Saturday, January 16, 2016


With Barry’s decision just this past Friday to halt new coal leases on federal lands, he has once again made it very clear that the only war he has any interest in pursuing is his continuing war on fossil fuels, particularly coal.  Not only is it the only war he deems worthy of fighting, but the number of casualties and the incredible amount of collateral damage seems to matter little.  Now granted this war does not involve the dropping of munitions, or soldiers in combat, but the resulting damage is no less quite severe.  This is a war that Barry has now taken to a whole new level, and is a purely ideological one with its only goal being to further attack middle-class jobs and to punish the already poor with escalating energy costs. 

Throughout his entire time in office Barry has spoken at great length about what he describes as being the plight of the middle class and how it is that we need to get people working again.  And yet he, as well as any number of other members of his Democrat Party, has gone far out of his way to worsen the plight of those whose lives he claims to want to improve and yet puts into policies that do only harm and all in the name of the cockamamie theory of “climate change.”  Hard to believe, I know, but no less true.  So while Barry and his fellow Democrats, including those Democrats now vying for his job, claim to be on the side of a struggling middle class, their priorities seem to be just the opposite.      

Even before Barry assumed office he had made it very clear what his opinion was regarding coal.  So Barry’s not so covert attack regarding the energy source should come as no surprise.  And Barry’s recent announcement to halt federal coal leasing is but the latest front in his ideological 'war on coal' that has contributed to the devastation in hundreds of communities and the loss of thousands of jobs.  Jobs held by middle class Americans.  Today nearly 40 percent of the coal produced in the United States comes from federal lands located, primarily, in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. So is it any wonder that more than 70 percent of Americans want to see the next president take a different approach.

It was Barry’s stellar Interior Secretary, Sally Jewell, said that the administration is seeking to determine whether fees charged to mining companies provide a fair return to American taxpayers and reflect coal's impact on the environment.  I am curious about something though, just who is it that will be put in charge of determining what that supposed impact on environment might be?  Ms. Jewell also said that companies can continue to mine coal reserves currently under lease and made the comment that the coal-leasing program has not been significantly changed in more than 30 years. She said it was time for it to be modernized to ensure a fair return to American taxpayers and to account for “climate change.”

Meanwhile House Speaker Paul ‘RINO Ryan’ said Barry's decision "has made it absolutely clear what he plans to do with America's energy — keep it in the ground.”  Because as far as Barry is concerned, that’s the ‘safest’ place for it. ‘RINO Ryan’ went on to say, "Coal on federal land belongs to all Americans, but the president is denying people access to their own abundant, low-cost energy source."  And he went on to say, "The ramifications for the country will be terrible: lost growth, lost jobs, and lost revenue that would have gone to schools, bridges, and roads.”  And yet I doubt very much that Mr. Ryan will attempt to take any measures in an effort to stop, or even slow, what Barry has in mind here.

Ryan went on to say, "The president's policies have already ravaged coal country, destroying jobs and people's way of life — and this will increase that suffering."  But what does he offer up as being measures that can be taken by Congress to prevent Barry from moving forward with this insanity?  Does he threaten to use whatever power he has at his disposal to prevent Barry from moving forward in completing his mission to decimate America's coal industry, all in the name of protecting future generations from something that doesn’t even exist except in the rather twisted minds of those on the left.  No, as is usually the case our Republicans in Congress sit on their hands.  They are all talk and no action!

Meanwhile it remains unclear what impact, exactly, Barry’s moratorium will have on many coal companies, given the declining domestic demand for coal and the closure of numerous coal-fired power plants around the country.  Coal companies have already stockpiled billions of tons of coal on existing leases.  But the announcement will no doubt please the many environmentalist wacko groups in this country, groups that have long said the government's fee rates actually encouraged production of a product that they claim contributes to nonexistent global warming.  Look, while Barry is only too happy to claim ‘climate change’ is his rationale for taking this action, there’s something far more sinister at work here.

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