Monday, January 18, 2016


I suppose some might tend to accuse me of being a bit of a masochist since it was on the advice of my wife that I tuned in to watch the Democrat presidential debate broadcast on NBC last night.  Her argument for doing so was, “we really need to know what it is that those on the other side are saying to convince people to vote for them.”  And to tell you the truth, I couldn’t argue with her logic.  So, I decided to follow her advice. 

But try as I might, I could only make it about half way through before I simply HAD to turn the channel.  And as I watched and I listened to what these people were saying I couldn’t help but wonder how any responsible person could actually go along with anything that was being said. And I came away with a sense disbelief that these three people were somehow the best that the Democrat Party could come up with for being their eventual nominee for president. 

And now as we move through this the day after the night before, many in our state-controlled media continue to gush about how “substantive” this most recent Democrat debate really was.  But, in fact, there was very little of substance that was discussed. The moderators treated Hitlery with velvet gloves while Bernie essentially accomplished very little, if anything, in his effort to put any kind of a sizable dent in her support among minority voters. 

And then there was Marty O’Malley, a guy who has no business even taking part in this contest and is really little more than filler.  Marty did nothing to make himself a relevant player in this contest.  So at the end of the night it was mission accomplished for the Democrats.  Hitlery suffered no major damage and nothing seems to have really changed in the race. Exactly what Debbie Wizzerman Shultz and the state controlled media wanted. 

And what I found as being one of the more interesting statements made during the hour or so that I was watching, was when Hitlery told the moderators of the debate, "There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too big to jail."  I thought it rather ironic to hear such a comment coming from someone who so very obviously views herself as being someone “too big to jail.”  I wonder if those words may come back to haunt her.

After all, Hitlery has defended, and continues to defend, herself against numerous scandals and sought to decrease voters' distrust in her since she launched this her second bid for the White House. Several reports last week signaled an expansion of the FBI investigation into the private email server Hitlery kept during her tenure as secretary of state.  And her involvement in events surrounding Benghazi may yet still have an impact.

And it was in watching, and listening to, these three ‘candidates’ that something became very obvious to me.  Because the more these candidates spoke, the more it became apparent, at least to me, that, while the party these three individuals represent may call itself the Democrat Party, these three are proof that that party has now made a very sharp turn to the left and now bears little resemblance to the party of JFK. 

Something that has become all the more apparent from having watched Debbie Wizzerman Schultz, Hitlery Clinton and Chuckie Schumer exhibit an unwillingness to explain the difference between being a Democrat and being a Socialist.  And yet, there are a great many Americans who don’t seem to be bothered by that in the least.  A fact that frightens me far more than does the prospect that any of these candidates just may actually win.

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