Monday, December 7, 2015


In the spirit of full disclosure here, I freely admit that I simply could not bring myself to listen to Barry’s address to the nation last night.  I simply can’t stand the man.  But having said that, it was this morning that I did seek out information regarding what it was that he said.  And I must say, I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Barry argued against America responding to ISIS by “abandoning our values or giving in to fear.”  Or that he suggested that we gut the Fifth Amendment and cast those who disagree with him as being zealots interested only in making sure that everyone is armed.

Make no mistake, Barry knew exactly what he was doing.  Barry was demagogic on what he called, misleadingly, the “no fly list,” suggesting that there is no argument for letting suspected terrorists buy guns.  In truth, the terrorist-watch list that congressional Democrats want to use to restrict gun rights is much broader than the no-fly list; there is no due process for the people on it; and the people on it are in no serious sense “suspected terrorists,” and the administration has no plans to treat them as such for purposes beyond restricting gun rights.

And you know, I would have expected such incendiary drivel from someone like ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid or from a political hack like Chuckie Schumer.  But, call me silly, shouldn’t we expect more from our president, even a president as far to the left as Barry?  I mean, isn’t the president supposed to be everybody’s leader and not just of those who agree with him?  Barry likes to say that we are attacked because we’re tolerant and free, and then he suggests that we indulge intolerance and make ourselves less free.  Such a statement had no place in his speech last night and that he included it was a disgrace.

That being said, however, there were apparently a number of parts of Barry’s address to the nation that were deemed by some as actually possessing some level of value.  However difficult it may have been for him to finally admit it, Barry did go so far as to put the San Bernardino killings in the context of the terrorists’ ongoing war against us.  He even mentioned the Ft. Hood massacre as also being part of that ongoing war. He correctly noted that the war does not pit us against Islam or most Muslims but that it does put us at odds with a radical strain within the Muslim world.

Barry also mentioned America’s allies, and spoke of what makes the United States exceptional.  Overall, though, he looked tired, frustrated and like he would rather have been anywhere other than where he was.  Gone was the usual confidence and oratorical ability, and in its place was the appearance of being bored. Teleprompter jokes aside, he really did seem to be reading it. Eventually, it happens to all presidents. Barry, I think it can now be said, is officially done.  Barry could have kept everyone from wasting the time it took to watch by simply saying, “I’m still not serious about defeating ISIS.”

But look, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any rational American who would be unable to recognize that it’s Islam that’s the real problem here.  And I would like to think that except for Democrats there’s no serious debate on that matter.  Islam must seek accommodation with modernity, anything less and it must be us who prevails in this clash of cultures. Barry spoke in trite and vacuous, meaningless sound bites meant to calm those of us considered to be rubes.  The truth is that it’s been for more than 1,000 years that the civilized West has been in conflict with the "ummah", aka the Nation of Islam. 

And it has been courtesy of our own short term commercial interests that we have essentially sold and/or transferred much that Islam and the Cultures of the Middle East, could have never created on its own.  We have attempted to civilize this backward culture and ideology and sought accommodation with that which can only be termed as being a hostile entity.  And we have allowed things to have gotten to the point where we can no longer afford to accommodate nor can we ignore this foreign and hostile culture and the ideology that it seeks to impose on the West.

To be perfectly blunt, Islam is NOT simply a religion.  It is a governing philosophy, not all that different from "National Socialism", Marxism, Maoism, Leninism or Communism.  Nobody said, that since there was only a small minority that really wanted to control all of Europe and gas all the Jews, we should seek to understand the "religion" of the Nazis, and only work to marginalize the genocidal "radicals" in the SS.  Islam is the problem, it is up to Islam to correct itself, until that happens I no longer care about how about how most are peaceful or about how we need to work with Islam.

Those who believe in the tenets of this supposed “religion of peace” called Islam, must take it upon themselves to be far more proactive in bringing about a reformation, of sorts, regarding their ‘faith’.  And until that happens we have little choice but to kill both those who threaten us and those who support them. The Middle East is a target rich environment, and I suggest that we begin to eliminate as many of those targets as quickly as we can. There are no non-believers in any of these targets. This is a war that can no longer be avoided, and it is best for everyone to accomplish victory quickly, by whatever means necessary!

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