Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It’s according to Paul Ryan that when it comes to American politics today, it’s easy to be “disheartened.”  And so it was, in speaking on the state of American politics and taking questions from Capitol Hill interns on Wednesday morning, that Ryan said, “It is so easy to get disheartened” about what is happening in American politics today.  Ryan delivered his remarks from the House Ways and Means Committee room where he used to serve as the chairman before replacing John ‘Spineless’ Boehner as House Speaker back in October.

And it was in referencing such things as tax reform, trade, health care, welfare reform and entitlement reform that Ryan would go on to say, “It is here in this committee that we debate some of the biggest most consequential issues.”  And he added, “We took our jobs very seriously here on this committee.”  And he recalled, “We disagreed without being disagreeable.”  That must have been with him and his fellow Republican cowering over in a corner.  Then he said, “It sounds like a scene unfamiliar to many in your generation.”

It was in making his comments to those interns in the room that Ryan said, “I see myself in each and every one of you.”  And he shared with them that he too first came to Washington, D.C. as a curious college intern.  And he went on to say, “Our political discourse, both the kind that we see on TV and the kind that we experience among each other, it did not used to be this bad. It does not have to be this way.”  And he stressed, “Instead of talking about what politics is today, I want to talk to you about what politics can be.”

“America is the only nation founded on an idea not on an identity,” he told the interns. “That idea is a beautiful idea, the condition of your birth does not determine the outcome of your life.”  And he went on to tell them, “Instead of playing to your anxieties, we can appeal to your aspirations,” Ryan said about politicians to the voters. “We just don’t resort to scaring you…we dare to inspire you.”  Adding, “We don’t just win your support. We win the argument,” he added, explaining that this is how to have a “confident America.”

He told them, “We question each other’s ideas vigorously, but we don’t question each other’s motives.”  He went on to say, “We all know someone who we love that disagrees with us politically or votes differently,” but in a confident America we don’t shut people down, Ryan stated, referencing the division in American politics today. “We don’t insult them into agreeing with us. We try to persuade them,” he added. “We shouldn’t accept ugliness as the norm.”  He said leaders should “talk about ideas” and “not trade insults.”

But I’d be curious to know when exactly it is that the Republicans ever question anything.  More often than not all they ever do is to simply roll over and play dead!  So what the Hell was Ryan talking about?  I mean, did he and the Republicans question anything when it came to the $1.1 Trillion spending package that essentially paid for everything Barry wanted through the end of his presidency?  I don’t seem to recall many questions being asked.  Ryan was too busy giving it his rubber stamp of approval!  And now he has the nerve to whine?

So Ryan wants to talk about how ugliness in American politics has become the norm?  I’ve got news for him, the level of ugliness can be traced right back to those Republican leaders who have in charge since 2010.  Because ugly is funding the enemy Democrats to the tune of $3.8 TRILLION to enable every single progressive fad that they are able to conjure up. Ugly is betraying the GOP base to please the New World Order who continues to fund the political elite on both sides.  Ugly is having six months off every year with a six figure salary and six figure pension to boot! 

And ugly is lying to the American people promising to protect us and instead you signed our sovereignty away while continuing to kill our economy via TPP. Ugly is allowing a Marxist in the White House to take down America with a stroke and a pen while our party leaders are too cowardly to put the nation first and stop him!  Ugly is to blame Trump supporters for defending themselves against the racist Black Lives Matters crowd and other left wing thug goon squads. Ugly is giving amnesty and welfare to gang members here in this country illegally.

Ugly is driving the country into bankruptcy while at the same time ripping off seniors who can no longer work and disabled Vets in order to make sure you’re able to keep funded massive welfare and food stamps programs for able bodied people who blow their taxpayer supplied money on drugs, booze and visits to the nearest tittie-bar.  Ugly is giving lower tariffs to goods that your cronies make in Red China than to goods coming in from our allies in Germany or other places, thus making a 3rd world Communist enemy country into an industrial super-power.  WTF Paul?

Ugly is letting lawyers and insurance companies rip our healthcare system, once the best in the world, to shreds in an attempt to ruin it so that it can then be taken it over at the federal level. Ugly is funding Planned Parenthood at a time when the GOP had control of both houses of Congress and could have easily shut off taxpayer money going to it.  Ugly is blowing our money trying to make Islamic countries into first world democracies with welfare spending as a way of combating Islamic terrorism while, at the same time, bringing millions of Muslims into this country.

Ugliness, Paul?  This is the real ugliness in American politics!  And I guess what you’re saying, Paul, is that as we find ourselves on the verge of going over the edge if we were all just a bit more civil everything will get better?  Well, what we, the voters, are no longer willing to accept is the business as usual that we have continued to see ever since we gave you Republicans control of Congress.  The real reason, Paul, that Americans are so pissed off is because the Republican Party has essentially become the equivalent of Chipotle, and they’re making their own customers sick.

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