Friday, February 5, 2016


There’s a reason, actually several reasons, that as a result of the election that comes later this year the Democrats will very likely regain control of the Senate, with Chuckie Schumer likely to be running the show, they will probably come very close to regaining control of the House and they also stand a very good chance of maintaining their control of the White House.  And the reason for all this can be traced directly back to those ‘Establishment Republicans’, aka RINOs, who we now have in charge of both Houses of Congress.  And their spinelessness was once again put on display when orders were recently issued to all those concerned to, “Stay far away from Hillary!”

I wasn’t at all surprised to hear how it was that this loud-and-clear message was sent from House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to Rep. Jason Chaffetz earlier this week.  It was then that they told the Utah Republican, during what was described as being a closed-door meeting, that he cannot go forward with any probe involving the current Democrat frontrunner, Hitlery Clinton.  Multiple sources familiar with the meeting have said that the reason for the private little powwow stemmed from a story published by ‘Politico’ in which Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight and 
Government Reform Committee, was quoted.

You see, it was according to Politico that Chaffetz had said that a pending probe into government record keeping practices would not be "specifically trying to target the secretary, but when she creates her own private email system, she's ensnarled herself."  And upon hearing the news our two limp-wristed House Republican leaders were less than thrilled with what Chaffetz’s was quoted as having said, saying that they told him specifically to avoid all things pertaining to Hitlery in his larger probe of the use of personal email for government business.  What a couple of find upstanding, and honorable men we have as our leaders there in the House!  NOT!   

And apparently, also according to Politico, both Ryan and McCarthy have been very clear about their preference that the FBI handle anything, and everything, even remotely Hitlery related.  But Chaffetz's comments were responsible for them going nearly apoplectic.  Once again our Republican lawmakers are being overly cautious when it comes to investigations involving Hitlery.  She has been, as you know, under scrutiny for her use of an unsecured home email server and personal email account when she was secretary of state.  Last week, the State Department said 22 emails found on her server were determined to contain Top Secret information.

So whether or not we needed yet another reason for conservatives to be fed up with those currently running the show, we got one.  But you have to ask yourselves, suppose a Republican was to find himself, or herself, in the same position as Hitery now finds herself, could we expect that Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer would be issuing the same type of orders?  Somehow, I very much doubt it.  They’d be issuing orders to do just the opposite.  It’s only those on our side who seem to have no spine when it comes to playing the game as the opposition plays it.  Here we are with our country hanging by thread and our leaders in Congress are just a couple of pussies! 

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