Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I have no doubt that when many of us look back over the course of the last seven years, and at those things which are viewed as being the ‘accomplishments’ of our current president, what we see is someone who, despite the fact that he has been unmitigated disaster as president, has been very successful in, quite possibly, forever altering this country, and on nearly every front: socially, economically, fiscally as well as internationally.  Barry is living proof that “change” is not always for the better and that change for the sake of change is never a good thing. 

But apparently our very dedicated Campaigner-in-Chief views things very differently than do those of us who have been force to deal with his ‘accomplishments.’  And now we hear how Barry has been very busy, of late, working hard to put together, and to then send out to the party faithful a little Yuletide fundraising letter.  Just a little affection, of sorts, between him and his many devoted followers touting what he sees as his many accomplishments as their president while urging Democrats to contribute financially in order to maintain the great strides that he has made.

"Friend," the appeal begins, "around this time of year, it never fails — I catch myself thinking about everything I’m grateful for."  Among that which Barry “Almighty” appears to be so grateful for, are all those who possessed the same vision of America that he himself possesses and who made his dream of being able to fundamentally transform the United States of America  possible.  He then, or course, goes on to list his many so-called accomplishments, many of which are not accomplishments at all. This little letter of 

Barry’s then goes on to say:

“Together, we’ve been able to make a real difference in the lives of our fellow Americans. We’ve seen the Affordable Care Act upheld time after time, even with a Republican-led Congress intent on undermining its successes. We’ve celebrated the joy of marriage equality for all Americans, no matter who they love. We’ve pushed to make community college accessible for more students, and for important student loan reform to protect our young people’s interests. And we’ve taken a real stand on the serious problems that climate change poses. I’m thankful for this progress. And for your support, which has made it all possible.”

But those of us who are likely not to be included among those on Barry’s Christmas list have, I’m quite sure, a very different take on what we see as Barry having accomplished during his seven-years-too-long tenure as president.  For instance, Barry as destroyed race relations in this country, and has essentially turned the clock back over 100 years.  And he seems proud of having done so.  As well, Barry has infected the independence of the Supreme Court, the Justice Department and anyone of a number of government departments and agencies.

And in choosing politics over acting in a responsible manner, Barry took it upon himself to completely ignore the advice from his military experts and to pull troops out of Iraq far too early which resulted in the rise of ISIS and therefor in the deaths, rapes, and tortures of literally thousands of innocents.  He failed to respond to that threat allowing this Moslem group to spread throughout the region, and beyond, to Libya and to commit terrorism in Paris and San Bernardino.  And he continues to stubbornly refuse to adequately protect this from what is a growing threat.

Oh, and let’s not forget how it was that Barry instituted Obamacare nor all of the promises made in the process.  Or how the Democrats forced it through Congress practically in the dark of night and by using, quite literally, every political trick in the book.  And how millions of Americans were forced to lose their plan and to give up their doctor, a lie he knew would happen yet pitched anyway along with the lie of $2500 savings for average family.  These are what Barry views as being those things of which he can be so proud of having accomplished.  

Oh, and Barry's letter goes on to ask that Democrats ensure that the next president will uphold his achievements with a donation of at least $8.  He says, “Your donation directly supports all of the hard work it’ll take to keep us moving forward.” He adds, When I ran for President in 2008, we talked a lot about change. And over the past seven years, we’ve worked to make so much of that change happen. We can’t stop now — it’s time to push for an even brighter future.” And he concludes saying, “So thank you — so, so much — for playing your part in this work.” Barack Obama

He isn't lying either.  Everyone who voted for this turd can be described as having played a part in assisting Barry in his efforts to inflict as much damage as possible upon this once great and prosperous nation.  Indeed Barry has worked hard to ensure the country underwent fundamental change and he has had much help along the way and from some very willing allies. It would be nice to think that come the next election we would find ourselves fortunate to have elected a president who would set to work on day one on the process to dismantle as much of it as possible.

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