Wednesday, August 1, 2012


As if we didn't already know, evidently he's a pretty big one. But recently 'Dingy Harry' Reid outdid even himself as he supposedly revealed some very questionable and rather idiotic accusations against Mitt Romney. This pathetic old scumbag from Nevada told the Huffington Post that some supposed Bain investor had called his office claiming that Romney did not pay any taxes for 10 years. So old 'Dingy' quickly, being the piece of dog squeeze that he is, quickly set about spreading the word even though his trusted aides had not yet managed to identified the alleged caller.

These days many of the very same sleazy Democrats who refuse to release their own tax information have been very vocal in they're calling for the former Massachusetts governor to release more than just his 2010 tax return and his 2011 estimate. And 'Dingy' insists that if revealed, the additional information would bar Romney from making it through a Senate confirmation process as a Cabinet nominee. 'Dingy' claims that a former Bain Capitol investor, who this lying piece of pond scum would not name, called his office about a month ago claiming that Romney “didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years.”

“Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” old 'Dingy' told the Huffington Post. Adding, “But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?” While 'Dingy' offers no further information in the report about the claim and the Bain investor who called it in, our favorite Senate scumbag waxes poetic about Romney’s late father George, who in the 1960s was the first presidential candidate to release extensive information on his personal finances. 'Dingy' told the Huffington Post that the late Romney “must be so embarrassed about his son.”

Now oddly enough the Huffington Post report comes the same day as the release of the latest Barry campaign video attacking Romney for not releasing additional tax returns. In response to the loose accusations released by 'Dingy', Romney campaign adviser Kevin Madden told the Huffington Post that the governor has “gone above and beyond the disclosure requirements by releasing two years of personal tax returns in addition to the hundreds of pages of personal financial disclosure documents he has provided to the FEC and made public.”

Madden went on to cite the references made by 'Dingy' in regards to George Romney, as “troubling and disappointing.” He went on to say, “We have many substantive disagreements with the senator and his policies, but using insults about a father-son relationship is a step too far.” Writing on ABCNEWs.com, Sunlen Miller describes 'Dingy’s' speculation as “a totally unsubstantiated rumor.” Maggie Haberman of POLITICO writes that 'Dingy' "used a T-shirt gun of unsubstantiated claims" in the Huffington Post story. Although I'm not sure what was meant by that, however.

This is whole scenario is nothing more than the sort of things that we have come to expect from sleazy and corrupt Democrats because it's what they always resort to when they have nothing else. And this time around, they have absolutely nothing else. It's the typical attempt at character assassination through the spreading of rumors and all manner of innuendo, tactics that form the primary weapon of choice for a political party that is very much at home in the gutter. I guess the question that remains to be answered is, will the American people, at least those with a brain, continue to buy this kind to drivel?

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