Friday, December 11, 2015


I think we can all agree that there is very little doubt that Gov. Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown is most definitely a card-carrying, lifetime member of the John Kerry-Heinz group: ‘The Amalgamated Association of Climate Change Morons’.  And it was just this past Wednesday that he once again made it quite clear that he is nothing if not a true believer.  I can now declare with some degree of certainty, that Jerry is a raving lunatic that should be put away in a nice comfortable padded cell somewhere as a matter of public safety, before he does further harm to the residents of his once prosperous state. 

And what adds further support to this particular recommendation of mine is the fact that it was on this past Wednesday night that old ‘Moonbeam’, in what has been described by those in attendance as being something akin to a hyperbolic rant, informed students, as well as faculty, at the Ecole Normale Superieure University in Paris that climate change could be compared to nuclear war.  Now if that doesn’t make it clear that ‘Moonbeam’ is missing some critical marbles, then I’m not sure what might.  So as one can very plainly see, ‘Moonbeam’ has clearly gone round the proverbial bend. 

So anyway, it’s was according to The Sacramento Bee that ‘Moonbeam’ was said to have hyperventilated to the point where he nearly had a stroke.  And it was in the process of his coming completely unhinged that he said, “We have to be able to imagine the horrors that might unfold, and then be able to take steps to prevent it, delay it, minimize it. Through this Paris conference, my hope is that these conversations about a horror, which is the radical disruption of the climate, that can pass over into a confrontation, a focusing, a facing of this other great threat, the nuclear danger.” 

Citing his irrational fear regarding a potential nuclear confrontation between the United States and Russia, or a separate exchange between India and Pakistan, Brown warned, “Terrorism killing people is a horror. But terrorists getting nuclear material is even a greater horror. And there are literally hundreds of sites with nuclear materials of one kind or another sitting around, with various degrees of containment or security.”  Brown said that the efforts among various countries globally to cut greenhouse gas emissions could be turned to fighting terrorism and the threat of nuclear war.

This is not exactly the first time that old ‘Moonbeam’ has taken it upon himself to liken ‘climate change’ to nuclear war.  He has a rather long history of postulating such nonsense, most recently having done so at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 70th anniversary Doomsday Clock Symposium in November in Chicago.  It was there that he intoned, “I do want to talk about climate change, and I think there’s a connection there with the nuclear arms race: They both have catastrophic consequences; they both are such that they don’t capture the popular imagination right now.”

And then it was also last July, when at the Vatican, that ‘Moonbeam’ also saw fit to take it upon himself to issue a rather apocalyptic harangue about climate change, vehemently protesting, “We don’t even know how far we’ve gone, or if we’ve gone over the edge. There are tipping points, feedback loops. This is not some linear set of problems that we can predict. We have to take measures against an uncertain future which may well be something no one ever wants. We are talking about extinction. We are talking about climate regimes that have not been seen for tens of millions of years.”

So it would appear that maybe all of the ‘climate change’ alarmists just might be on to something here.  I mean maybe, just maybe, ‘climate change’, or at least the mind-numbing hysteria that it is actually taking place, may actually be hazardous to your health.  Because if ‘Moonbeam’ can be brought to the edge of having a stroke simply because most Americans see Islamic terror as more of a threat than ‘climate change’, and thereby refuse to assign the same level of importance to this cockamamie theory as do so many on the left, then, maybe it can then be seen as life threatening. 

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