been on the wrong side of a crucial issue. Breaking with the party is one thing; voting for a disaster like Barry’s stimulus, which wasted $862 Billion and provoked the Tea Party into being, is another.  She compares Trump to the ideal rather than comparing Trump to Hitlery, the only comparison that matters.  Moreover, her argument is neither original, nor unique to Trump.  In 2008, Barry said McCain’s “temperament” made him unsuited for the presidency.  Yet ‘Slick Willy’ has a volatile temper, as did LBJ, and neither managed to push the nuke button.

Collins presents the argument for Trump as a matter of mere party loyalty, as if keeping Hitlery, and her radical policies, away from the White House were not a matter of principle. But Collins lacks the credibility to make such an argument.  Though she frequently dissents from her GOP colleagues, the main reason anyone outside of Maine cares anything about Collins is because she has an (R) after her name.  Republicans raise money for her despite her frequent defections because they need her vote. And she has committee posts only because Republicans elsewhere chose to give her party a Senate majority.

Really, the bottom line here is that if she’s incapable of supporting our party’s nominee, he who the people have selected to be their candidate, then perhaps, in good conscience, Ms. Collins should resign her leadership positions.  In fact, if she was truly driven by her principles, as she would have us all believe, she would do that of her own volition.  But Collins, like the rest of the NeverTrump faction, is all about preening, not principle.  She would rather cede the White House, as well as the Supreme Court, than endure Trump’s poor taste.  That is nothing more than pure, elitist vanity. 

I’ve never really trusted Collins, nor any of her many RINO comrades in Congress.  She’s represents all that’s wrong with our government and nothing that’s right.  Let’s not kid ourselves here, Collins is basically nothing more than a Democrat.  Like many of the so-called Republican elites who are very busy in their efforts to try to discredit Trump rather than supporting the nominee or simply keeping their yaps shut, the fact is they are more than willing, even eager, to offer Hitlery all of the aid that she might require.  Her treachery, and that of her fellow RINOs, speaks for itself and it speaks volumes.   

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