Saturday, November 28, 2015


We’re told that at a time when the Republican National Committee has a war chest of $20 million on hand it’s at the same time that the Democratic National Committee is sinking deeper into the hole as little cash is coming in while the party's debts continue to rise.  And in what I can only guess is an attempt by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to create the impression that the Republican Party is much better positioned than it likely is, it was in a recent press release that he said, "With just under a year until Election Day 2016 we’re seeing great enthusiasm for the GOP.”

The RNC announced last week that it brought in a total of $8.7 million in October, setting a record for fundraising during an off year for presidential races, and according to the Center for Responsive Politics, the party has raised $89.3 million during this election cycle. It has more than $20 million in cash on hand, and owes $1.8 million.  The DNC, however, has raised a total of $53.2 million, and has just $4.7 million in cash in hand, but $6.9 million in debts it owes. In October alone, the DNC raised just under $4.5 million, but spent $5.2 million.

The issue, or so it is hoped by many on the right, may hinder, at least to some degree, the Democrats' push to reclaim the House and Senate and win the presidential race.  And it was Republican strategist Ron Bonjean who told Fox that the numbers show the DNC "simply can't get its act together," and most likely Democrats will have to start relying on outside sources, rather than their own party's committee.  But when it comes to those outside sources, the Democrats are much better positioned than are the Republicans.  Something Mr. Priebus doesn’t talk about much.

You see, the Democrat Party has quite the impressive string of billionaires in its corner who, I’m quite sure, would be more than willing, even eager, to more than make up for any potential deficit or cover any debt, come the 2016 election.  Democrats spend much time talking about those evil billionaires to contribute to Republican causes, making it sound as if they are somehow at a disadvantage. However, nothing could be further from the truth because the available money on the left dwarfs whatever funds are to be found on the right.

Just a few of the many BILLIONAIRE DEMOCRATS include:

George Soros:  (Net worth - $23 Billion)

Mike Bloomberg: (Net worth - $37 Billion)

Warren Buffett:  (Net worth - $67 Billion)

Bill Gates:  (Net worth - $79 Billion)

Tom Steyer: Net worth - $2 Billion)

Dennis Washington: (Net Worth - $6 Billion)

Carlos Slim Helu:  (Net worth - $60 Billion)

Daniel Abraham: (Net worth - $2 Billion)

Charles Ergen: (Net worth - $17 Billion)

Charles Kushner: (Net worth - $10 Billion)

Look, I could go on here, but, really, what’s the point.  And then when you add to this very impressive list, dollar-wise, all of the left-leaning billionaires and millionaires in the entertainment business, the amount of money that can be amassed by Democrats can seem to be nearly insurmountable.  So when I hear Mr. Priebus running around blowing his own horn, I have to laugh.  Because the fact that the RNC may have more money than does the DNC, means nothing and is not a reliable benchmark when trying to gage genuine party enthusiasm regarding the 2016 election.

Comparing such numbers really accomplishes little more than to simply point out which organization has more money at any particular point in time.  You can’t, or at least you shouldn’t, use it as some sort of bellwether of future events, especially an event as important, or event critical, as the 2016 election.  Republicans should not assume that they are in a better position than they really are to achieve victory.  To do so is beyond foolhardy.  And Mr. Priebus does a bit of a disservice by placing way too much importance on something so insignificant.

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