Friday, March 18, 2016


Recently Barry “Almighty” commented on how he views the climate of the 2016 presidential campaign and referred to the "vicious atmosphere in our politics."  But what he very conveniently left out of his entire critique was the critical role that he himself has played in creating the very same vicious atmosphere that he is so critical of.  But then, as we all know, or should know by now, nothing is ever to be seen as being the fault of our ‘Dear Beloved Leader.”  He is, after all, ‘The One’ whom we had all been waiting for.  And what a disappointment!

And so, it was earlier this week at a St. Patrick’s Day luncheon which was hosted by House Speaker Paul ‘RINO’ Ryan that Barry said, "I know that I'm not the only one in this room who may be more than a little dismayed about what's happening on the campaign trail lately."  And then he went on to say, "We have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities, at Americans who don't look like us or pray like us, or vote like we do."  Which, I guess, is somehow different than Barry accusing folks of clinging to their guns and religion?

"Vulgar and divisive" rhetoric, so says the most partisan and divisive president in our history and someone who is himself quite prolific when it comes to using such rhetoric.  I could be mistaken but I could have sworn that it was someone from Barry’s little cadre of goons over there at the White House who publicly called Benjamin Netanyahu a chickenshit.  Way to keep it classy, there, Barry.  Barry slams as 'vulgar and divisive' the 2016 campaigns and, meanwhile, says not a word about Ferguson, the BLM movement, or the worst race relations in the US since the Civil War.

Anyway, Barry went on to say, "We've seen misguided attempts to shut down that speech. However offensive it may be -- we live in a country where free speech is one of the most important rights that we hold."  And finally added, "In response to those attempts, we've seen actual violence and we've heard silence from too many of our leaders."  Barry did not take the opportunity to single out Donald Trump even though there has been considerable violence, albeit created by numerous leftist groups, at some of Trump's campaign events that has made national headlines.

Barry said, "I suspect that all of us can recall some intemperate words that we regret. Certainly I can."  Well no shit, Barry!  And he then he went "And while some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, all of us are responsible for reversing it. For it is a cycle that is not an accurate reflection of America. And it has to stop."  But while at the same time he’s out there saying that it all needs to stop, it’s nearly at the same time that he’s constantly out there directing all manner of baseless accusations toward the Republicans nearly every chance he gets.

Barry said, "When we leave this lunch I think we have a choice."  He went on to say, "We can condone this race to the bottom or accept it as the way things are and sink further -- or we can roundly reject this kind of behavior, whether we see it in the other party or more importantly, when we see it in our own party, and set a better example for our children and the rest of the country to follow."  When it comes to racing to the bottom it is Barry “Almighty”, and the Democrat Party, especially over the course of the last seven years, that have been leading the way!

It would be nice if we didn't hear any of the typically "vulgar and divisive" rhetoric coming from Barry, or the Democrats, now that Barry has identified his SCOTUS nominee, but that’s highly unlikely.  In fact it has already begun, with Barry and any number of Democrats already ramping up the rhetoric.  And even when confronted with proof that the Republicans are guilty of nothing more than what the Democrats themselves have done, the rhetoric continues to escalate. That’s only because the Democrats are so desperate in their efforts to move the court sharply to the left.

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