Sunday, January 31, 2016


There’s an old adage that says, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  And it’s an adage, I think, that is very applicable when looking over the list of 2016 candidates for president, on both sides.  Being a conservative myself I am far more concerned with those running under the Republican banner than the three socialist stooges we have on the left who actually have the nerve to still refer to themselves as Democrats.  But then I suppose it’s only fair to say that there are a few Republicans, referred to as ‘establishment’ candidates or ‘RINOs’, who also tend to lean a bit too far to the left to be seen as acceptable by most Republican voters.

Personally I find myself facing a bit of a quandary as I try to decide who it is that I will vote for in my state’s primary.  And then there comes the business of deciding whether to vote for the nominee should he, or she, not be who I voted for in the primary.  Decisions, decisions!  Now I will admit that there is currently less than a handful of candidates that I am currently even considering voting for, having disqualified the others some time ago.  And the few that remain, while they tend to say all of the right things, how much of what they say, can one actually believe?  And to think that one can, or should, take what they say at face value, is simply foolish.

As we all know, those who reside on the left, and especially those on the far left, are a rather lazy bunch.  They prove that, repeatedly, by constantly choosing to vote for whichever candidate it is that promises to give them the most ‘free’ stuff.  And what’s really funny about these morons on the left, those for whom they choose to vote don’t even need to deliver but on just enough to make sure their voters fall for the very same charade in the next election.  Obviously the majority of those who vote for Democrats tend to be ignorant, lazy and rather uninformed, which is just the way Democrat candidates prefer it.  It makes their supporters all the more malleable.

However, I think it safe to say that, that under normal circumstances, those of us on the right tend to pride ourselves on being a bit better informed and willing to ask the tough questions of our candidates.  Having said that, I’m far from certain that the 2016 election can be referred to as being anywhere a near normal event.  Those of on the right got rather badly burned in 2010, even more so in 2012 and again, and even more so, in 2014.  We allowed ourselves to be fooled in 2010 and then proceeded to compound our original error by falling for essentially the same promises again in 2012 and to an even greater degree in 2014.  In short, we behaved like those on the left.

Which brings me to the 2016 election.  Because of the previous three elections we have been conditioned, more or less, to ignore those considered to be ‘establishment’ candidate and have thus widened our search to those outside the generally accepted pool of candidates.  And in so doing have we may have let our guard down. Because while many of these ‘outside the beltway’ candidates may say much of what we the voters want to hear, are we only once again being lead down that proverbial primrose path?  Are these candidates simply too good to be true?  Can we trust them to follow through with the promises being made?  Or, are we once again being played for fools? 

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