Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I’m beginning to think that if we this coming election serves any purpose whatsoever it will be to make painfully just how stupid the women in this country, at least liberal women, truly are.  It boggles the mind to see how any woman can look at Hitlery Clinton, one of their own, and can identify her as defender of women and of women’s rights.  It really is quite bizarre.  In Hitlery we have someone who can actually be said to rival Ted Kennedy when it comes to the level of mistreatment she has dealt to women. That being said, at least Hitlery has never been ‘personally’ responsible for a woman’s death.  At least as far as we know. 

So it was then that Hitlery recently sat down with that rather odd collection of misfits and malcontents that comprise the participants of 'The View' to discuss, of all things, the "frightening" nature of election campaign sexism.  And it was co-host, and purported comedienne, ‘Joy-Less’ Behar who complained that “women seem to be under fire right now, more than ever,” for which she blamed, of course, conservative talk radio and religion, specifically naming Christianity and Judaism's treatment of women but pointedly neglected to mention the violent cult of Islam, the group known for having committed 
horrific violence against women.

Naturally Behar fearmongered about what would become of women under a Republican President, because that's simply what leftists like her do, they warn that a conservative administration will not only turn back the clock on women, but throw blacks into chains and reinstate slavery, as well as to put Muslims in internment camps.  She mentioned the recent cases in which the wives of candidates were attacked for their looks, and Trump’s confused and rather alarming statements on abortion.  Odd that there was no questions regarding some of the positions taken by Hitlery such as her recent declaration that unborn children have NO constitutional rights!

But old ‘Joy-less’ went on to say, “It’s frightening.”  And then she went on to say, “What do you think will happen to women if a Republican gets in the — if Trump wins, God forbid?”  She added, “What’s gonna happen to us?”  And of course Hiltery responded by saying that Trump “has insulted everybody and he has demeaned everybody,” not just women. “I don’t think the vast majority of Americans — let’s hope — want to reward that hateful behavior.”  That’s rich, Hitlery being the one to talk about hateful behavior.  Maybe we should take the time to speak to some of Bill’s rape victims in an effort to gain some perspective regarding how it was that Hitlery treated them.  But no.

I’d like to think that the majority of women in this country don't really want to reward Hitlery's lifelong career of Alinsky radicalism, compulsive lying and corruption, and her lust for power by electing her president.  But hey, when placed alongside the possibility of getting free birth control or being able to have an abortion right up to the time one is set to deliver, I suppose such distasteful traits can be quite easily overlooked.  Because that’s just where many women tend to be today.  And I don’t suppose it’s entirely their fault, we on the right long ago lost the cultural battle.  And now we’re simply be made to face the repercussions from having lost that battle.

So as the sort of conservative that Joy most certainly would view me as being, I’ll do my best to answer her stupid question accordingly.  Well Joy, should it be a Republican that wins this November it’s likely that the pretty ones will be kept around for Republican breeding programs, the less than so will be sent to "improvement" camps until they shape up, while the truly homely ones will be used in forced labor programs like coal mines and remote areas where they cannot be seen. People like Joy will be kept for amusement and ‘entertainment’ purposes to show the rest of her ilk why she shouldn't have been a clueless Leftist nitwit all her life working insidiously to destroy her country.

But really folks, all kidding aside. How stupid does one really need to be in order to, especially in looking back over the years, come to the conclusion that the Democrat Party can in any way be seen as the defender of women?  Besides giving away all manner of ‘free’ stuff, what it is, exactly, that this odd assortment of misogynists, drunks, perverts and even rapists has done ‘FOR’ women?  ‘Free’ birth control?  Easy access to abortions?  Or any other ‘free’ stuff?  I’m curious, though, how it is that any of these things have actually improved the lives of women?  And let’s not forget, in the war on women it’s the Democrat Party that has the only confirmed kill.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure which group of folks I see as being more braindead every time we have an election.  I see it as being kind of a tie between blacks and women.  Let’s face it, just how stupid have you got to be to continue falling for the same sort of progressive bullshit year after year, election after election for over 60 years. And yet both women and blacks continue to do so, and seem quite proud of themselves for having done so. Proof that the gene pool just keeps getting shallower and shallower.  By continuing to vote for Democrats both women and blacks continue to demonstrate just how little self-respect they possess.  That too is pretty sad.  

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