Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Look, I’ve got nothing personal against Mr. Milbank, although it was some time before I finally realized that Dana was actually a guy, I mean who names their son ‘Dana’, but I find his attempt to blame Flint’s water crisis on anyone other than those who truly deserve the blame to be rather disingenuous, and more than just a little dishonest.  You see, it’s according to Milbank that it’s all because of the conservative, and Founding Father-approved, ideal of limiting the power of the federal government that brought the Flint water crisis about in the first place.

‘Dana’, who is one of those unbiased lefty ‘journalists’ who very enthusiastically supports a big and even bigger government, said, "It’s a vicious cycle."  He then goes on to say, "Washington devolves power to the states. When states screw up, conservatives blame the federal government, worsening the public’s already shaky faith. Having tied the hands of the feds — in this case, the EPA — they use the failure as justification to restrict federal power further, thus giving more control to the states, which caused the problem in the first place."

And then he goes on to say, and very confidently so, "This is no abstract problem." What would a United States look like if there were no all-powerful Environmental Protection Agency? "It would look like Flint," Milbank answers. And then in citing the Safe Drinking Water Act, this boob, Milbank, goes on to argue that the EPA "takes a back seat to state regulators" and thus couldn't -- by law -- intervene. They knew about the lead-contaminated water for a year and did nothing. Milbank argues that it took that long to "meet the law's requirements to take action."

And although he admits that the EPA "should have acted faster," Milbank believes the state of Michigan bears the brunt of the blame. That's fine, but in doing so, Milbank must recognize the fact that Flint was led by Democrat Mayor Dayne Walling until losing re-election over the lead fiasco and was replaced by yet another Democrat, Karen Weaver. But he doesn't, of course, preferring to blame conservative values for creating the problem:  No, this problem was created by a rigid adherence to the notion that states will police themselves and that the federal government should step aside.

Look, the bottom line here is that Milbank is nothing if not a complete ignoramus. There was NOTHING and NOBODY in the local government level having an affect on the water that is anything but the DEMOCRATS and their circle of cronies. Flint is also nothing more than yet another perfect example of what happens when only Democrats are left in charge. But, everybody automatically assumes that ANYWAY.  And if we truly want the rest of the country to look like Flint, or Detroit, or Chicago, or any other big city, then vote for Hitlery!

If you can't blame the Jews, blame Conservatives.  As mentioned, it can't be decades of Democrat control. Nope, it's tight-fisted conservatism. Leftists, progressives, if you prefer, and truth are not synonymous. The former haven't a firm grip on facts; the truth frightens them, putting them into a hissy-fit. In their askew logic, every malady afflicting this nation is caused by those of another political bent; needless to say, the right. It is easier to blame the other guy, this being Barry's way, than to admit that progressives, the Democrats, et al, are not infallible, but heavily delusional.

Yep, if they get control of this nation in the coming election, it will sink like a stone in quicksand. Our Constitution will be declared as nothing more than a historical piece of paper of no true significance for today's America. We can kiss our freedom of speech and or thought goodbye. This, needless to say, will only be the beginning, but the end will come soon enough; if the electorate hands the Democrats another tenure in the White House.  So, give yourself that warm and fuzzy feeling by voting for Hitlery if you choose, and then kiss your freedoms good bye!

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