Saturday, February 20, 2016


It would seem that many of those folks who proudly identify themselves as being members of the supposed “party of diversity” feel they have struck upon a winning combination for retaining control of the White House once we are finally rid of Barry “Almighty.”  That combination being, candidates that are both old and white.  So maybe old white men are about to come back into fashion.

After years of progressives in academia denigrating anyone who they deemed as being an "old, white man" as not worthy of study or respect, the "progressive", and some would even say socialist or communist, Democrat Party is becoming increasingly comfortable with an old, white dude being the de facto leader of their party and, at the same time, with enthusiastically embracing socialism.

Associated Press (AP), for example, has reported that Democrat voters are really digging the 74-year-old socialist from Vermont.  It reports that a greater percentage of Democrat voters view the Vermont senator as being likable, honest, competent and compassionate than they did just two months ago.  And how a substantial percentage now believe he could actually win the general election.

It also points to the challenges facing Hitlery as she enters the Democrat contest's pivotal spring stretch, when primaries across the country mean that many of the party's voters will finally get their say on her candidacy.  And while Sanders is attracting more grassroots Democrat voters he still faces an uphill battle for the party's nomination due to the "superdelegates" who typically back Hitlery.

Though Sanders is gaining ground with Democrat voters, Hitlery maintains a lock on the party's leadership. An AP survey of superdelegates, who are influential in picking the nominee, found that 449 of the party insiders back Hitlery, while only 19 support Sanders.  If they continue to back Hitlery overwhelmingly, Sanders would have to win the remaining primary contests by a landslide just to catch up. 

Today Democrats will vote in the South Carolina primary and caucus in Nevada as both states make their pick regarding who it is that they would like to see as their next president. Sanders won in New Hampshire while the two were essentially tied in Iowa.  And it’s those who get paid to discuss such matters who are saying that much now hangs in the balance for these candidates regarding these two contests.

As a side note here, does anyone remember the last two presidential elections when the DNC said all the Republicans had to offer were "Old white men?"  Yet it is in this presidential cycle that it’s the Republican Party who put up two Hispanic/Cuban(s), a black man, a woman and several men, one with a horrible combover.  Yet the media says nothing when the DNC puts up an "old white man" and an old white grandma. 

Hypocrisy much? Rules for thee and not for me?  I have to admit that when Bernie first announced he was going to run I thought there is no way this guy has a chance. Fter all, he’s old, he’s white and he is a very proud Socialist.  And every time this guy is interviewed he just seemed so full of hate and venom. So I can only guess that Democrat voters find his age, his whiteness and his socialism appealing.

What the candidacy of Sanders has demonstrated is that if you give away enough free stuff you can convince the young and the stupid to support you and to, very obviously, vote for you.  I’ve heard some say that this country will never elect a blatant socialist, that there are still enough sane folks who realize that that would bring about a level of economic ruin never before seen in this country.  But I wonder.

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