Saturday, January 30, 2016


It was while speaking at the official opening of a new Democrat Party branch office, aka The Washington Post’s new headquarters, just this past Thursday that Secretary of State John Kerry-Heinz said that the paper had once “proved that not even the president of the United States is above the law.”  Before making this remarks, Kerry-Heinz also made note of the fact that ‘Watergate’ reporter Bob Woodward was in attendance.  He then alluded to the movie “All the President’s Men,” which was based on the book bearing the same title that was authored by Woodward and his Watergate reporting partner, Carl Bernstein.  I’ve always wondered if these two enterprising young ‘journalists’ would have been anywhere near as energetic in their efforts if Nixon had been a Democrat.  Somehow, I think not!

Here’s a little excerpt from Kerry-Heinz’s speech: 

“Now, all of you here know–I think Bob Woodward is here somewhere. I saw him. There he is, right here, Bob.

When the Post last time inaugurated its headquarters, it was 1972, and the White House was slamming this paper’s coverage of a certain third-rate burglary. And a year earlier, the Nixon administration had tried, passionately, to stop the publishing of the Pentagon Papers. And for many of us, this was a formative moment in our political lives and in our lives, period. Make no mistake, one reason that so many people in the media today are prepared to tell the truth, to stand up to powerful interests, is precisely because The Washington Post proved that not even the President of the United States is above the law.”

While such a statement may have, at one time, been considered as being true, it’s when reviewing the actions of our current president, over the course of the last seven years, that it becomes painfully clear, and in relatively short order, that that no longer seems to be the case.  And if Kerry-Heinz truly does choose to stand behind that statement then how is it that he is able to explain why the many scandals of Barry “Almighty” haven’t resulted in impeachment?  I can only assume that Kerry-Heinz sees absolutely nothing that warrants our current Democrat president actually being charged with the breaking of any laws.  But I suspect that if it were a Republican who had committed even one of the many infractions that have been committed by Barry, Kerry-Heinz would be singing a very different song. 

Because Barry has, over the course of his presidency, succeeded in setting the bar  when it comes to the level of illegal activity that can originate from the Oval Office. After all Barry “Almighty”:

Breaks "the law of the land" (the 'Constitution') at least once a week.
Has 'spent' money when the congress controls the 'purse'.
Has (literally) written law. 'Law' must be written by the House.
Has (literally) changed law.
Has gone around 'Congress' rather than work with them using executive orders to so.
Has 'chosen' (literally) which 'laws' he will demand to be enforced and that WILL NOT.
Has (literally) gifted U.S. sovereignty to every nation counter to our own best interests with treaties and just plain not enforcing the law.
Has (literally) PROVIDED weapons to drug cartels and our enemies in a 14 year old war.

Now keep in mind that this is but the 'short' list of Barry’s rather impressive accomplishments/offenses which have taken place in a relatively short span of time, historically speaking.  And also, let’s not forget that Barry has just shy of one more year in office.  And since Congress has proven itself to be quite derelict in its duty, as has the Supreme Court, when it comes to implementing the 'checks and balances' they possess to counter Barry’s many abuses of 'power', Barry likely isn’t through yet.  What Kerry-Heinz "IS" using here "IS" a commonly understood tactic of 'projection' to 'reframe' or 'deflect' the truth by playing the card up front. This "IS" classical political out maneuvering. Unfortunately, this administration has used it with such frequency that it has exposed itself for what it "IS".  The EXACT opposite of what he's 'saying'.

And I find it quite amazing how it is that Kerry-Heinz can so easily, even nonchalantly, ignore the rather long list of rather diabolical scandals that have come to surround Barry “Almighty” as well as his entire administration.  From the IRS targeting, to Fast and Furious, to Hitlery’s email server and cover-up as well as all the abuses by Hitlery with her Clinton Foundation slush fund, the blatant violations of Obamacare, the VA scandal and cover up, etc, etc.  Interesting how he dwells on Watergate when there are so many scandals and abuses of the law laying right at his feet.  Scandals that so completely overshadow a second-rate burglary that would result in the resignation of a president.  And so it would seem that we have no modern day versions of Woodward and Bernstein who feel at all compelled to pursue any of them.  What a shame!

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