Wednesday, January 27, 2016


So, as Mr. Peabody and his trusty sidekick Sherman used to do, let us jump into our own ‘Wayback Machine’ and take a journey back in time to 2006, to that specific point in time when Al Gore was at the Sundance Film Festival premiering his global warming ‘documentary’ entitled, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.  And once there we will hear Al introduce his film with a dire warning to those in attendance.  He will say that unless something is done, and done fast, the Earth will be speeding toward what will be its man-caused ruin.

And Mr. Gore will then go on to make an even more specific prediction about things to come, making the claim that if the world continued to ignore the issue and refuse to take steps necessary to reduce greenhouse gases within the next 10 years, "the world will reach a point of no return."  And then in returning back the present and to the 2016 Sundance Film Festival earlier this month, strangely enough we can find no one walking the red carpet in solar-safety suits. So it would seem that Gore’s prediction was more than just a little off.

But then, of course, being wrong has never stopped the former vice president, or any of the other ‘climate change’ enthusiasts’, from continuing with his environmental crusade. Al Gore still flies privately all over the world in fuel-guzzling jets to spread his message of reducing carbon emissions.  And when not painting the sky with vapor trails, Gore can be found in one of his many climate-controlled mansions writing speeches and books, or spotted riding in a cavalcade of SUVs to get coffee or to make a personal appearance.

Really, you would think that old Al would be glad that he was so wrong, because it just gives him just that much more time to profit even more off of his continuing apocalyptic gibberish.  Even now, he's gathering "experts" to hightail it over to the Philippines this year for yet another climate summit. And you’d think that if these ‘climate change’ wackos were going to continue to make such wild-assed predictions, they could save themselves a lot of embarrassment by predicting well out into the future long after they’re dead. 

But nope!  Not even after what were some hysterically wrong, and incredibly apocalyptic, predictions that were made on that very first Earth Day back in 1970.  Among them being the end of civilization within 15-30 years, 100-200 million deaths due to starvation annually for ten years, urban dwellers having to wear gas masks to survive, and an ice age by the year 2000.  And yet, here we are in 2016 with the most serious threat that we’ve had to survive being the presidency of one Barack Hussein Obama.

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