Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Ya know, just once I wish there would be an instance to which I could point where the guys on our team showed just a little backbone by standing up to the Democrat leadership in Congress instead of running off like scared little wimps and cowering in the nearest corner.  And people wonder why it is that Donald Trump continues to kick ass in the polls.  When, exactly, did GOP come to mean, “Group of Pussies?”  Because that’s pretty much all that we now have in Congress.

And it was just yesterday that ‘Dingy Harry’ made yet another threat, saying, "Unless Republicans go along with Democrats, the government shuts down at midnight this Friday."   And he went on to say, "If we fail to meet that deadline, it will be another evidence of a Republican failure in leadership."  I think I’d just drop over dead if just once the Republican in Congress put the needs of the country above political expediency and stood up to this flaming asshole!

‘Dingy Harry’ went on to say that if Republicans fail to pass an omnibus appropriations bill by midnight on Dec. 11 -- a date that they themselves picked -- it will be because they continue to attach their "ideological agenda" to the must-pass omnibus.  Now what the Hell is thus asshole talking about?  Isn’t that the very same thing that ‘Dingy Harry’ himself can be said to be guilty of?  So am I to understand that Republicans are to be denied being able to play by the same rules? 

‘Dingy’ said, "No legislation will pass with these poison pill riders. We passed a bipartisan budget agreement, we did it through good-faith negotiations. It was meant to stop a government shutdown, and we need Republicans to work with us, to stop with their demands for provisions that won't be signed into law."  Why is it always the Republicans who MUST work with the Democrats but the Democrats never see it as being appropriate to work with the Republicans?

And it was at the same news conference, that proverbial dingbat Democrat from Washington, Patty Murray, chose to throw in her two-cents.  This imbecile proceeded to make a threat of her own saying Republicans had better work with Democrats if they know what's good for them.  Really?  She said, "[If] there's one thing that's clear from the past few years, it is that the only way for Republican leaders to avoid a Tea Party crisis is to work with Democrats to get things done."

And it then that this escapee from a padded room in some mental ward said, "We saw that with our bipartisan budget deals, we are seeing that today with the Every Student Succeeds Act, and I'm hoping that we can see it again with this omnibus."  Murray said Republicans are "still playing games" by trying to jam through policy riders that have no chance of becoming law and that would be devastating for our workers, our seniors, our women and our families if they do.”

And still this idiot babbled on making very little sense.  She said, "So they need to push the Tea Party demands aside, they need to drop their poison pill riders and work with us to finish this budget process in a way that works for middle class families and the economy."  I thought a bit ironic to hear that coming from someone whose party has been the principle architect when it comes to the damage that has been done to the middle class, especially over the course of the last seven years. 

House Speaker Paul ‘RINO Ryan’ told reporters on Tuesday that, "we're not going to let the arbitrary December 11th deadline stop us from getting this right. We're going to get the best agreement we can possibly get, and those negotiations are ongoing."  Ryan held out the possibility of passing a short-term ("handful of days") continuing resolution to keep taxpayer money flowing at current levels until the omnibus spending package can be passed.

Barry “Almighty” has already promised to veto a CR. The White House says Republicans have had enough time to meet their own deadline.  Once again the Republicans prove to be their own worst enemy.  What they should do, but likely won’t, is to let Barry veto the bill and then hit the airwaves blaming any government shut down on those truly responsible.  But that’s likely too much work so they’ll simply cave on the issue and go home for the Holidays. 

Why is it that those on our side always seem to be so completely incapable of articulating the hard choices that must be made if our country is to survive long enough for the next generation to take over?  And why can’t they make it crystal clear that should the government be made to shutdown it’s only because of the Democrats stubborn refusal to do what everyone knows full well MUST be done.  But nope, we can’t do that, it’s just so much easier to simply cave.

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