Saturday, November 14, 2015


Over the course of the last seven years we have continued to watch as the policies put into place by Barry and his trusty sidekicks, Hitlery Clinton and then John Kerry-Heinz, have been responsible for literally one global fiasco after another.  And despite the list of the excuses, and the many denials, the net result of those policies, first dreamt up and then put into place by these reckless and blatantly irresponsible ‘leaders’ is a world now engulfed in flames and with a level of turmoil and instability that has not been seen in decades.  And yes, Barry is the common denominator.

But Barry has long made claim that it is not the policies of his administration, but those of his predecessor, and of those who oppose him that should be blamed for the growing violence in the world.  But his denials were recently dealt what I would call a pretty significant blow, and made a bit more difficult to sell when we were all provided with live coverage of the tragedy that occurred in Paris earlier this week.  A tragedy that was essentially nothing less than proof positive that the policies favored by Barry, and his team, have been a failure on what is an epic scale.  

Yes, the ISIS-initiated terrorist attacks in Paris prove at least seven things about the policies of Barry “Almighty”:

1. Strict gun laws clearly stop mass shootings.

2. ISIS is a JV team.

3. “We have contained” ISIS, as Barry declared on Good Morning America just hours before the attack.

4. We have nothing to worry about by allowing 100,000 Syrian refugees into the America.

5. When Barry proclaims a war is over, the war is over, regardless what the enemy thinks.

6. The police are the problem.

7. Islam has nothing to do with these attacks.

So as the world continues to spin wildly out of control, I would argue that the time has now come for what’s called Oblimination, or the complete reversal of Barry’s failed policies.  It is now time for America to reassert herself and to assume her rightful position as world leader.  But there is only one way to accomplish that which is becoming more imperative every single day.  And that would be for us, the American people, to possess the necessary courage to make the right decision come next November and to take it upon ourselves to reject the policies of Barry in toto. 

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