Friday, December 18, 2015


Have you ever noticed how it is that whenever something is presented to you as being “new and improved” it is rarely if ever actually new, and is almost never improved.  But what it ALWAYS is, is far more costly than was the original.  So it is too then, apparently, that this very same rule can also now be said to be applicable to our newest “Speaker of the House.”  Because it’s in looking at our ‘new’ Speaker that one is able to recognize that there is nothing new, and definitely nothing improved when it comes in how he conducts business, compared to the man he replaced. 

When he first assumed his new position as Speaker, Paul Ryan actually sounded like he was genuinely concerned about getting this country back on firm footing.  But somewhere between then and now he seems to have morphed into Paul ‘Boehner’.  Nothing proves that better than what he said of the recently passed $1.1 Trillion spending bill, saying that while it isn't everything Republicans wanted, it most certainly advances the party's principles "in the right direction."  And what was amazing was how he was able to make that statement with a straight face.

It was also our ‘new and improved’ Speaker who said, "We scored major policy wins for conservatives — for our country — in this bill."   And he went on to say, "We advanced our principles. Did we advance all of our principles as far as we want to go? No, because we’re in divided government. But we did advance them in the right direction."  He said it was important to get what was possible now, then fight for more later. "And I think we’ve set ourselves up for more success in 2016."  Fight for more later?  Wouldn’t that indicate that he had put up a fight this time?

And we’re told how conservatives, however few there may actually be in the House, didn't particularly like the massive amount of spending in the bill, the failure to halt Syrian refugee resettlement or the continued funding of Planned Parenthood. But as long as ‘Boehner’ had enough RINOs willing to join with Democrats to pass this Obama-nation, so he could ignore them.  So how fucked up is it that we can have a very sizeable Republican majority in Congress, a majority of whom can oppose a piece of legislation, and yet that legislation can still be passed?  How does that work?

Paul ‘Boehner’, in pointing out what he hysterically referred to as being just ‘some’ of the gains made, tried to paint this bill as being a good deal.  For instance, the bill permanently lifts the ban on oil exports.  He said, "That's something we’ve been trying to do for 40 years in this country."  He went on to say, "When America can export its oil, that means we can compete with OPEC. We can put OPEC out of the business of controlling the world’s oil markets."  And, he noted, that it’s something that also hurts Russian President Vlad Putin's ability to sell oil and gas to Europe.

And Paul ‘Boehner’ said, "We can become more independent. We can keep our prices low by having more control over the marketplace and create more jobs right here in America." He added, "It’s fantastic for our foreign policy. It's really good for American jobs. And it's something we're actually getting done that we haven’t been able to do for decades."  And then he went on to say, that this bill will also prevent the Internal Revenue Service from "trying to pull the stunts they pulled in the 2012 election," when it held up tax-exempt application from conservative groups.

Paul ‘Boehner’ went on to say, "The IRS allowed the Obama administration to turn them into a political weapon to infringe upon free speech and to intimidate conservative groups from exercising their free speech rights to participate in political speech."  And he added, "So, we have a rider in here that prohibits the IRS from putting out a regulation on this."  So I’m guessing this was what, an attempt to pacify us, to prevent conservatives from complaining too loudly?  No matter what this boob says, that fact is when you look at this bill it’s clear that conservatives got screwed. 

And what makes it even clearer that conservatives got screwed is the fact that Democrats in Congress are so happy.  I’m quite sure that they viewed the $1.1 Trillion omnibus spending bill they ‘negotiated’, and I use the term loosely, with the new Speaker as being an early Christmas gift as well as a significant victory for both themselves and for the White House.  And, needless to say, there has much celebrating by both the White House and congressional Democrats, after succeeding, and in a very visible way, to once again leave conservatives sucking hind tit.

Adam Jentleson, Minority Leader ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid’s dip-shit of a deputy chief of staff, wasted no time in taking to Twitter to do a little gloating.  He tweeted out, “In addition to nixing more than 150 GOP riders, the final agreement will secure major progressive policy successes.”  And the White house was also quick to release a statement Wednesday noting the lack of ideological policy directives, writing:  The Administration appreciates the bipartisan effort to provide full-year appropriations legislation for FY 2016 largely free of new unrelated ideological riders.

You see, it was those “unrelated ideological riders” which the administration referred to were many of those policies that were favored by conservatives and by the voters.  You know, those things that we thought we were going to get by providing to the Republicans their requested majority in the Senate and the largest majority that either party has had in the House since the 1920s.  So instead of getting any of things that were promised during the 2014 campaign, all we really got was, fucked!  And by the guys on our own team, which makes it all the more infuriating!

Democrats released a report detailing 150 conservative policies that were left out of the bill.  They included: a provision prohibiting funding for sanctuary cities that shelter illegal immigrants, a provision prohibiting tax dollars from going to defend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrives (DACA) policy in a pending court case; A provision prohibiting funding for climate-focused studies and reports, a provision prohibiting funds to subsidize abortion services in connection with a plan offered under the Obamacare exchanges and a provision restricting the federal government from requiring licenses for Canada gun exports worth less than $500.

So I think we can now safely argue that not only do we have the best Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate we also, obviously have the same in the House. It is going to take a thorough house cleaning to remove all of those Democrats that seem to be embedded within in the Republican Party. And yet they wonder why it is that Donald Trump has such a large following.  But let's face it, the Democrats didn't really strip anything out of the bill. Paul ‘Boehner’ wanted much of the same things that ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid did, gave in faster than a hooker with a $100 bill in her pocket.

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