Friday, February 28, 2014


It would seem, at least to me, that we now have in this country, a judiciary that can now safely be described as having gone rouge. Or at the very least many of its members seem to have forgotten what their true role is, as it is very clearly defined by our Constitution. It would seem that far too many of those who have been entrusted with the wearing of their black robes seem to be more interested in ‘making’ law than in determining the Constitutionality of laws and in the furthering of a political agenda that is harmful to our country.

The federal judiciary is defined as being a totally separate and self-governing branch of our government. The federal courts are ‘supposed’ to be the guardians of the Constitution because their rulings are supposed to protect those rights and liberties guaranteed by our Constitution. Through what are supposed to be fair and impartial judgments, they determine facts and interpret the law to resolve legal disputes. It is not the purpose of the courts to make the laws. That would be the responsibility of the Congress.

The judicial branch has the authority to ‘interpret’ and to decide the constitutionality of federal laws and to resolve other disputes over federal laws. The job of our judges is to interpret the law and assess the evidence presented. Most important of all, judges are supposed to be impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice. We have what is known as an adversarial system of justice, legal cases are contests between opposing sides, which ensures that evidence and legal arguments will be fully and forcefully presented.

All of this brings me to what have been, to my way of thinking, some very questionable, to say the least, decisions recently arrived at and obviously based on politics. Because it was on this past Thursday that a federal judge ordered Kentucky to recognize the legal same-sex marriages of residents who wed elsewhere, becoming the latest in a string of court victories for gay rights advocates. So apparently this judge became another on what appears to be a growing list of many who have now seen fit to go beyond their role as defined by our Constitution.

The judge in question here, regarding the Kentucky case, is U.S. District Judge John Heyburn II, an appointee of George H.W. Bush, who stated that the Kentucky laws that deny the marriages of same-sex couples "violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, and they are void and unenforceable." The decision makes official a ruling he made on Feb. 12 to strike down the laws. It’s absolutely amazing what these judges can find hiding out there in the Fourteenth Amendment.

The ruling comes amid what now seems to be a growing momentum for legalization of gay marriage all across the country, with federal judges now having struck down restrictions on same-sex matrimony in several states, including New Mexico, Utah, Virginia and Texas. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia now recognize gay marriage, and the trend has gained pace since our activist-oriented Supreme Court ruled in June that legally married same-sex couples nationwide are eligible for federal benefits.

What made this case even possible was because four Kentucky same-sex couples succeeded in doing nothing more than to trick-fuck the system by marrying outside of the state and then returned to challenge Kentucky state laws that declared such marriages void and the attendant rights unenforceable. The couples, who were legally wed in Iowa, California, Connecticut and Canada, did not challenge a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Kentucky had argued states have the right to define what they see as legal marriage. Apparently this all-knowing judge thought otherwise.

The decision in Kentucky comes just one day after a federal judge ruled a Texas law banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional but declared a stay on the decision, meaning that the ban stays in effect. The suit in Texas was aimed at winning recognition for same-sex marriage in the deep South, where every state has a constitutional amendment or law that establishes legal marriage as only being between one man and one woman. To me, in states where people have voted on a constitutional amendment, judges have no business interfering. And yet that have no problem doing so.

Personally, I have nothing against those who profess to be gay. But what I do object to is how they insist upon forcing their questionable lifestyle down the throats of those who see as being rather, unnatural. And I strongly disagree with these judges who are able to somehow see something, that no one else does, in our Constitution that allows for the perversion of the institution of marriage. I couldn’t care less about the goings on in someone’s bedroom, but I do care about the blatant assault that is now underway, and apparently enthusiastically assisted by our judiciary, against our society.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


For all of you folks out there who still seem to think that it’s such a shit-hot idea to have the government in charge of your healthcare, I’d like to run a little something by ya. Suppose you needed a really important test. And then suppose, because everything would need to first successfully navigate through miles of governmental red tape, you were going to have to be placed on a waitlist. And then further suppose that because that waitlist eventually became too long, those who had been placed the list first, were simply purged off the list so as to make the list shorter. And then, when you called to inquire about your status, on said list, you were told that you would need to re-request that all-important test.

Now how many of you are now thinking that there is absolutely no way that something like that could actually happen here in the good ol’ U. S. of A. Well, as we recently found out, that is exactly something that can happen here. Because according to a former VA employee, that’s exactly what the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) did to reduce its backlog. What this agency decided to do to cure its problem was to literally destroy thousands of veteran’s medical files in what was a systematic attempt to eliminate backlogged veteran medical exam requests. Now I ask you, what other than some useless government agency would see this as being the best way to take care of a backlog problem?

Anyway, it was all because of a fella by the name of Oliver Mitchell, who’s a Marine veteran and former patient services assistant in the VA Greater Los Angeles Medical Center, that we even know that this is something that actually took place. And it was Mr. Mitchell who said in a recent interview, "The committee was called System Redesign and the purpose of the meeting was to figure out ways to correct the department’s efficiency. And one of the issues at the time was the backlog." Mitchell went on to say, "We just didn’t have the resources to conduct all of those exams." So, in typical government fashion, records, thousands of them, were simply destroyed. Voila, and just like that, no more backlog.

He said, "Basically we would get about 3,000 requests a month for [medical] exams, but in a 30-day period we only had the resources to do about 800. That rolls over to the next month and creates a backlog." And then he went on to say, "It’s a numbers thing. The waiting list counts against the hospitals efficiency. The longer the veteran waits for an exam that counts against the hospital as far as productivity is concerned." So, in an effort to at least give the appearance of improved productivity, thousands of medical records were simply destroyed. I’m just not sure how this would ever occur to someone as being a good idea. But then, we are talking about government employees after all.

This backlog problem goes all the way back to 2008, with some patients "waiting six to nine months for an exam" and the VA "didn’t know how to address the issue," Mitchell said. And then along comes Dr. Suzie El-Saden, the department chief for the VA Greater Los Angeles Radiology department. And it was this bimbo, or so we’re told, who initiated an "ongoing discussion in the department" to cancel exam requests and destroy veterans’ medical files so that no record of the exam requests would exist, thus reducing the backlog. Granted, the problem existed before Barry ever came onto the scene, but this moron’s plan was actually carried out during his administration’s management of VA.

Apparently Mr. Mitchell tried blowing the whistle on this scheme but the only thing he seemed to receive for doing so was first, a transfer out of his department, and then to eventually end up losing his job. He said, "I actually filed a complaint with the VA [Inspector General] IG and the office of special counsel. The IG requested if I had any documentation. They wanted names. I gave them [about] a thousand names." He added, "The list I turned into the IG went all the way back to 1997." He then said, "I filed the initial complaint with the IG … The IG, instead of doing their own investigation, just gave it to the facility and made them aware of my complaint." It’s called shooting the messenger.

Look, it’s pretty common knowledge, or at least it should be by now, that this is the way the government does business. So I’ll ask you again if you still think this whole Obamacare thing is anywhere near to being a good idea? Is this the level of treatment that you think anyone deserves? Let alone our veterans? And for crying out loud, if this cadre of scumbags thinks this is acceptable treatment for our veterans, what makes anyone think that the rest of us would be treated any differently? Come on folks, wake the Hell up! If we are going to have any hope of being able to crawl out from under all that Barry has heaped upon us, then we’re going to need to get rid of every Democrat we can this fall.


I’ve never been a believer in this whole cockamamie theory that the planet is getting warmer and that it’s somehow my fault. It’s always seemed that those behind the advancing of this con job had more than one ulterior motive. And if I remember correctly, it was many of the same characters who, back in the 70s, were warning us all about the coming ice age. But when that didn’t exactly pan out for them they merely shifted gears, so to speak. So one scam morphed into another.

So you can only image how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when old Al Gore got the news about how it was that the co-founder of Greenpeace told a Senate committee that there is "no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years." I bet old Al had an old fashioned conniption fit and, most likely, went straight through the roof. Seeing that would have made my day!

So anyway, what I’m thinking that might have really pushed Al just a little closer to the edge is the fact it that Mr. Patrick Moore, who, I guess, happens to be a fella who back in 1971 helped form the famed environmentalist wacko nut-group, testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee saying that "if there were such a proof, it would be written down for all to see. No actual proof, as it is understood in science, exists." That certainly seems pretty cut and dry to me.

Mr. Moore continued in his testimony, saying, "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states: ‘It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century.’" Adding, "'Extremely likely’ is not a scientific term but rather a judgment, as in a court of law. The IPCC defines ‘extremely likely’ as a ‘95-100 percent probability.’ Look, the gaggle behind all of this nonsense is clearly not interested in any actual science.

And Mr. Moore then went on to say something that I think most of us non-believers have always believed to be the case. That this entire premise of supposed man-made climate change has been concocted. He said, "But upon further examination it is clear that these numbers are not the result of any mathematical calculation or statistical analysis. They have been ‘invented’ as a construct within the IPCC report to express ‘expert judgment,’ as determined by the IPCC contributors."

Apparently, Mr. Moore, who appears to be a very sincere individual, departed Greenpeace in 1986 after 15 years because he said the group "took a sharp turn to the political left and began to adopt policies that I could not accept from my scientific perspective." He told the Senate committee that political bias has tainted climate-change "science." Gee, now there’s a no-shit item. I think we all already knew that about this rather strange group which is comprised primarily of those who are most comfortable on the extreme left.

And another little key indicator here which proves that this entire "global warming" scam is based on nothing more than junk science of the purest kind, was made all the more obvious when Mr. Moore pointed out, "The increase in temperature between 1910 and 1940 was virtually identical to the increase between 1970 and 2000. Yet the IPCC does not attribute the increase from 1910 to 1940 to 'human influence.' Obviously, the "global warming" scam artists want to have it both ways.

Mr. Moore also went on to ask the question, "They are clear in their belief that human emissions impact only the increase ‘since the mid-20th century.’ Why does the IPCC believe that a virtually identical increase in temperature after 1950 is caused mainly by ‘human influence,’ when it has no explanation for the nearly identical increase from 1910 to 1940?" Those pushing this theory seem to be rather selective regarding the ‘science’ that they try use to bolster their idiotic claims.

Mr’ Moore also went on to criticize the over-reliance on computer models in defining the pattern of any climate change. "These judgments are based almost entirely on the results of sophisticated computer models designed to predict the future of global climate," he said. Now look, I think we’ve known since the beginning of this computer age all that the data can be manipulated. Because as we all know, when it comes to computers, garbage in equals garbage out.

Mr. Moore said, "As noted by many observers, including Dr. Freeman Dyson of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies, a computer model is not a crystal ball. We may think it's sophisticated, but we cannot predict the future with a computer model any more than we can make predictions with crystal balls, throwing bones, or by appealing to the Gods." And yet we’re constantly being lead to believe that our computers are infallible.

Mr. Moore ended his testimony with a statement that one would be hard-pressed to challenge. He told the committee, "I realize that my comments are contrary to much of the speculation about our climate that is bandied about today." Now ain’t that the truth. How much time and, even more importantly, money have now been wasted on this scam? It’s absolutely ridiculous that we’re even still treating this as being something that we need to be genuinely concerned about.

No matter how much proof is provided that what’s claimed to be occurring here, really isn’t, we continue to have liars like Barry wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on ‘green energy’, and buffoons like John Kerry-Heinz running around telling us that ‘global warming’ is the equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction? And it’s all a scam that provides to Barry a rationale for the government to have more control over the cars we drive and the energy we’re allowed to use in our homes.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I’ve always wondered what qualifications Kathleen Sebelius actually possessed that lead her to have been selected for her current position as our 21st Secretary of Health and Human Services. So in an effort to get better informed regarding this pathological liar, I went looking. And I gotta tell ya, there really wasn’t much there, there. Apparently she was able to hone her ability as a very skillful liar, first during her time spent in the Kansas House of Representatives from 1986 to 1994. From there she went onto become governor of Kansas from 2003 to 2009. And again, it seems that if there is one thing that it can be said that she left office possessing, it was the ability to look people dead in the eye, and lie to them. Because, quite frankly, that’s all she has done for the last 5 years.

And she did so once again just this past Tuesday when she again made the claim that the administration never had a 7 million enrollment target for Obamacare. And in so doing she put her forth yet another attempt to backtrack on comments that she herself made just last year when she first volunteered that figure. It was in the more recent interview that she said, "First of all, 7 million was not the administration. That was a CBO, Congressional Budget Office prediction when the bill was first signed." She then when on to further downplay that number by saying, "I'm not quite sure where they even got their numbers. Their numbers are all over the board, and the vice president has looked and said it may be closer to 5 to 6." I can only assume that she thinks we’re all so stupid.

These recent comments, I think, can safely be said to contradict what it was that she told NBC News the day before the launch of the troubled healthcare website last fall when she said that "success," in her opinion, would be having 7 million Americans enrolled in the Obamacare exchanges by the end of March. It was on Sept 30 of last year that Sebelius told NBC's Nancy Snyderman, "I think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of March 2014." And last June it was also Sebelius who volunteered the figure, telling reporters, "We're hopeful that 7 million is a realistic target." It’s like she either doesn’t know how videotape works, or she thinks she can just keep denying that she ever said any such thing. It’s all kinda weird!

And then we have Charles Krauthammer who thoroughly blasted Sebelius in an interview Tuesday on Fox News' "Special Report with Bret Baier." He said, "Of course, she was the one that said it, among others." He then went on to say, "You know, it's an old rule, 'say the truth, it's easier to memorize.'" Krauthammer also reacted to the latest Obamacare enrollment numbers released Tuesday by the administration which confirmed that 4 million people have now supposedly signed up for the new healthcare program. He said, "It will usually come out in the middle of the next month except when the secretary steps all over herself and makes bad news, so you want to trump it with a nice number, a round number which comes out in the middle of a week." It’s all some perverted charade.

Sebelius is far from being the only member of this, far from being a transparent, administration who has now tried to backtrack on the 7 million figure. White House healthcare policy adviser Phil Schiliro said back in December that attracting 7 million enrollees to Obamacare by March was never the administration's goal. "That figure was put out by the Congressional Budget Office in March, and was never our target number," he told NBC News at the time. The sad thing is at the present time we have no idea how many people have actually signed up for this train wreck of a debacle. All we know for sure is the number of people who no longer have the health insurance that they liked and were told they could keep. And you can now count me as being among those folks.

It just never quite ceases to amaze me the level to which Democrats are now willing to stoop in their continuing effort keep this Obamacare disaster of theirs afloat. It seems that there is no lie that they are unwilling to tell. And they’ve even now resorted to accusing those who have lost their coverage, again that they were told that they would be able to keep, as being the liars in all of this. I mean, how disgusting is that? What exactly do these folks have to gain by lying? From where I’m sitting, the ONLY ones who have something to gain by the telling of lies would be the Democrats who now stand an excellent chance of having their political asses handed to them this November. And things are only going to get much worse between now and Election Day, as Democrats try to limit the damage they now know is coming.


Democrats remain quite desperate in their continuing attempts to somehow portray the requirement for someone to prove they are who they say they are, when showing up to the polls to vote. They make the claim that such a requirement is based on nothing more than racism and hatred. Now this should come as no surprise since it’s ‘after’ nearly every election the we are always made aware of the number of voting dead that just happened to show up on Election Day to cast their vote for the Democrat in any particular race.

And now, once again, who do we have out there sounding the alarm as well as seeming to imply, I guess, that poor black folks are simply too stupid to know how to go about obtaining some form of ID for themselves, that, by the way, also happens to be free. So it was then, that during some Black History Month event held at the Naval Observatory on Tuesday we heard old ‘Slow Joe’ once again make the false claim that new voter ID laws in North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas are further evidence of "hatred" and "zealotry".

Look, every time this moron opens his stupid pie hole he makes it just a bit more obvious that he hasn’t got the brains of an ice cube. ‘Slow Joe’ went on about how he saw his votes to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act as being among his proudest as a senator, and he then went onto express supposed frustration with a recent Supreme Court ruling striking down a key provision of the law. Well that’s because unlike the Democrats, the court recognized that we no longer living in the same time that Democrats seem to wish we did.

Slow Joe said, "I thought it was done — finally, finally done." The ruling to which this pathetic old creep refers to, struck down a provision of the law which required certain jurisdictions with a history of voting suppression to clear any changes in their voting laws with the Justice Department. The court said Congress could update the pre-clearance formula, but lawmakers have been unable to agree on new standards. The main reason for that is be it’s the Democrats who insist upon playing politics by dragging their feet on the issue .

So there have been some Southern states who have subsequently moved to impose new, and what are very reasonable voter I.D. requirements of their own. Supporters of the legislation argue the new standards help prevent voter fraud. But, and as to be expected, civil rights groups and Democrats have blasted the legislation as an attempt to suppress the vote among poor and minority voters. And of course they also claim that instances of voter fraud are exceedingly rare, which anyone with a brain knows is an absolute lie.

"Slow Joe’ continued with his idiotic rant, saying "These guys never go away. Hatred never, never goes away." And of course he went on "The zealotry of those who wish to limit the franchise cannot be smothered by reason." ‘Slow Joe’ said that both Barry "Almighty" and Attorney General Eric "I’m A Racist’ Holder were committed to protecting voting rights, and said he was hopeful Congress would address the Voting Rights Act formula to stop "this kind of malarkey." Well if anyone knows ‘malarkey’, it’s ‘Slow Joe’.

‘Slow Joe’ droned on as only he can do, saying, "This fight has been too long, this fight has been too hard, to do anything other than win — not on the margins, but flat out win." Somebody really ought to tell him that the fight was won, flat out, and long ago. And wouldn’t you think that blacks themselves would be in favor stronger voter ID laws? Let’s face it the only ones still working to keep racism alive in America are Democrats and scumbags like Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton and Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson.


Slowly but surely it seems to be soaking into at least some people that Barry "Almighty" has been, and continues to be, the equivalent of a some sort of plague upon this country. And while more folks are now slowly coming to recognize what this guy really is, many more remain who still stubbornly refuse to accept what is going on right before their eyes. But one group is now doing its best to help spread the word in an attempt to increase awareness.

And it was during a press conference on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., that brought that attempt to light. The purpose of this press conference was to announce a signature campaign to impeach U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, and it was Rev. Bill Owens, a man who happens to a real reverend and not some dime-store wannabe like Sharpton or Jackson, who said that Barry "Almighty has "hurt the American people." So he sees what’s happening here.

Rev. Owens, who is the founder and president of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), said at an event at the National Press Club, "We’re on a downward road." And he then went on to say, "And this president has done more to hurt the American people than any president, as I see it, in my lifetime and in history." Rev. Owens cited Holder’s "repeated lawlessness" of disregarding state laws and the Constitution.

And it was in a statement distributed at this same press conference that Rev. Owens said, "What we have in Attorney General Holder is a man so political in his zeal to redefine marriage that he is willing to run roughshod over the rulings of the Supreme Court, binging federal law, and the United States Constitution along with the constitutions of a majority of states." And he’s right, Holder continues to be rather selective about which laws ‘need’ to be enforced.

Rev. Owens said he wants "good Americans to stand up for what is right" by signing the impeachment petition, with the goal of gathering one million signatures. Rev. Owens also stressed that the petition is meant for all citizens regardless of race or creed. "Marriage is an institution that benefits all of society; therefore every citizen has an interest in protecting marriage from these brazen attacks," Owens said. He sees this as being a continuing effort to breakdown society.

Those in the black community would be doing themselves a huge favor if they were to ignore the screamers like Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan, and spend more time listening to men like Rev. Owens. I simply don’t see what benefit there is to be gained by listening to those who only pretend to be men of God, when you have the genuine article standing right in your midst. I keep hoping more blacks will figure things out, but I just keep being disappointed when they don’t.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Seems like every time I turn around these days, there’s more ‘good’ news to be heard about the train wreck known as, Obamacare. And things recently hit right here at home when I recently received my letter informing me that I would no longer be able to keep the health insurance that I’ve had for the last 12 years. And now, apparently, the Republicans were recently handed some fresh ammunition to use and that should add some credibility to their claims that Obamacare is in fact endangering our economy and hurting millions more workers.

This fresh ammunition of which I speak that has now been handed to the Republicans comes to them courtesy of yet another new report, this one having been released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. It according to this report that we now find out that 11 million small business employees could actually see their premiums rise under Obamacare. And in response to this report, Speaker Boehner said in a statement released on Monday, "This is another punch in the gut for Americans already struggling in the president's economy."

According to the Wall Street Journal, the report, which was released just last Friday, said higher rates could result from the healthcare law's requirement that premiums cannot be based on age, making them higher for younger workers and lower for older ones. The report concluded that about 65 percent of all small businesses, covering 11 million people, would see an increase in insurance premiums, compared to about 35 percent of employers who would see a decrease for plans, covering 6 million people. So who’s surprised to hear this?

Boehner went on to say in his statement, "It's clear why the administration sought to delay and de-emphasize the release of this report. It undermines the central promise of the president's healthcare law: affordable coverage." Adding, "These 11 million people who will see their premiums spike are 11 million more reasons to repeal this law and start over with common sense reform that will make care more affordable, not more costly." We need to move beyond merely talking about repeal, this report bolsters the case for complete repeal.

From conception to passage to its being signed into law, Obamacare is a disaster that is wholly owned by the Democrats. And in the crafting of its over 2000 pages and the political scheming that followed, and was essentially required, for its passage, throughout the entire process it was made very clear that Republican input was something that was neither necessary, or even desired. There is not one thing that the Democrats told us about Obamacare that was true. Not one! And it does absolutely nothing that the Democrats said that it would do.


Hitlery Clinton, Andy Cuomo, Marty O’Malley and now maybe …Deval Patrick? Man, is that not a line up straight out of the ranks of the Communist Party of America, or what? But this what is now beginning to shape up as being at least the beginning of the Democrat list of possible contenders hoping to be the one to pick up where Barry will leave off.

At least for right now Patrick has said that he isn't interested in a run for the White House in 2016, but it’s a very rare occasion, indeed, when you can believe anything that you are told by a Democrat, especially one as far to the left as Patrick. Besides, after Barry gets done, there will be more than enough people who will be addicted to government and willing to vote Democrat.

Patrick is a flaming liberal, so if he were to enter the race would likely face the heavily favored Hitlery in a 2016 primary bid. And while Hitlery herself has yet to announce that she intends to run, political action committees are already raising funds on her behalf. But if she were to make it plain that she intends to run, I’m sure Patrick would enter the fray.

So for now Patrick claims that he is not in the running for 2016. He recently said, "I'm going to go back into the private sector." Patrick has said that he is "looking forward to a break" when he leaves office in 2015, but said he wants to return to politics someday. So you may ask, just what is it that this clown would supposedly be qualified to do out there in the private sector?

Well, in 1994, ‘Slick Willie’ nominated Patrick as the United States Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. Federal affirmative action policy was under judicial and political review, and Patrick defended Clinton's policy. Patrick also enforced federal laws concerning treatment of incarcerated criminals, to the extent that one warden called him a "zealot."

In 1997, Patrick joined some law firm, Day, Berry & Howard, and was then appointed to serve as Chairman of Texaco's Equality and Fairness Task Force to oversee implementation of the terms of a ‘race discrimination’ settlement. Working with employees at all levels, Patrick and his Task Force examined and ‘reformed’ Texaco's complex corporate employment culture.

So in other words, like Barry, he’s just another liberal making a living off the fact that he’s black, and not really qualified to do much. Essentially, and also like Barry, he’s never really had to work a day in his life. Add to that the fact that he’s another big proponent of nonexistent "global warming" and you have what it is the perfect Democrat candidate.


I think we can ‘all’ agree, Republicans and Democrats alike, that Barry holds nothing but the deepest contempt for both the miliary, in general, and more specifically, those who choose to serve. So the recent news of how the military will once again be forced to bear the brunt of budget cuts should come as no surprise. So what now appears as an effort to out ‘Jimmy Carter’, Jimmy Carter. Barry now plans to reduce the size of the U.S. military to its smallest size since before World War II and to scrap an entire class of Air Force attack jets. I’m quite sure that somewhere in China, a room full of generals is smiling.

The planned reduction would, theoretically, leave our military capable of defeating any enemy but too small for long foreign occupations, and would involve greater risk if U.S. forces were asked to carry out two large-scale military actions at the same time. Specifically, officials acknowledged that winning such a war would take longer, and there would be a larger number of casualties. But let’s face it, Barry has demonstrated on more than one occasion that the number of casualties suffered by our brave men and women is something that views as being inconsequential. In other words, he simply doesn’t care.

Barry/Hagel’s plan also would:
1. Transfer the National Guard's Apache attack helicopters to the active-duty Army, which would transfer its Black Hawk helicopters to the National Guard.
2. Create an increase in health insurance deductibles and some co-pays for some military retirees and for some family members of active servicemen.
3. Call for slowing the growth of tax-free housing allowances for military personnel and would reduce the $1.4 billion direct subsidy provided to military commissaries.
4. Eliminate the entire fleet of Air Force A-10 attack aircraft.
5. Retire the famed U-2 spy plane in favor of the remotely piloted Global Hawk.
6. Overall, the Army, which currently has about 540,000 troops, will drop by about 20 percent to 440,000 troops over the next several years.

It was retired Gen. Jack Keane who told Fox News that the budget cuts being proposed by Hagel would "cut into the bone and the capabilities of the Army." He added, "The assumption that's being made in the Pentagon, and it's almost laughable if it wasn't so serious, is they don't believe the United States will involve itself in a ground war of any consequence again." Keane also said, "The fact of the matter is, those assumptions have been made after World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War, and every single time they have been proven wrong. Here we are making that same assumption again."

Last Friday, it was The Wall Street Journal that reported Hagel is also seeking a limit on both military pay raises and healthcare benefits. He’s also looking at much less generous housing allowances, and a one-year freeze on raises for top military brass. We’re told that personnel costs reflect some 50 percent of the Pentagon budget and cannot be exempted in the context of the significant cuts the department is facing. And while Hagel may say he doesn’t want to, the plan is to slow the growth of military pay and compensation. Now look, you can say this is all Hagel’s doing, but he’s just another one Barry’s stooges.

"This is a real uphill battle with Congress," said Mieke Eoyang, director of something called the National Security Program at Third Way, some supposed ‘centrist’ think tank located, where else but, in Washington. She said, "God bless [Hagel] for trying to get a handle on these costs." This moron went on to say, "But in this political environment, in an election year, it's going to be hard for members of Congress to accept anything that's viewed as taking benefits away from troops." We’ve got people using their welfare debit cards to go to strip clubs and to buy booze, yet we insist upon going after our troops.

But, you see, Barry views going after those serving in the military as being safe because most of those folks, when their ballots are even counted, rarely vote for Democrats. It’s those folks on welfare, food stamps, endless unemployment and disability who MUST be provided for because they DO vote for Democrats. Which is what this is really all about. Barry, like nearly every Democrat who has come before him, sees the military as being nothing more than a complete waste of money. Funny, the one thing that must be kept in top form, is always the first thing that Democrats seek to destroy. Pretty pathetic!

Monday, February 24, 2014


Over the course of my 62 years thus far on this Earth, I have never had much of a tolerance for either ignorance, nor stupidity. And if my 24 years in the Navy did anything, it was to make me even less tolerant. To me, we all owe it to each other to get, and to stay, as informed as we possibly can about what it is that’s going on around us. And not only when it comes to what’s happening here at home, but happening anywhere that might, in any way, have an impact on our way of life. But oddly enough, I seem to be in the minority in this regard. And nothing proves that point better than the fact that Barry was not only elected, but he was re-elected.

And as hard as I try, I just don’t quite understand how, or why, it is that so many of my fellow countrymen can go through their lives, each and every day, completely oblivious to the assault on their country that is actually occurring right in front of their faces. And I’m always curious about how it is that so many people treat it is some kind of joke that they are so blissfully ignorant. And what drives me absolutely insane is the fact how people have the nerve to complain about some new law of public policy that was actually put into effect by the very ones whom they voted for. And when you explain that fact to them, they simply deny it.

I have no idea what can be done to remedy this continuing, and rather disturbing little trend. I mean, after all, you can’t really force someone not to be ignorant or to stay informed about the world. Or even to be ‘less’ ignorant. People have to want to be informed, and more importantly, they have to care. And staying informed isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to go digging for information, because it’s a very rare occasion when you are told something that you can actually trust to be true and factual. And sadly with ignorance comes a willingness to avoid rocking the boat, to go along, just to get along. And unfortunately, ignorance breeds passivity.

And with the arrival of Barry "Almighty" onto the political scene, the one thing that we, the American people, can no longer afford the risk of appearing passive, or detached when it comes to the goings on of our government. Because once we are perceived as being passive, or weak, it will be that perception that will serve to encourage, or to embolden, those who wish to further dismantle our Republic by further undermining our Constitution. And this, in the end, will allow them to encroach even further into what used to be considered as being our private lives. It is our unwillingness to act on our own behalf that has contributed to the fact that our government is now so out of control.


You hear a lot from Democrats these days, especially in this young election season, about those conservative villains, the Koch Brothers. But it’s a rare event indeed when you hear them speak of their own perennial ‘Sugar Daddy’, George Soros. And Soros is a man who has spent many times over the amount thus far spent by the infamous brothers of the right. And now, at least according to the Washington Post, we find out that the socialist billionaire’s Open Society Policy Center spent $11 million on lobbying in 2013. And yet, not a peep from any Democrats.

As it turns out, Soros’ hardcore leftwing organization more than tripled what it spent the previous year, which was $3.25 million, and the amount of cash that now flows from it on a regular basis, has soared since 2002, when it spent a mere $330,000. According to data from OpenSecrets.org, a nonpartisan research group that tracks money in politics. But I’m quite sure that guys like Chuckie Schumer aren’t the least bit bothered by this. And I’m even more sure that he hasn’t been ringing up his buds over at the IRS, demanding that they go after old George.

Now unlike other political groups that do their own lobbying, Soros’ Open Society Policy Center (OSPC) funds grants to organizations that the organization supports but that lobby on their own behalf. Its largest grant recipient is another little outfit on the left called the Alliance For Citizenship. It’s just one Soros front group that lobbies for "the broadest path to legalization with a path to citizenship", was the key reason for the vast jump in OSPC spending in 2013, according to Stephen Rickard, the guy who happens to be the center's executive director.

The current tax code prevents Soros' Open Society Foundations from lobbying, but its advocacy arm, the OSPC, is permitted to lobby as well and support other lobbying groups. Founded by Soros in 1979, the Open Society Foundations' stated goal is "to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people." And while that may all sound quite innocent, and might even give everyone that warm and fuzzy feeling, it is in reality, anything but innocent. In fact, it’s a very sinister organization.

The 83-year old Soros has been a big supporter of all manner of liberal causes for years. And he has contributed very significant amounts of cash to leftist groups like MoveOn.org and he also operates in the shadows when it comes to another one of his other front groups, the innocuously named, Center for American Progress. He was a vocal opponent of President George W. Bush and told The Post in 2003 that removing Bush from office was "the central focus of my life." That statement alone should tell you all need to know about this leftist loon.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


We’re told, on nearly a daily basis, by his many allies in the state-controlled media and his many friends found wandering the halls of Congress, that Barry "Almighty" is not a socialist. And try as they might to convince us that he is not, Barry actions can be said to speak much louder than the words of his friends. Yet those of us who continue to refer to him in such a manner, are constantly on the receiving end of nonstop ridicule. And you would think that it would slowly become more and more difficult for even his most devoted followers to ignore what is taking place right before their eyes and at the hands of their hero. Denying that something is taking place doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

Now many may choose to do nothing more than to bury their heads in the sand, or to continue to malign those of us who possess the courage to expose what’s really going on here, daring to call it by it’s rightful name. But that doesn’t alter, in the least, what it is that’s going on in our country today. I don’t think it is in any way an exaggeration to say that Barry "Almighty" is purposely working very hard to destroy America, and has been since his first day in office. And I think it fair to say that we have never before had a president who one, sought the office for such a purpose, and two, once in office would go on to use his office to wreak as much havoc upon his country as possible.

Let’s face it, anyone who can look at what Barry is doing to this country and sees nothing whatsoever wrong, is either lying or is one of those miscreants who is able to stand in complete agreement with what Barry is inflicting upon our country. Here are just some of the way that I feel Barry is destroying America:

1. He’s running up crushing federal debt at a level unprecedented in American history, and at incredible speed. That debt now stands at a staggering $17 Trillion. This ensures that the future will surely bring ruinous taxes, runaway inflation, and in all likelihood, if we remain on our current path, complete financial collapse. Don’t forget, it was on Barry’s watch that America suffered the first downgrade of its credit rating. A national embarrassment.

2. Barry actively encourages an entitlement mentality, takes every opportunity to further incite class warfare, use victimization as a tool, and essentially employ mob rule. Since Barry first assumed office, our national workforce is now the smallest that it has been since the days of Jimmy Carter, we have more people on food stamps than ever before, and we have more folks in disability than populate the entire northeast portion of our country. And that’s just for starters!

3. Barry is trampling, penalizing, micromanaging, and destroying American business to an unprecedented degree. Upcoming regulations being proposed by Barry and his team in 2014 will cost the private sector $143.3 Billion, according to a new report. Barry has told us that he has a pen and a phone, and it’s courtesy of the various agencies that are under his control that he has be able to worm ever farther into the private lives of every American.

4. Barry is discounting and attempting to undermine America’s Christian and Judeo-Christian culture. By constantly treating Christianity as the moral equivalent of atheism and Islam in his public prounouncements, and by proclaiming that America is no longer a Christian nation (even though about 80% of Americans still believe in the resurrection of Christ), Barry is turning his back on America’s great strength.

5. He is rapidly ceding the Middle East back to terrorists and tyrants. Nothing makes that more apparent than his willingness to allow an American ambassador to get slaughtered, along with three other Americans, by a gang of terrorists. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he even went before the world and proclaimed that these murderers were actually justified in taking the action that they did. That it was all the fault of America itself.

Whether you choose to admit it or not, Barry "Almighty" is destroying America. Maybe ‘destroying’ is the wrong word to use, because in many ways Barry has already been very successful in his endeavor to destroy our country. And each day something new comes to light, and I wonder if this is finally what will cause the American people to rise up. But they never do, or at least not in numbers that would be sufficient to alter the path that Barry has us on. Frankly I’m not sure what the people are waiting for. As I have said before the next two elections will tell us much about in which direction the American people want their country to go, and how strong their desire is to remain free.

Friday, February 21, 2014


As if somehow channeling the spirit of Adm. John Paul Jones, Barry has now declared, "Damn the spending, full deficits ahead." And in so doing Barry seems to now be going back on his promise to compromise on reducing the federal debt with a budget proposal for 2015 that would actually increase spending by $56 Billion. I guess I don’t understand how any responsible individual could go along with this level fiscal insanity. It’s obvious that what he’s determined to do here is nothing more than to bring about a complete financial implosion. And the Democrats, and too many Republicans, have no interest in trying to stop it.

Barry’s move, here, has as been referred to by some as being an apparent effort to bolster Democrats in this fall's midterm elections, and it abandons, completely, the "grand bargain" that Barry offered just last year in an effort to appease Republicans, or at least that’s how The Washington Post seems to see things. He had promised to put a lid on spiraling retirement spending by reducing cost-of-living increases for Social Security recipients in return an increase in taxes on the richest Americans. But as is usually the case with this guy, his promises are pretty much worthless. A fact that Republicans seem a little slow in being able to grasp.

As budget details began to leaked out, a spokesman for GOP House Speaker John Boehner’s office said it’s more proof that Barry never intended to make good on his promise to work across party lines to trim the deficit. And a statement from Boehner’s office said, "This reaffirms what has become all too apparent: the president has no interest in doing anything, even modest, to address our looming debt crisis." Going on to say, "The one and only idea the president has to offer is even more job-destroying tax hikes, and that nonstarter won’t do anything to save the entitlement programs that are critical to so many Americans."

And of course it was the White House that was quick to point the finger at the GOP for Barry's apparent shift, at least according to The New York Times. "There was a point in time when there was a little bit more optimism about the willingness of Republicans to budge on closing some tax loopholes," Josh Earnest, a White House deputy press secretary, said. Gong on to say, "But over the course of the last year, they’ve refused to do that." Earnest made the rather idiotic claim that Barry’s requests are "fully paid for" and "offset by revenue increases and cuts in other parts of the budget." How many times have we heard that before?

Let’s face it, the $56 Billion spending-increase proposal is essentially nothing more than one more piece of evidence that Barry is the lamest of lame ducks, whose only solution to every problem is spending even more money that the government simply doesn’t have. With three long years left in office, it seems that Barry is already throwing in the towel. Too bad he just doesn’t come out and say that he’s quitting and taking ‘Slow Joe’ with him, then we could at least start getting things put back together. We’re obviously not going to be impeaching his lying, corrupt, ass anytime soon. That, I suppose, is just wishful-thinking on my part.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Democrats just love to try to impress upon blacks in this country how it that members of the Republican Party are nothing more than a bunch racists. And how Republicans couldn’t care less when it comes to the problems experienced by those in the black community. But the really ironic fact here is that it’s the Democrat Party that continues to make it possible for literally thousands of black babies to be murdered every single year. And something that actually backs that up is that claim is the fact that in 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple. And that, my friends, is according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

This specific report which is entitled, Summary of Vital Statistics 2012 The City of New York, Pregnancy Outcomes, was prepared by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Vital Statistics. Table 1 of this report presents the total number of live births, spontaneous terminations, or miscarriages, and induced terminations, or abortions for women in different age brackets between 15 and 49 years of age. The table also breaks that data down by race – Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander, Non-Hispanic White, Non-Hispanic Black – and also by borough of residence: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island. The numbers show that in 2012, there were 31,328 induced terminations, a rather innocuous sounding term for abortions, among non-Hispanic black women in New York City.

That same year, 2012, there were 24,758 live births for non-Hispanic black women in New York City, meaning that here were 6,570 more abortions than live births of black children. In total, there were 73,815 abortions, which means the 31,328 black babies aborted comprised 42.4% of the total abortions. For Hispanic women, there were 22,917 abortions in New York City in 2012, which is 31% of the total abortions. Black and Hispanic abortions combined, 54,245 babies, is 73% of the total abortions in the Big Apple in 2012. The number of non-Hispanic white abortions was 9,704, and the number of Asian and Pacific Islander abortions was 4,493. The total number of live births in New York City in 2012 for women ages 15-49 was 123,231. That is a rate of 14.8 live births per 1,000 women, which is the lowest rate since 1979, according to the report.

Now, although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have not published their abortion statistics for 2011 or 2012 yet, they do have data for 2010. In the CDC’s numbers, there were 38,574 black babies killed by abortion in New York City in 2010; Hispanic babies aborted, 27,112; white babies killed by abortion, 9,220; and "other" aborted, 5,368. The total abortions in New York City in 2010 "reported by known race/ethnicity" were 80,274, again, according to the CDC. Now I know I’m not black, but wouldn’t you think that this would be something that might cause the ire of the likes of a Sharpton or a Jackson. Or might it be because of the fact that abortion remains pretty much of a hot-button issue for the Democrat Party, that these two remain mum on the subject, essentially turning their backs on their own people?

Well, they do say that truth is stranger than fiction. But this goes way beyond being strange, it borders on being criminal. These young black women have been reduced to being nothing more than slaves by the very ones who they are constantly being told are there to protect them. The Democrat Party has failed, and miserably so, to live up to the promises that it has made to the black community. And what is truly disgusting in all of this is the fact that we have, as members of the Democrat Party, some very prominent blacks who seem quite content to use those less fortunate, and less educated, in such a way that allows them to increase their own political power. I pray for the day when blacks will finally wake up and realize that those whom they have trusted for years have been doing nothing more than to stab them in the back.

And it’s not like blacks have nowhere to turn, they just lack the will to do so. They have for so long now, ignored all that they saw going on around them and believed what it was that the Democrats told them. They believed, and still believe, that somehow the plight of the black community was a direct result of those racist old Republicans. But it has been the Democrats, and their socialist policies, that has systematically destroyed the black community and decimated the black family. Some are now beginning to get it, but not near enough. Blacks are going to have to want change, and when they’re ready to take responsibility for themselves, the Republican Party will be here waiting with open arms. But nothing’s going to be free. There will be no handouts, only a hand up, if they want it. The choice will be there’s. We’ll be waiting.


With each passing day I’m forced to watch a little more of my freedom being chipped away. And while I take great offense to that, many, if not most, of those who I am surrounded by on a daily basis seem to see nothing whatsoever wrong with that. Now whether that’s because they’re completely oblivious to what’s being made to take place or they’re simply indifferent to the fact that they are slowly becoming less free, that I haven’t been able to quite figure out yet. And I’m not sure they care.

But what I do know, and with some certainty, is that a majority of them voted for Barry, and most seem to be very excited about the thought of Hitlery ‘The Bitch of Benghazi’ Clinton running for president. And I guess what really strikes me as being rather curious is that they all have kids. Granted, I can see where the minorities are coming from, if Hitlery were to get elected any chance of their gravy-train being derailed would be much less than if, say, a Ted Cruz were to get elected.

As I think back, I remember there being quite a few us in 2008 who, upon hearing how it was that Barry declared that America was need of a ‘fundamental transformation’, kind of chuckled because we were under the impression that America couldn’t be so transformed. Well, as it turns out the laugh is on us, because Americans, as it turned out, were only too happy to allow themselves to be molded into something that’s more European-like, wanting to work less and play more.

But maybe my referring to millions of folks who live in the country as Americans is where I’m going wrong. Because while many of those I come into contact with every day say they’re Americans, it comes across as meaning not much more than if they were to say that they’re a truck driver. It’s just a label. And because they possess no real love of country, it matters very little to them whether or not the country survives. And if they don’t care whether it survives, they’ll vote for Democrats.

Try as I might, I’m not optimistic about the future of my country. And as much as I would like to blame the politicians, sadly most of the blame lies squarely with we the people. The next two elections will tell us great deal about whether we are Americans or are if we are nothing more than a collection of people who, as it just so happens, reside in this place called America. There is a difference, ya know. And while I’m pretty sure I know how this story ends, I keep hoping I’m wrong.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


And so it would now appear that we have yet another idiotic rationale for boosting the minimum wage being put forth by yet another idiotic Democrat. This latest argument for raising the minimum wage up to $10.10 by 2016 is that while it will help "people who just want to work hard," it also will help those who want to "work less." So said Gene Sperling, a guy referred to as a White House economic adviser, to MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Wednesday. So it would appear then, that what is really underway here is really an all out attempt by the Democrats to bring America much more in line with our ‘friends’ in Europe. And is that really what we want to have happen here?

This moron argued that Americans support raising the minimum wage because it will supposedly lift "struggling" families out of poverty. He claimed, "But they also know what it's like to see a friend, a neighbor, where one spouse goes back to work, who would prefer maybe not to work. Maybe they're working part-time just to supplement the family's income. And they think, if that family member is making that sacrifice -- spending less time with the child -- then they should be making a decent living or be able to work less because they're getting a decent wage." This sounds to me a great deal like what ‘Slow Joe’ Biden might refer to as being a bunch of malarkey.

And something that causes me wonder just what it might be that this supposed economic advisor is either smokin, snortin or shootin up, is the fact that this genius actually referred to the $10.10 that is now being proposed as being a "moderate increase," and he also claim that if passed it would means that people "will rely less on the government." And this boob went on to say, "These are people who just want to work hard and support their family. That's why Americans support increasing the minimum wage -- that's why the president supports it." Actually, that’s NOT the really reason Barry supports it! I think we all know what it is that motivates him.

As many of you may, or may not, recall it was the director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) who recently testified that the subsidies provided by Barry's healthcare law will most likely serve as being a "disincentive for people to work." So wouldn’t you know that now one of the supposed ‘benefits’ from raising the minimum would be that it will allow those folks who wish to "work less," to do just that. Gee, now how typically American is that? NOT! Of course, if you’re one of those who spend any amount of time listening to Keith Ellison, the dopey Democrat from Minnesota, he think’s Americans already work too much. But certainly not folks like him.

"And by providing heavily subsidized health insurance to people with very low income, and then withdrawing those subsidies as income rises, the (Affordable Care) Act creates a disincentive for people to work, relative to what would have been the case in the absence of that Act," Douglas Elmendorf told the House Budget Committee earlier this month. Elmendorf added that the subsidies "make those lower-income people better off...but they do have less of an incentive to work." So it would appear that the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America remains on track. After all, why work when you can live off the government. Welcome to Barry’s vision of America!

So I guess the question left begging for an answer is, will we ever get to the point in this country where we have a majority of Americans finally willing to rise up against this escalating level of liberal insanity? Because I’ll tell you what, I’m beginning to lose all hope that we’re ever going to be able, or even willing, to do what’s necessary for us to gain some semblance of control over the madness that continues, and pretty much completely unabated. And I can’t help but wonder what it’s going to take? How far are will be we willing to go in allowing things to continue as they are. And by the time we do finally figure things out, will it be too late to anything. Some would argue that it already is.


Democrats are a not so rare and very ignorant breed. They seemed to be ruled by a rather twisted philosophy centered around the bringing about the end of America. Policies are to be implemented with nary a thought being given to any unintended consequences that may be made to arise. And no blame is ever to be accepted for any that actually result from their liberal/progressive policies. After all, their hearts are in the right place and that’s all that should really matter. But more often than not, their effort to ‘help’ people results in nothing more than hurting those who the intent was to help. And, of course, nothing proves that better that the most recent example of that screwed up mentality, Obamacare.

Next on their agenda is their politically motivated desire to hike the minimum wage. And again they refuse to recognize the unintended consequences that will be the direct result from doing so. They claim that there exists no ‘real proof’ that doing will have any adverse effect on an already weak employment situation. However, a recent report by Congress' nonpartisan budget analysts seems would seem to have thrown Democrats onto the defensive after it concluded that the party's drive to boost the federal minimum wage could cost at least a half-million jobs by 2016. But since they reside in some weird alternative universe, Democrats either ignore such findings or simply try to discredit them.

A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report released just yesterday concluded that a gradual increase to $10.10 hourly wage by that year, which is what Barry and congressional Dumbocrats are now seeking, would increase pay for roughly 16.5 million people, mostly those earning low wages. But while, as to be expected, Democrats hailed those findings, Democrats from the White House to Capitol Hill chose to refute another of the report's conclusions: that the increase would reduce jobs in 2016 by roughly 500,000, or 0.3 percent. And it could actually be far more jobs that would be lost, possibly as many as 1 Million jobs. For whom, besides these Democrats, does this make any sense?

The figure presented in the report was described as being the ‘midpoint’ of a range of job losses the budget office estimates that would be somewhere between negligible and 1 million eliminated positions. And, needless to say, it was a rather unpleasant number for Democrats, who plan to make their long-shot effort to raise the minimum wage this campaign year a centerpiece of their focus on correcting income inequity between haves and have-nots. But this entire theory would seem to run counter to the claims repeatedly made by Democrats that job creation is their number one focus. And yet all they really seem to be interested in, from the White House on down, is the killing of even more jobs.

Now of course it comes as a surprise to no one that Jason Furman, chairman of the White House's Council of Economic Advisers, and council member Betsey Stevenson were quick to respond to the report’s findings in a blog post by again referring to a statement by more than 600 supposed economists who, they claim, have cited recent academic findings that "increases in the minimum wage have had little or no negative effect on the employment of minimum-wage workers, even during times of weakness in the labor market." Academic findings? So, in other words we’re to rely on another nice piece of liberal propaganda put together by a cadre of leftist academics, and supported by faux economists?

And in discussing the CBO estimates with reporters, Furman said, "There's some respectful disagreement on the emphasis and certainty around that magnitude of employment loss." He added, "Zero is a perfectly reasonable estimate of the impact of the minimum wage on employment" based on research by other economists. These clones are always more than a little selective when it comes to whom they choose to listen to. They simply choose to ignore the facts, and go about creating their own facts, and then repeat them ad nauseam. And if you dare disagree with them then you’re attacked, accused of not caring about the "less fortunate." It’s all pure propaganda!

And of course among those in enthusiastic agreement with this boob Furman was none other Little Tommy Harkin, Democrat and devout socialist, who, as it just so happens, is the author of the current minimum wage bill the Senate plans to debate as soon as next month. It’s his cockamamie measure that seeks to boost today's $7.25 standard in three steps to $10.10 by 2016, with annual increases reflecting inflation after that. Citing "the newest economic research using the most sophisticated methodologies," Harkin said, "since the first minimum wage was enacted more than 75 years ago, opponents have argued that a wage floor would cause job loss. But this is a myth." No, Tommy, fraid not!

Republicans have always solidly opposed a minimum wage boost, pointing out, and rightly so, that is was nothing but a job killer. And they wasted no time in using the budget office report to buttress their case. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made the argument, "Today's CBO report shows that raising the minimum wage could destroy as many as 1 million jobs, a devastating blow to the very people that need help most in this economy." And it was Brendan Buck, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, who said, "With unemployment Americans' top concern, our focus should be creating — not destroying — jobs for those who need them most."

So once again Democrats firmly oppose something that ought to be seen as being a no-brainer, ignoring completely the fact that a minimum wage boost will cost jobs because employers will be forced to compensate for their higher wage costs by raising prices. Which will, most likely, then prompt consumers to purchase fewer goods and services and, in turn, encourage companies to hire fewer workers. A minimum wage increase also encourages some businesses to trim the number of low-paid workers. It’s basic economics, and yet Democrats, in their continuing assault on our struggling economy, seek only to work toward getting even more people addicted to government and choose to ignore that which many see as being simple commonsense.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I really hate to admit this, because I like to think of myself as being a reasonably informed individual. But after reading in one place how it is that the Democrat Party raised more money than the Republicans were able to in 2013, and then reading somewhere else about how the Number 2 Senate Democrat is now whining about how the Democrats are unable keep up with the momentum of the Republicans in 2014, I tend to get a little confused. Because which is it? It doesn’t seem that we can have it both ways.

I mean, am I to believe that the Democrats are actually getting nervous regarding their odds for being able to retain their Senate majority, particularly after the GOP avoided a partisan fight over raising the debt ceiling? Or, is it, perhaps, all nothing more than some sort of ploy to lull us all into possessing some false sense of security? Because it was in speaking to The New York Times, about the GOP, that ‘Little Dick’ Durbin summed things up by saying, "They seem to want to be on their best behavior in an election year."

‘Little Dick’ went on to add that the threat of a Republican ‘takeover’, his word not mine, of the upper chamber is becoming more real especially as outside conservative groups pour money into tight races. And of course he also took the opportunity to do what others in his party have done, which was to point to the Americans for Prosperity super PAC, led by the Koch brothers, as an example of those groups who have spent more than $20 million on commercials targeting Democrats in Senate races across the country.

‘Little Dick’ persisted in his whining by going on to complain that, "We're faced with a grim reality that more money is being spent earlier in some of these hot races than we've ever seen." And he added, "We're spending some, but we can't keep up with them." He was joined in his apparent concern by Democratic strategist David ‘My Mommy Is A Commie’ Axelrod who seemed to agree with ‘Little Dick’s’ assessment. Axelrod told the Times, "This is a serious threat." But then I suppose that depends on your politics.

In commenting further to the Times, Axelrod went on to say, "It would behoove Democratic activists and donors who are whipped up about 2016 to shift their focus, or they may be sitting here in November, looking at a Republican Senate to go along with the House." But you know, with all of the leftist billionaires and foundations that we have here in this country, I really have a very difficult time believing that the Democrats would ever find themselves having a difficult time keeping up with Republicans in the money arena.

And then we have Republicans like Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, both of whom are now facing some pretty tough primary challenges, and were two of the cowardly Republicans who chose to take the easy way out and vote for the "clean" debt ceiling bill last week at the risk of inflaming Tea Party ire. Arizona GOP Sen. John ‘The Maverick’ McCain told the Times, "It was not an easy exercise, but it keeps the focus on the issues we want to be on." That’s a typically piss-poor excuse from "The Maverick".

And, of course, rumor also has it that the Democrats are concerned about the bungled rollout of their pet project, Obamacare. "People see national polling, and maybe the national polling is getting a little bit tougher, so they get nervous," Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine told the Times. He also said, "But at the end of the day, it ain't about national polling. It's about individual races." And on that point he’s right. Because, as they say, all politics is, after all local, therefore we can afford to take nothing for granted.

So I guess we’ll just have to wait to see just how much of what we’re now hearing from the Democrats, as it has to do with the next election, is fact and how much is fiction. But there’s one thing that’s for certain, I’m not about to let myself get overconfident, or to waist time contemplating, about what the outcome of the next election ‘might’ be. We shouldn’t pay any attention to anything that the other side says, nor should we allow it to, in anyway, have an impact on how we wish to proceed in preparing for the next election.


Well there has been much ‘discussion’ over the course of the past several months, but it seems much longer than that, about when, not necessarily if, Hitlery "The Bitch Of Benghazi" Clinton will finally throw her bra into the ring and officially declare herself to be a candidate for president in 2016. And rumor has it that if she does in fact do so, she fully intends do nothing more than to run on her husband’s record. And yet, we’re told raising the fact that her husband is a known rapist should be considered off limits by any her potential rivals or opponents.

And now enter into the fray none other that Democrat National Committee Chairmoron, and that perennial dingbat, Debbie Wizzerman Schultz, who recently said news stories about Hitlery Clinton’s reaction to ‘BJ’ Clinton’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky in the 1990s, when he was president, should be considered as being "offensive" and added that the Republican focus on the Clintons’ "personal, private family business" is part of the "war on women." So the fact that she stuck up for her pervert of a husband is not be something that canbe brought up?

It was earlier this month while appearing on MSBNC’s "Jansing and Co.", a program that I am not the least bit familiar with, that Wizzerman Schultz was asked about some recently released private papers belonging to the Clintons’ friend Diane Blair that "reveal conversations about the Monica Lewinsky affair." Richard Lui, who I’m guessing is the host of this MSNBC program, asked Wizzerman Schultz, "Some Republicans including Rand Paul and Reince Priebus say, ‘this is all fair game here.’ Are they right here?" Wizzerman Schultz responded with typical faux outrage.

Wizzerman Schultz said, "It’s stunning that the Republican leadership is so obsessed with Hillary Clinton and anyone’s personal, private, family business that they would dredge up 20-year-old issues like that is not only not-fair game, it’s offensive, and I think it’s just another example of their ability to alienate women across this country." She added, "And in the war on women, it’s just another opportunity for us to show that Republicans just don’t get it, and that’s why we’re going to continue to win women and it will matter in 2014 and in 2016."

Look, the bottom line here is that if women are stupid enough to continue to fall for this supposed Republican ‘war on women’ mantra that we hear coming from slimy individuals like Wizzerman Schultz, it will, in the end, say much more about women than it does about the Democrats. Speaking for myself, character, and how much of it is, or is not, possessed by any potential president, should be seen as an important qualifier. And after having suffered through eight long years with a president who possess precious little of that particular trait, do we really want to elect a successor who possesses even less?

Because when it comes to a "war on women", and who it is actually behind it, I think it rather obvious that in Hitlery Clinton, the Democrats have someone on the inside. This woman has repeatedly attacked the very women that her letch of a husband has ever sexually assaulted and even raped. So not only were these women made to suffer the indignity of being manhandled by this pervert, but also by being attacked by the twisted bitch to whom the pervert is married. Come on people, can’t we please do better than to put these two disgusting people back into the White House?


Well, I think we can safely say that Charlie Crist’s political transformation that has him joining the ranks of the Democrat Party would now appear to be complete. The final bit of proof that can be said to support that was provided by none other than Crist himself courtesy of a recent interview that he provided while appearing on "The Colbert Report." It was during this interview that the former Republican governor of Florida, who’s now running for that same position as a Democrat, was asked on "The Colbert Report" about his now rather infamous 2009 hug with Barry "Almighty".

And in answering the question, Crist responded in what was true Democrat fashion, and in what was really nothing more than an obviously transparent attempt on his part to score some cheap political points. Crist made the claim that the blowback he received for the hug was due to Barry being "not just a Democrat, [but] an African-American." The reason for Crist’s appearance the Comedy Central’s program was supposedly for him to discuss his book, "The Party’s Over." As the summary on Comedy Central states, Crist was there to explain "how the rise of the Tea Party drove him to become a Democrat."

Stevie Colbert, the show’s rather goofy host, quoted Crist’s book where he claims that his hug with Barry was a "simple gesture, ended my career as a viable Republican politician. It changed the rest of my life." Colbert then asked, "Why do you think it [the hug] ended it for you?" To which Charlie responded by saying, "Several reasons, I think. Number 1, he was there to talk about the Recovery Act, the stimulus. And a lot of Republicans took issue with that. Sadly, I think another part of it was that he was a Democrat, but not just a Democrat, an African-American."

To which Colbert responded by saying, "Oh, you’re not going to play the race card." Of course our old friend Charlie was quick to deny that that was what he was in fact doing, by saying, "I’m not going to play it, no." Colbert challenged Charlie a bit, saying, "You just did, you just did – would you like to pick it up again and put it in your pocket? Because you just played the race card." Crist laughed and said, "Yeah, you know, I’m just trying to tell the truth. I’ve seen a level of vitriol directed at this president that I have never seen directed at President Kennedy or maybe President Johnson or even President Carter."

Colbert then said, "All right. If, in the course of the campaign, you were approached by three men who were about to hug you: Josef Stalin, Darth Vader, or Barack Obama, you have to hug one of them, which would it be?" In answering the question Crist sounded absolutely silly. He said, "My president, no question." And then quickly added, apparently just for good measure, "I love him." Colbert asked, "That is – Barack Obama?" to which Crist nodded. Crist, who served as Florida’s governor from 2007 to 2011, is now running against incumbent Rick Scott (R-Fl.) for the position in 2014.

Anyone who view’s Crist as being anything other than a political opportunist of the worst kind, is a complete moron. I think we can all agree on the fact that Crist is nothing but an opportunist who has demonstrated on more than one occasion that he has a difficult time with telling the truth. He’s nothing more than another liberal hack out to do his best in trying to gain some mileage out of attacking the Tea Party, which had absolutely nothing to do with why this lying-sack-of-shit changed his party affiliation. He made the move because it became painfully obvious to a majority of folks that he simply wasn’t the conservative he claimed to be.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Apparently, Barry and the Democrats would rather discuss ‘global warming/climate change’ than the far more important issues such as Obamacare and the economy. And the reason I say that is because while Secretary of State John Kerry-Heinz prances around the world speaking doing his best to advance the cockamamie theory, right here at home we recently had Barry claiming that California’s worst drought in a century is also linked to ‘global warming’ caused by those pesky old greenhouse gas emissions that he’s trying to get rid of.

But we also seem to have a tiny minority of supposedly shoddy scientists, that John Kerry-Heinz recently made reference to while on one of his many wasted trips abroad, who aren’t so willing to let Barry get away with making his idiotic claim. And one those scientists is Richard Seager, who’s happens to be a climate scientist who studies water issues at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. And it’s Mr. Seager who told The New York Times, "I’m pretty sure the severity of this thing is due to natural variability."

Mr. Seager bases his claim that ‘climate change’ has played little or no role in causing the drought, on recent computer projections that suggest that as the world warms, California should get wetter not drier in the winter. The drought, which has lasted three years, has made 2013 the driest year in California since records first started being kept 119 years ago. But even The Times says there’s no concrete evidence to support the theories that a warming planet is what has caused California’s drought leading to a water shortage.

And Michael Anderson, the California state climatologist, has said, "We are going through a pattern we’ve seen before, but we’re doing it in a warmer environment." And last week, while on a tour of central California, Barry proudly announced $160 million in federal financial aid to the state, including $100 million in the farm bill he’d previously signed into law for programs that cover the loss of livestock. So like every other issue he encounters, Barry reacts like your typical Democrat by doing nothing more than to throw more money at it.

And then we have the White House ‘shoddy science’ adviser, John Holdren, who stated last week that, ultimately, climate change is the reason behind California’s water shortage, even though "no single episode of extreme weather" can be blamed on global warming. He said, "The global climate has now been so extensively impacted by the human-caused buildup of greenhouse gases that weather practically everywhere is being influenced by climate change." It’s like if the say it enough, the rest of us will finally start to believe this drivel.

But Mr. Seager, on the other hand, said that southwestern states have suffered drought conditions in some form for 15 years, and warmer climates have resulted in winter precipitation tending to fall as rain rather than snow. With less snow melting during the spring, these states face a lack of water during the hot summer months. "It all adds up across the Southwest to an increasingly stressed water system," he said. "That’s what they might as well get ready for." Liberals have long bragged about being big supporters of science, but oddly enough, it’s only if science can be made to at least appear to be supportive of their nutty theories.


Ya know, I take it rather personal when a boob like John Kerry-Heinz tries to make the point that he is somehow mentally superior to most of his fellow Americans. This guy who made his money the old-fashioned way, he married it. And who, like the true liberal that he is, has no problem whatsoever with living off the fruits of someone else’s labor. In Kerry-Heinz we have someone who is obviously one of the most inept and least intelligent individuals that one could find anywhere on the planet, and yet he seems quite comfortable in accusing those of us who refuse to go along with the scam that is ‘global warming/climate change’ as being the ignorant ones in this continuing argument.

Kerry-Heinz demonstrates to us just how arrogant one must be in order to think that he somehow has the right to ridicule anyone, on any topic, but especially on a topic that remains essentially nothing more than an unproven theory. Thus far, nothing has been provided that would convince me that ‘global warming’ actually exists, or that man, as is claimed by nutjobs like Kerry-Heinz, could play any kind of role in bringing such a thing about. And yet those of us who refuse to fall for what is really nothing more than pure propaganda when it comes to the left’s cockamamie theory of ‘global warming’, or ‘climate change’ as it is now referred to, are said to be living in denial of ‘scientific fact’.

And it was our less than stellar secretary of state who as recently as yesterday, called ‘climate change’ perhaps the world's "most fearsome" destructive weapon and he went so far as to mock those who deny its existence or question its causes, comparing them to people who insist the Earth is flat. In a speech he gave to Indonesian students, civic leaders and government officials, Kerry-Heinz demonstrated to all in attendance just how much of an absolute boob he really is as he proceeded to tear into those who dare to be ‘climate change’ skeptics. So it would seem that we are not now to be permitted to disagree no matter how questionable the ‘science’ that’s being touted as absolute proof.

Kerry-Heinz also slammed what he called "loud interest groups" and "a tiny minority of shoddy scientists" who challenge claims on ‘climate change’, a phenomenon he again described as "perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction." Kerry-Heinz said that "97 percent of climate scientists have confirmed that climate change is happening and that human activity is responsible." He added, "[President] Obama and I believe very deeply that we do not have time for a meeting anywhere of the Flat Earth Society." But on the contrary, I would argue that it’s those who side with Kerry-Heinz who have been shown, and repeatedly, to be guilty of shoddy science, and of being ‘scientists’ quite willing to say pretty much anything for a buck.

Kerry-Heinz has a rather long history of being nothing more than a bona fide ‘global warming’ loon. His climate ‘activism’ long predated his nomination as America’s top diplomat, and he told his audience that he addresses the issue "in nearly every single country that I visit as secretary of state, because President Obama and I believe it is urgent that we do so."  He said climate change "ranks right up there with" other challenges like terrorism, epidemics, poverty and weapons of mass destruction proliferation. Kerry-Heinz said everyone and every country must take responsibility for the problem and act immediately.

And in what I’m sure is a shock to no one is that Kerry-Heinz would single out major oil and coal concerns as being the primary offenders. "Nor should we allow any room for those who think that the costs associated with doing the right thing outweigh the benefits." Kerry-Heinz lied through his teeth when he claimed, "The science is unequivocal, and those who refuse to believe it are simply burying their heads in the sand." And in sounding like ‘Chicken Little’ he went on to say, "We don't have time for a meeting anywhere of the Flat Earth Society." He said the cost of inaction will far outweigh the significant expense of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that trap solar heat in the atmosphere and contribute to the Earth's rising temperatures.

And as is usually the case with these ‘climate change’ advocates, in an attempt to bolster his case, Kerry-Heinz by claiming that a litany of recent weather disasters, particularly flooding and typhoons in Asia, and their impact on commerce, agriculture, fishing and daily living conditions for billions of people were a direct result of ‘climate change’. "This city, this country, this region, is really on the front lines of climate change," Kerry said. "It's not an exaggeration to say that your entire way of life here is at risk." But is an exaggeration, an exaggeration of the worst kind. There does not exist today, any science that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘climate change’ exists, nor that man is even capable of having an impact on our climate.

And of course the solution to this nonexistent problem, at least according to our less than brilliant statesman and part-time climatologist, Kerry-Heinz, is a new global energy policy that shifts reliance from fossil fuels to cleaner technologies. He noted that Barry "Almighty" is championing such a shift and encouraged others to appeal to their leaders to join. But let’s be realistic here, shall we. I think most of the Americans are quite able to pretty easily see through this idiotic charade, seeing it for what it is. Which is nothing more than a very transparent attempt by Barry "Almighty, and his team Kerry-Heinz clones, to add yet one more burden upon an economy that continues to struggle.

And those in our state-controlled media complex are only too happy to assist in anyway they can in perpetuating this myth of manmade ‘global warming/climate change’. As a matter of fact, as recent as just yesterday it was the top subject of discussion on three of the Sunday talk shows, while, at the same time there was nary a word on Obamacare or our, continuing to be, crappy economy. It was on ‘Meet the Press’ that 17 minutes was spent talking about ‘climate change’ while there was absolutely zero time spent discussing Obamacare or the economy, over on ‘Face the Nation’ 9 minutes was spent on ‘climate change’ while 2 minutes was spent on Obamacare, and then on ‘This Week’, 11 minutes was spent on ‘climate change’ and 4 minutes was spent on Obamacare and/or the economy. So it would seem that the propaganda campaign continues to be in full swing.