Thursday, January 14, 2016


Now wouldn’t you think that it only stands to reason that at some point that little proverbial light bulb would go off indicating to our money-grubbing politicians that as much has now been taken, as can be taken from those of us who still pay taxes?  But unfortunately ‘reason’ never really comes into play when dealing with the leviathan known as the federal government.  So it just keeps on taking and taking paying no attention whatsoever to the potential consequences of doing so.

The only reason that I even bring this up is because it has now been reported that that same federal government took from the American taxpayers the record amount of $765,645,000,000 in tax revenues in just the first three months of fiscal 2016.  That would be from Oct. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015.  That amount is equal to approximately $5,107 for every single person in the country who had either a full or a part-time job in December.  What might have taxpayers been able to do with that cash?

That amount is also an increase of about $24,288,810,000 in constant 2015 dollars from the $741,356,190,000 in tax revenue that the Treasury took in during the first three months of fiscal 2015.  As it was hauling in these record revenues, the Treasury spent approximately $981,190,000,000, and therefore ended up the first three months of the fiscal year with a deficit of approximately $215,546,000,000.  And oddly enough, the answer to this dilemma never seems to be to cut spending.   

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the total employment in the United States in December was 149,929,000. Thus, the federal tax revenue of 765,645,000,000 that the Treasury has pulled in so far this fiscal year already equals approximately $5,107 per worker. In December 2014, there were 147,439,000 people employed in the United States. So, the $741,356,190,000 in revenues the Treasury pulled in during the first three months of fiscal 2015 equaled approximately $5,028 per worker.

Imagine, for just a minute, what it is that you might be able to with $5000, or for that matter even half that amount.  But as is always the case it’s our political leaders, in their infinite wisdom, who seem to be of the opinion that it is they who know far better than we lowly taxpayers how best to spend our hard earned money.  And what’s worse, we’re just supposed to accept that and not complain about.  Well, we are now $18 Trillion in debt, we can no longer afford to remain silent!   

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