Monday, December 14, 2015


Despite the fact that fewer Americans are buying into all of the much ballyhooed ‘climate change’ nonsense, after having finally come to the realization that it’s nothing more than a scam perpetrated by the left, John Kerry-Heinz was not the least bit deterred from making what is his rather idiotic claim that the issue remains very important with voters, to the point where it will actually have an impact on who wins the next presidential election.  He made this bizarre assumption this past Sunday while on with George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos. It was then that Kerry-Heinz said he doubted that, “the American people, who predominantly do believe in what is happening with climate change,” will elect a president who does not “understand climate change” or is not committed to the type of global agreement reached in Paris.

Kerry-Heinz was speaking from Paris, where these so-called ‘climate change’ ‘delegates’, from 180 nations, approved a new global climate accord.  It was in referencing this accord that Kerry-Heinz said, “I think, frankly, a lot of members of Congress are on the wrong side of history, and I don’t believe you can be elected president of the United States if you don’t understand climate change and you’re not committed to this kind of a plan.”  And when Stephy noted that Republican presidential candidates have “vowed to undo the president’s [climate-related] executive actions,” Kerry-Heinz simply responded, and in his typically arrogant fashion, by saying, “Well, I think it’s irrelevant.”  Well, I guess we’ll see just how irrelevant it turns out to be when placed up against issues such as terrorism and the economy!

It was then that Stephy followed up by asking Kerry-Heinz, “So if President Obama’s successor is against it, will it unravel?”  To which our dolt of a secretary of state responded by saying, “Well, obviously, if a Republican were elected and they have the ability by executive order to undo things, the answer is yes.”  Kerry-Heinz went on to say,   “But that’s why I don’t believe the American people, who predominantly do believe in what is happening with climate change – I don’t think they’re going to accept as a genuine leader someone who doesn’t understand the science of climate change and isn’t willing to do something about it.”  For Kerry-Heinz to state that belief in ‘climate change’ is necessary in order for someone to meet the definition of being a genuine leader, very clearly demonstrates just how far around the bend this boob has finally gotten. 

Asked about the vocal opposition in Congress to this deal reached in Paris, Kerry-Heinz underlined the administration’s supposed leadership in getting the world’s two biggest greenhouse gas emitters – Red China and the U.S. – to join in pledging reductions, spurring “184 other countries to step up.”  Kerry-Heinz said, “So this is significant. I mean, what do – what do the members of Congress think when leaders of major countries around the world are actually stepping up to do these things? These are not – these guys aren’t making up the science or the plans to do it.”  But the science IS being made up.  And more scientific evidence comes to light every day that disproves manmade ‘climate change’ is occurring.  Proof that’s ignored by the left because it doesn’t fit their narrative that this ‘theory’ of ‘climate change’ is actually settled science.

And it was in an earlier press availability get together in Paris that Kerry-Heinz was even more categorical about the chances of a president being elected who does not only fully accept the entire cockamamie ‘climate change’ agenda, but also doesn’t enthusiastically embrace it, saying that a candidate “who doesn’t understand the science and isn’t prepared to do for the next generations what we did here today and follow through on it cannot and will not be elected president of the United States. It’s that simple.”  Asked in that briefing how the Paris accord would “survive this presidential election,” Kerry-Heinz said, “it’s going to survive by electing a president who understands this and is committed to it. That’s how it survives.”  In other words by electing a president who is perfectly willing to perpetuate that which is nothing more than a scam.

As far as congressional opposition before the end of the current presidency goes, Kerry-Heinz suggested in an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, also this past Sunday, that Barry “Almighty” would veto any and all attempts made to block his climate initiatives.  Good old Chuckie Todd, the show’s leftist host, said, “Congress does have the power of the purse, and they could prevent your – they could prevent the federal government, despite any executive action, from using money to participate in this.”  He then asked Kerry-Heinz, “If they do that, do you ask the president to veto that bill?”  Kerry-Heinz responded that Barry was heavily invested in the new climate accord because he “believes this is a major challenge to our country.”  All this is is yet another attempt by Barry to drive this country even further into the economic ditch.

Kerry-Heinz said, “So if people want to tempt the president’s veto, I really believe they do so inviting him to take the steps that he will do to protect what he believes is a critical, urgent national security issue for our country.”  And he then went on to say, “And the president, as you know, has been able to secure money for critical programs on the basis of the fact that there is that check and balance between the Congress and the executive. So I think the president’s going to stand up for his program no matter what.”  My response to that would be that if the Republicans hope to hold onto the congressional majorities they had better choose to stand up for the American people, the majority of whom are not going to be able to afford that which Barry is working very hard to inflict upon them courtesy of his war on fossil fuels, which is all this is really all about.

Personally, I feel pretty confident in saying that the American people, at least those of us on the right, are finally beginning to smarten up when it comes to the subject of manmade ‘climate change’, and are now able to recognize the politics dressed up as science that’s so very obviously behind it.  So Mr. Kerry-Heinz can confidently declare that belief in ‘climate change’ will be used by voters as some sort of qualifier when it comes to voting for who should be the next American president, and he may actually be right but not exactly in the way he intends.  Because while Hitlery Clinton will likely not be made to face any sort of consequences for choosing to support this progressive nonsense, any Republican who decides to come out in support of this ‘climate change’ drivel will most assuredly, and significantly so, reduce his, or her, chances of being elected.

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