Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As difficult as this may be for some to believe, that stellar mayor of New York City, and proud promoter of the Nanny-State, Michael Bloomberg, actually said, and just last week, that "nobody" had illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in a "long time." And then this reject from a moron factory went on to say that it would be easier for those wishing to illegally immigrate to the United States to simply buy a ticket to fly here and then overstay their visa. Old Mike was speaking in, of all places, Boston at an Aug. 14 forum on immigration sponsored by the New England Council where he shared the stage for the forum with News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch.

A fella by the name of Jerry Seib, of The Wall Street Journal, moderated the event, and asked Bloomberg, “... My sister lives in Amarillo, Texas, and they’re very worried about waves coming up north over the border there. What are you going to tell them?” To which our genius of a mayor responded, “Number one nobody has come across the border in a long time.” Mike added, “I mean we spend a fortune on technology, and if you want to come to America illegally, don’t waste your time going across the border and through the desert. It’s dangerous. Just get on an airplane, fly here, and overstay your visa. We have absolutely no ability to track who you are and get you back.

Determined to prove that he one of the biggest dopes on the entire planet and that he must reside in some sort of weird alternate universe, Mike went on to say, “The total number of undocumented in this country has been going down for a long time. How do we solve the problem? We solved the problem by having our economy crater,” he continued. “People don’t come here to put their feet up and collect welfare. They come here to work, and if there’s no jobs, they don’t come here, and if they’re here and they can’t find a job, they go back home, because America is not a very good place to sit around and think the state is going to support you.” If I didn't know better I'd swear old Mike was a touch senile.

But contradicting Mike's rather bizarre take on the subject of immigration comes a little reports by the Center for Immigration Studies released earlier this month. And this reports just so happens to site U.S. Census data, that shows, and pretty clearly, that 43 percent of immigrants, both legal and illegal, who have been residing in the U.S. for at least 20 years were on welfare. During the discussion, Bloomberg did point out that the U.S. must be “vigilante” against foreign terrorists overstaying their visas. Some of the 911 hijackers were visa overstays. The moderator asked the mayor, “What about people’s fears that immigrants might be terrorists?”

And our brilliant mayor responded with this little gem, “We have to be vigilant. We have to be in charge of our own borders.” Adding, “We have to make sure that we have intelligent policies. For example if you get a visa [and] you come here, we don’t track when you leave, so we have no idea how many people are here. We’re not doing the things that we should do." He went on, “That’s why I think the 911 Memorial is so important to teach people a lesson, but that’s not a reason to not have people come here, because the terrorists want to take away our economy, take away our rights, and if you don’t let immigrants in, they’re going to win,” he continued.

In answering the question, the New York City mayor, he who presides over Ground Zero of the 911 attacks perpetrated by foreign terrorists, indicated that it was illegitimate for people to worry about immigrants being terrorists. He said, “Most of the terrorists here last time I looked tend to be born here, educated here. They all have mental problems and that sort of thing. It is true there are terrorists overseas, but what are you going to do close the borders and not let anybody in?” Bloomberg asked. “And a tourist is just as likely to be a terrorist as somebody who comes here to work…I just don’t think that’s a legitimate thing to worry about.” Oh really? So, most terrorists are born here?

During a July 25 House Homeland Security Committee, our absolutely brilliant and highly skilled Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, made the statement that terrorists cross the southwest border “from time to time” with the intent to harm Americans. From time to time? In FY 2011 alone, the Border Patrol, a component of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), apprehended 327,577 illegals entering the U.S. from Mexico, including 255 illegal immigrants from nations known to export terrorism referred to as special interest countries. Widely used estimates show that there are at least three successful entries for each Border Patrol apprehension. Now doesn’t that give a warm and fuzzy?

It was while at the same little gathering there in Boston that Mike also floated another little bit of brilliance saying that the federal government should assign immigrants to live in cities such as Detroit and “if they survive seven years" make them citizens. “All the federal government’s got to do is say, ‘We’re gonna welcome here in this country--first come, first served--families, if they’re willing to come here under the following terms,: Bloomberg said in Boston on Aug. 14. "We’re going to assign you a city--let’s say Detroit--you got to agree to not be arrested and not take any federal, state or city money, and you’ve got to live there for seven years, and if you survive seven years, we’ll make you and your family full citizens."

Bloomberg predicted if the federal government assigned immigrants to cities such as Detroit they would buy and fix up “houses that are derelict,” improve the local schools, create businesses and stimulate the local economy. “Since they value education, they’d make a big fuss and demand the schools get better," Bloomberg said. "Immigrants have a very low crime rate, so that you certainly don’t have to worry about that. They’d create businesses. If they had to drive to California every morning for three jobs and drive back at night, they’d do it, anything." Bloomberg said this immigration-reform strategy would create jobs for people who are now unemployed. Ok, so how exactly would that work?

You know, I can't help but wonder if insanity might run in old Mike's family He went on to ponder, “And you would get people to come here, and they would fill those cities with a vibrancy, and the people who are unemployed in those cities would all of a sudden have companies they can go to work for," said Bloomberg. "They’d get the jobs helping fix up the houses. They’d be in the schools. They’d be driving the buses. They’d be starting businesses of their own, because they’d see how other people can do it." I mean in what kind of weird little universe does our old buddy Mike spend most of his time? And this guy is actually the mayor of the largest city in this country? AMAZING!!

And this is the guy who so many wanted to throw his hat into the presidential ring? You gotta be kidding me! Let's face it, he has New York City screwed up it'll never be fixed. Having a President Bloomberg would be just a bad as a Barry "Almighty". These progressive/socialists are all alike. They hate this country and seem to be intensely driven in their efforts to destroy it, and by any means possible. And this latest bit of lunacy coming from Mike is but one more example of that on a very long list of many. And it's really sad that we have so many people in this country who continue to be so susceptible to the drivel spewed by the likes of Mikey Bloomberg. Because it is far from being very productive.

Just as a little side note that I thought worth mentioning here is the fact that as of the end of FY 2010, DHS said it had attained effective control of 873 of the 1,954-mile-long southwest border. DHS defines “effective” control as “the ability to detect, respond, and interdict illegal activity at the border or after entry into the United States.” Now, oddly enough, the department no longer uses this metric to measure the security of the U.S-Mexico border and has yet to develop one to replace it. Well according to old mike, we apparently don’t need to bother coming up with once, because nobody has illegally crossed the border in a very long time anyway. Right?

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