Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Man, you just gotta hand it those guys over at the White House.  In their continuing effort to convince the American people that we have no other option but to take seriously the fact that ‘climate change’ poses a very clear and present danger to the planet, and therefore to future generations, it would seem that there is, quite literally, nothing they will not do or say.  But it would seem that no matter how hard they try, most Americans continue to see these scare tactics for exactly what they are.  But that hasn’t stopped the wild claims.

Nope!  And their latest attempt at these scare tactics comes in the form of something described as a “fact sheet”.  This so called "fact sheet" is something that was recently issued by the White House in conjunction with a ‘climate change’ report and was made public last week and it points out how one of the impacts of increasing temperatures is the deaths of thousands of American people over the course of one summer.  And while it may be referred to as a ‘fact sheet’, as is usually the case it’s very few, if any, actual facts that are contained.

But be that as it may, it’s according to this little piece of White House sponsored propaganda that: “Extreme heat can be expected to cause an increase in the number of premature deaths, from thousands to tens of thousands, each summer, which will outpace projected decreases in deaths from extreme cold.”  Wow, that sounds pretty ominous, but then their claims always do, and there’s a reason for that.  They’re grasping at straws out of what has become pure desperation on their part to convince more people that their hoax is genuine.

This supposed ‘fact sheet’ goes on to say, “One model projected an increase, from a 1990 baseline for more than 200 American cities, of more than an additional 11,000 deaths during the summer in 2030 and more than an additional 27,000 deaths during the summer in 2100.”  The point has been made on any number of other occasions how the models used to ‘support’ these outlandish claims are seriously flawed and therefore totally unreliable.  And it’s common knowledge that those who continue to sound alarm are fully aware of those flaws.

The summary of the climate change report, titled “The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment,” states that climate change is “a significant threat to the American people” and that the findings in the report “represent an improvement in scientific confidence in the link between climate change and a broad range of threats to public health.”  An improvement in scientific confidence?  Imagine that. Look just because these advocates rave about this new confidence in the data, doesn’t make it so.

Come on folks, our supposed climate "experts" can't even accurately predict what tomorrow's weather is going to be and yet they continue to make wildly unsubstantiated claims that ‘climate change’ ‘could’ kill 27,000 at the beginning of the next century. Does anyone else see how outrageous that statement is?  And at the risk of sounding cold unfeeling, by 2100 what might the population of this country be and is the prospect of 27,000 deaths, even if those deaths were to occur, worth the cost of ‘trying’ to prevent them? I would argue, NO!

And it continues to amaze me how it is that there are still people who continue to buy into that which is based on nothing more than junk science, and who seem to "think" that over the course of the next 84 years there will be no advanced technologies created to combat what are the endless "Day After Tomorrow" scenarios that the left continues to first dream up and then fret about.  Do these people actually think that every conceivable piece of technology has already been invented and that the future has no advancements to look forward to? 

And by the way, in an effort to put things into proper perspective, 27,000 is substantially fewer than the number of veterans Barry's VA has managed to kill since he first came into office, but where’s the concern over that?  But hey, those folks were considered as being expendable anyway, right?  Personally. I would suggest that Barry worry more about the mess he and his administration has made of our country and less about what the temperature is going to be in 2100 predicted by models that couldn’t even predict the last 10 years correctly.

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