Thursday, March 10, 2016


Our country, in case you haven’t noticed, is in a real pickle, and frankly I’m not sure if there’s enough time left to fix it before the whole thing goes up in smoke.  One thing I do know, though, is that if the last seven years have shown us anything, it’s that anyone from the left is totally incapable of fixing it.  The only thing the left is actually capable of doing is to make matters so very much worse.  And while it would be easy to blame those on the left alone for the growing predicament in which we now find ourselves, it would more than a little disingenuous, as well as more than a bit dishonest.  Because they had more than a little help.

There is more than enough blame to go around.  It would be easy to blame everything on Barry and the Democrats.  And as much as I would like nothing better than to do just that, he and they are not entirely to blame.  A sizeable portion of the blame can be placed squarely upon those of us who, when provided with an opportunity to step up and do what we all knew was necessary, have repeatedly demonstrated that we simply were not up to the task at hand, and did nothing more than to take the easy way out.  As we the voters seemed quite content to send back to Washington those who were nothing more than part of a continuing problem.

In short, when our country needed us, we chose to do nothing more than to turn our back on it.  The last time our country was in such dire straits we were there for it, we manned up and we elected Ronald Reagan, twice.  But these last three elections, when provided with the opportunity to step up, we stumbled.  We can blame it on the state controlled media, on ‘The Establishment’ or on any number of other things, but at the end of the day, we simply lost our way.  We were far too willing to believe what we were told instead of doing what we knew in our hearts needed to be done.  It was easier to send back to Washington those who serve no useful purpose. 

Those we have elected, and often re-elected, could have done so much more to get the country headed back in the right direction, in fact they promised to do so.  But when all was said and done they told us only what we wanted to hear and we were foolish enough to take them at their word.  And once safely elected they became afflicted with some sort of political amnesia.  Because they were, sadly, far more concerned with their own careers than with the survival of our country.  And we, the generation entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding this the greatest experiment in human freedom have so badly botched things up. 

We have been very badly burned over the course of the last several election cycles, falling prey to those who were, unfortunately, talking out of both sides of their mouths.  Our trust was taken advantage of and now many see an opportunity to exact some amount of retribution from the very ones whom they feel have lied to them, repeatedly, by voting for someone they see as being an outsider.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed off too, but I’m more scared than I am pissed off.  But that said, we must not allow ourselves to become so blinded by our anger that we become susceptible to making even a bigger mistake.   

But what if:

After the 2010 election when the voters clearly demonstrated their displeasure with Barry’s leftist agenda by handing the Republicans a 242 to 193 majority in the House, the Republicans had actually done something to begin to reel in Barry’s already out-of-control spending and to permanently begin the defunding process of Obamacare which was ‘passed’ earlier that same year?

Or if,

They had taken the hint provided to them in the 2012 election when the saw their majority in the House shrink to 234 to 201 advantage. and then began to take action against Barry drive to “fundamentally transform” America?

Or finally if,

They had kept any of the promises made throughout the 2014 election cycle that not only resulted in a Republican majority in the House of 247 to 188 but also a majority in the Senate of 54 to 44?  Which was clearly a mandate for change.

And what if Barry had not been elected back in 2008 and Hitlery or John McCain had been?  How would things be different today?  While I’m not sure that we would have still ended up being saddled with something like Obamacare, I have little doubt that our spending problem would have continued unabated regardless of who it was that had been elected.  Because too many Americans simply don’t care if we are living beyond our means, only that they continue to get their ‘free’ stuff.  And if Barry had never being elected, would the Republicans, I wonder, have ever gained a majority in Congress, not that it would have mattered much.  

And when it comes to Donald Trump, the outsider I was previously making reference to, while I am nowhere near ready to start making comparisons to Hitler, as more than a few others now have, my main issue with him, after having been burned so often, is one of trust.  Can he be trusted to do any of what he has said he will do if elected?  Could anyone do what he has promised to do?  And I remain hesitant about supporting someone who is so completely outside of the political process.  Because while he may be very skillful in the business world, when it comes to the inner workings of a complex federal leviathan, he is, after all, a novice.

And with our country now teetering precariously on the edge of a near bottomless abyss, frankly, I’m not sure who to support.  While I know full well that either Hitlery or Bernie would only serve make matters so very much worse, of those still standing on my side, none can be said to instill much confidence that they would be up to the monumental task at hand.  The amount of damage that has been allowed to take place over the course of just the last seven years may well be beyond the abilities of any one man, no matter how skilled.  And, I’m afraid that much of what has taken place may well be, in large part, beyond repair. 

And, sadly, so much of what we are now experiencing could have been so easily avoided.  All we, the voters, needed to do was to have been just a bit more responsible when it came to selecting those who would represent us in Washington.  But nope, our priorities when selecting our ‘leaders’ did not seem to include ensuring that our country would remain solvent for future generations.  Instead we seemed quite comfortable with making those same future generations responsible for covering the bills that we seem only too willing to generate.  How selfish, how inconsiderate, how…un-American!  So now many look to the outsider to fix things.

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